An Analysis on Customer Care Strategy of General Electric

With a smaller, more focused structure, GE Capital is concentrating on the strategic partnerships and Joint ventures that help GE as a whole capitalize on market-specific opportunities. These businesses provide the products and services that help developing regions participate in the global economy while also helping developed regions upgrade with cleaner, more efficient and better infrastructure technologies. 2. 0 An Outlook of the General Electric Company’s Customer Care Strategy Gee’s corporate slogan is imagination at work and they listen to the voice of customers through complaint system.

The elements of General Electric Company customer care strategy are dedicated to providing their clients with more minutes solutions and make customers satisfaction. The company wants unify force for their many business units in the world and build an environment that fosters honesty, trust, teamwork and open communication. And GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care.

GE goes away with high quality and the customer care strategy of GE is to have everybody driving in the same direction with a clear vision of what that business is looking to deliver in hat year and the company would insure customers as the first beneficiaries. 3. 0 Development of Gee’s Customers Care Strategy Customer care strategy is a strategy in a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal, mostly “winning”. Strategy is about choice, which affects outcomes. Settle GE should know who their customers are GE always insists idea to which customer first.

In Gee’s view that their main customers are householder, the plane manufacturers, medical systems, the enterprises and individuals which go into business, sewage treatment plants, power grids, television American Energy LLC. On the other hand, Gee’s employees are also as the customers working in company. Setup GE should know the needs of their customers Customer needs more effective and high quality products. GE provides area engine to plane manufacturers and provides water purification equipments to sewage treatment plants. For example, GE makes main area motors for Boeing 787 Dream Liner.

Customers need develops green power, so GE provides wind driven generators and Flex Efficiency to reduce energy consumption and protects the natural environment. And customer needs to feel modern high quality life and GE makes efferent types of home appliances to fit any families. In addition, GE provides loans to enterprise and individuals through GE Capital to help other companies growing. And people need more comfortable locomotive and clipper transportation. So GE products hybrid cars and locomotives with advanced technology to make rapid transit and green environment.

Also many customers need better armchairs, so GE provides first-rate X-ray machine and Molecular imaging technology to find disease easier. And GE are pretty sure needs of their customers and helps customers solve the most intractable problems through continuous creation. Setup GE should know how they determine needs GE gets information of customer service through interview and feedback in customer trades. On the other hand, GE sends questionnaires and analysis economic development of many countries to know needs of customers and suggestions for productions.

They owned information has given the goals for company and engineers, so it could promote development of company. Setup GE should response to needs GE ensures that quality of productions to impulse evergreen and achieves customer’s prospective demands. And GE assigns their investment direction like environmental genealogy, lighting system and energy programs. So customers can get better services with them participant domain and assess to services of company. Others, GE always handle and solve complaints in forwardly through complaint and after-sale services.

Setup GE should give access to services Set up many different ways for helps customers in GE and customers can get services from dealers of all over the world, e-markets, investment banks, and activity venues. GE does no limit the services of household, machine building industry and environmental protection. The company products different types of household electrical appliances adapt to any household such as GE Monogram and GE Profile””. And GE provides household appliance maintenance on the network at the same time to support their machines. Also they established specialized agency training customers to use their motor machines.

Customers can take services to the web with a website for Gee’s customer service. Setup GE should get shareholders and directors support GE issues shares in the New York Stock Exchange through publishing new programs and new plans benefits to customers. And investors as the stockholders would have refits it they capital participation for research and development projects or raise funds through buy stocks. In this way, GE can get enough money to increase technology content of their products which supported by customers. On the other that objectives and benefits of customer care strategy which ready to execute.

So Gee’s managers can get clear information of customer care strategy to give more support and understanding for the customer care strategy. Setup GE should deliver competency GE make profits through provides high quality products and continually innovation to satisfied changing demands of customers. Concern for the user must be balanced with the competency with which we render services. And GE would make customer satisfaction with improve technical adopted and training high quality staffs. Competency is an indication of the respect we have for our users.

So GE makes the most appropriate strategy for customer service and implement through cost-effective ways. GE analyzes existing services to determine plans about how to increase customers in company, so it provides alternative services to increase effectiveness such as household appliance, lighting system, energy, financial service and medical service. Setup GE continuously analyze methods and procedures for improved efficiency. Consider the following, for instance: The time lapse from developing to volume production and supply chain can not synchronous transmission because of business area in worldwide.

But GE makes supply chains integration and working effectiveness through special methods. GE used the Six Sigma Standard in management. It is a process must produce no more than 3. 4 defects per million opportunities and reduce time of produces. An “opportunity” is defined as a chance for unconformable, or not meeting the required specifications. This means GE need o be nearly flawless in executing Gee’s key processes. Six Sigma is a vision we strive toward and a philosophy that is part of our business culture. On the other hand, GE builds Global R Centers in Bangor, Shanghai and Munich.

