Advert helps promote

The image of the pocket music advert is quite big and takes up most of the page. The picture is a ‘game boy’ playing the product with a pair of headphones over it. This implies it is a game for ‘game boy advance’ that involves music. The picture of the ‘game boy’ attracts people who have it or like video games and the headphones attract people who like music. Another thing about the picture is that the headphones are computer generated graphics which will probably appeal more to the gaming world. The image will make the target audience want to find out more because it is something they like.

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The image of the ‘MGF’ advert is a car and it self reflected upside down to show two. It works in the same way as the first advert in the fact that it attracts the target audience by showing what they like; in this case a car. Because the car is reflected it might make the target audience wonder why it is so they read on it will also attract the audience by being doubled and easier to notice. In the ‘Pocket music’ advert orange is used a lot because its shows fun and attracts people to see the advert because it’s bright and will attract people who want fun. In the ‘MGF’ advert a lot of dark colours are used it suggests strength, power, simplicity and inspiration. Unlike the ‘Pocket music’ advert it has a more serious side to it.

The ‘Pocket music’ advert has white lettering which contrasts with the background. The font of the lettering is one which is similar to mobile phones. It is also quite big but the biggest lettering was the title. The ‘MGF advert was almost the opposite because the lettering blended in and the font was smoother and smaller. This is so that the target audience can focus on the picture of the car.  The language of the first advert helps promote the product by using alliteration it is also short and tells you what the product can do: ‘Make Music on The Move.’

Alliteration might help the audience to remember the slogan. The slogan also contains verbs which will make a more direct message to the audience because it is telling you to do something. The advertisement also contains mobile phone slang often used by teenagers this might help the advert appeal to it’s target audience: GB + PKT MZK= MOB MZK 4U MIX, CUT, SCRATCH, EDIT, LISTEN which means Game boy and pocket music means mobile music for you cut, scratch, edit and listen.

Language in the ‘MGF’ advert contains quite a lot of information on the product while being quite persuasive and trustful. This will help the target audience to buy the product. The first advert has a shorter clear message: ‘Make music on the move.’ This is short and snappy which will probably appeal more to the target audience than a long detailed description. Unlike the first advert the ‘MGF’ advert contains language that is longer and chatty. I think the short and frank language in the ‘Pocket music’ Advert works better because it is easier to read and you notice it more. Even though the language in the ‘MGF’ advert is good it is too long and people will not bother reading it.

The ‘Pocket music’ advert is quite persuasive because it contains an adjective at the beginning of the caption: ‘Make music on the move’ which means it is telling you to do something it is also clear and simple using a minimal amount of words because of this style. I think it is Successful at achieving its aim. Other than tell you about the product it also tells you what you can do with it: ‘MOB MSK 4U which translates to mobile music for you and ‘Make music on the move.’

Because of the language it contains it might make the target audience know it’s for them and something that will make them fit in society due to the mobile phone slang which is popular in people of that age in this society. The ‘MGF’ advert is persuasive in a different way because instead of being very loud and noisy it is a lot calmer which makes it more special to the target audience. It will also make the audience think that they will have a higher status after purchasing the product. It also stresses how easy life would be with it: ‘simply flick the switch for what mood you in or what the traffic decides.’

I think that both adverts work well even though they are both very different. The first advert is very loud and full of excitement; it is quite demanding because of this and the way it attracts you attention. This makes the target audience feel as they have to do it and it will be great fun if they do. The second advert is almost the opposite it seems very silent and calm which makes it seem like it is just waiting for you to have it. The audience would feel a lot more confident because it is a simple advert which makes it look like nothing can go wrong with the product. I prefer the second advert because it makes the product look serious, professional and good quality it is also quite calm and makes you feel more relaxed. I think both adverts can be improved the first one could have more variations of colour and the second should contain shorter captions.

The first advert appeals to the target audience because of its bright colours, mobile phone language and the teenage style. It promotes the product to the audience because it mixes these features with the picture and title of the product. The second advert appeals to its target audience because its laid back style can attract the serious target audience. It promotes the product by telling the audience all the positive things about it and showing this in the picture in a symbolic form.