A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards MRF

The main object of every organization is to earn more profit, to achieve this object the organization should increase its sales by getting more customer and the only way to get more customer is that the organization should provide expected satisfaction to the customers. Here the word customer satisfaction means “the utility which customer expect from the product” and when a customer get expected utilities It is called as customer satisfaction.

MR. manufactures the largest range of tires in India and enjoys the highest brand reference for superior quality, company manufactures the largest range of tires in India and is the market leader with the largest market share it tire industry. Since 1 984 MR. tires has consistently been chosen as memo fitment by almost every major car manufacturer in India apart from tires MR. also manufacturer conveyor belts, pretreated and advanced polyurethane paints. Here every customer of MR. is getting satisfaction and it may analyzed by the following information ; MR. own No. 1 award for customer satisfaction by J.

D Power Asia pacific for 2001&2002 ;It Is also created good brand name in other countries also, and It Is the first Indian company to export tires to the US, the very birthplace of tire technology. It Is the first company In India to manufacture and market Nylon tires passenger tires commercially. And need. ; They provide more warranties to the customers and it will shows that the company has confident on its product. So as per the above information it found that the customer satisfaction towards MR. tires is good Profit earning has become one of the important objectives of each and every company.

It is very easy to attract new customers but retaining old customer is too difficulty only the satisfied customer will remain loyal to the firm brands. A person enters a showroom when he wants to purchase tires, but before purchasing tires he consults so many persons about tire. Like about price, quality, service etc, and then he make decision to purchase. If he finds any problem with tires, he may change his positive attitude into negative attitude towards tires given by the showroom. Considering, all above points, I have decided “To study the Customers Satisfaction towards MR. Tires in Backtalk”.

A customer is not dependent on us we are dependent on customer , this statement is basis thing for every firm or service sector. To know the customer satisfaction towards MR. tires in Backtalk city. 2. To know the attributes which creates customer satisfaction among MR. tire users in Backtalk . To know the satisfaction level of the customer with the MR. tires. 4. To know valuable suggestion form the customer.