The Centers is the engine which to promote the company growth of GE. They continually tests new ideas of product design and increase the productivity to make more profits for GE. So they are very effective methods for improved efficiency in GE. Setup GE managing an effective communication At GE, there is effective communication from employees to customers and between the managers. They set up complaints system on website and telephone to get feedbacks of customers or employees. So the managers could know that how to deal relationships with customers or between employees.

And the company provides an opportunity for employees to make public speaking and training their presentation skills. This is a positive method to active working atmosphere and get along well with customers in effectively. GE develops channels for structured communication with the community such as Gee’s all center and annual meetings of company. Also GE develops a media strategy to allow for regular communication with local media. And GE can ask for information about problems of development or treads in time through effective communication.

So it is good for staffs working in positive and asked for customers quickly to makes more satisfaction in GE. Employees ;Employees should procedure to follow laws and regulations which direct company business operations of GE. ;Everyone have equal opportunity to competition for management in GE and no discriminate, no prejudice and no cost. ;Any employees must be honest, impartial and reliable when they processing service for customers. ;Every new employee has to training that organized by company in three months hen they have been employed. Employees can ask for Jobs in other departments that must are on the Job at least months and submit material for internal audit. ;Employees can take activities in race clubs and any formal employees are members in club. ;Creating and maintain a secure working environment. ;Employees are represents the company favorably at all times, and self-reported name at first then solve problems as possible when answer the telephone with customers. ;Employees can get consolation prize when they make good at work. ;People whom have been employed three months can apply for subsidizes to engage n advanced studies for work from company. Employees can raise questions of working to managers or complain dissatisfied for works. Top-management and HER will help employees solve problems of working. ;Company pay monthly salary at monthly 30 include basic wage and benefit premium. And GE provides year-end bonus and economic compensation for remove contract. ;Any formal employees enjoy corporate welfare, insurance and housing fund in GE. ;Working hours from 8:AAA. M to 17:app. M and employees must attendance on time. Customers ;Company must service customers in good faith, enthusiastically handle and solve implants from customers. GE on the sideline of forbidden trading in International Trade Organization. ;Knows information of customers: Abide by the regulations of operating department to verify legality of clients. ;Payment restrictions: Knows conditions of usage and limits in cash, check and draft. ;Company must abidance by laws which protect customers and strictly protect customer privacy ;Use customer information in legitimate or approved business purpose. ;Employ agencies and business premises which have good credits in the world. ;Learning how to recognize suspicious trades. Company does not give any kind of bribery or discount to any person.

Suppliers and subcontractors ;Form fair, legitimate and effective relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. ;If it has competitiveness that the company would use productions and services provided by themselves. ;GE strives for supported by more suppliers and can not defeated in competition. ;Respect for intellectual property of suppliers and legal requests for protect business secret. ;Only contracts with suppliers that abidance by local laws and complies with GE policies. ;Can not change without authorization if thou written approval by government official. Preserve the integrated account books and transaction records. ;Secret on helped arrange the deal with listed company. ;Procedure to follow image manual of company to use trade names and trademarks. ;Complies with accounting policy of company. ;GE does not provide assistance to political parties and electors. ;No let out the news from inside the Office and suggests others buy stocks of GE. ;Allow auditing officers to auditing financial records of company. ;If external activities conflicts with company the parties should announce in writing. Getting into trade associations and standards formulate organizations. Establishing volunteer associations and company plans volunteering in the world. ;GE foundation need provide salvation to impoverished people of poverty-stricken area. ;Do not allowed to make treaties about to rig the market and control profits with competitors. ;See about difference between local laws and American laws, tell the investigation to local legal adviser of GE. ;Avoid to industrial accidents. Environment ;Reduce to garbage, emissions and use toxic material in the best of Gee’s abilities. Settle problems from the past in effectively. Cooperate with social organizations to protect environment. ;Eliminate undue risks in products and services of GE. ;Accord with Green Creators Project and it must low carbon in productive process. ;Productions must accord with Six Sigma Standard. The standard is divided into stakeholder groups. Stakeholders are the groups of people that are found in and affected by all organizations. This includes employees, customers/consumers, suppliers/contractors and shareholders/owners. It also includes the communities where an organization is based and the environment which is affected by the organization’s activities.

General Electric Company according to standards of related Industry setting the Gee’s customer care standards. Employees Clear and fair clauses of employs 1: Knows fair employment terms and conditions. 2: Employees’ individual privacy will be protected and provide protection in specific procedural. 3: Employees have freedom to Join legal community and legal organizations. 4: Providing effective methods in employees communicate and consult. 5: Providing supervisory process setting by labor laws in solve disputes. Healthy and secure working environment : Providing enough resource and training to guarantee staffs health and safe in working place.

Fair remuneration system 7: Employees know clearly that how to pay remuneration and what time. Organization devote themselves to equal treatment any current employees and latent employees. No discriminate the deformity, color, race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion and polity of staffs personal characteristic. 8: Organization encourages workforce diversity and absorbs new staffs, according to advantages of staff to promote and reward. Organization encourages staff continuous improvement in their career. : Any employees have opportunity from organization to study and progress for work.

Organization do not allowed any formal harass and hector in body and spiritual for obtain employment accord with international standards. Customers Establish loyalty and fair relationship between company and customer. 1: With respect for the principle and enterprise have distinct commercial terms. 2: It must be permit that use customers’ information and provision. 3: Organization has to make fair competition and avoid to illicit competition. 4: Organization adequate considers that feedback of customers in developing. Organization not be allowed have act of bribe and act of accepting bribes. : Organization have program to guarantee that no acts of bribery and bribe-taking for customers. Suppliers and subcontractors Organization build partner’s prefecture, information of cooperation and supply system can be finding in this area. Organization has honest ad fair relationship with suppliers and subcontractors. 1: Legible suppliers and subcontractors terms. 2: Suppliers and subcontractors owned intellectual property such as copyright, trademark, patent right and software have to use after allowing by customers. 3: Loss f change the contract must advance notice suppliers and subcontractors before change the business terms.

According to consistent standards, organization provides payment for suppliers and subcontractors. 4: There is program for guarantee suppliers and subcontractors have document against payment which according to agreement. Organization not be allowed have act of bribe and act of accepting bribes. 5: Organization has program to guarantee no bribery and bribe-taking acts for suppliers and subcontractors Community Organization has promoted function for living standard of community and business environment. : Organization has program to guarantee no bribery and bribe-taking acts for politicians or politicians groups. : The plans and actions of organization have to consider influences for community. 3: Insure cultivate customers in regulation scopes. Organization needs to have enough sensitivity for demands of local culture, social formation and economic pattern. 4: Organization has to take an active part in local forums about owned products, services and operations. Environment Organization need to reduce using of resource and let off trash-?To protect the environment. 1: Organization is response for supervise and reduce effects for environment. : Organization supervises to performance for universal environmental standards and specific standards. 3: Have a program to guarantee employees and suppliers of organization are encouraged to protect environment. 4: In reasonable ranges, organization inspires to use and discard products with environmental friendly. 6. 0 Methods Used by qualitative research and quantitative research to Gather and Customer Care Qualitative research seeks out the Why, not the ‘how of its topic through the analysis notes, feedback forms, photos and videos. It doesn’t Just rely on statistics or numbers, which are the domain of quantitative researchers.

Qualitative research is used to gain insight into people’s attitudes, behaviors, value systems, concerns, motivations, aspirations, culture or lifestyles. It’s used to inform business decisions, policy formation, communication and research. Focus groups, in-depth interviews, content analysis and semiotics are among the many formal approaches that are used, but qualitative research also involves the analysis of any unstructured material, including customer feedback forms, reports or media clips. General Electric Company chooses the interview as methods to do qualitative search.

And interviewing is a technique that is primarily used to gain an understanding of the underlying reasons and motivations for people’s attitudes, preferences or behavior. Interviews can be undertaken on a personal one-to-one basis or in a group. They can be conducted at work, at home, in the street or in a shopping centre, or some other agreed location. Through interviewing for 100 clients and GE comes to the conclusion that customers from different industry have diversified demands for household electrical appliances, medical service, traffic and living environment.

And customer feedbacks are insider enough in developing of company, so GE continuously Improve technology and service to attain required of customers. Interviewing shows that people are satisfied for products of GE and they can come up advices in quickly through official website and free phone. People approve to social compliance and reputation of GE, and also company assure customers of productive process. But the company can not to quickly solve complaints from trans-department and employees have not enough professional competence. Quantitative research is used to measure how many people feel, think or act in a particular way.

These surveys tend to include large samples – anything from 50 to any number of interviews. Structured questionnaires are usually used incorporating mainly closed questions – questions with set responses. The objective of quantitative research is to develop and employ mathematical models, theories and/or hypotheses pertaining to natural phenomena. General Electric Company chooses the questionnaire as the method to do quantitative research. And a questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents.

Although they are often designed for statistical analysis of the responses, this is not always the case. GE can get conclusion through sends questionnaires to 1000 clients. GE get conclusion through analysis reflected situation from questions of questionnaire. Conclusion: The bar chart shows requests of customers about products. According to question value to price when they bought products of company and there are 30%customers think a lot of quality of products, 35%customers value to sale-after service and 15%customers ignored lifetime.

As the result that customers need high quality and rower price on products and there is very important for sale-after services. Maybe the company should constantly improve technology in produce and improve quality of sale-after service. Establishing professional department and technicians to help customers solve problems in set time and it could promote development of customer care strategy. Questioned of questionnaire: The pie shows situation of company service for customers. According to question “What do you think about time for complaints are received? ” it has 12%customers think complaint system is very good.

And there are 22%customers satisfied for implant system. Also it has 34%customers express that it is not bad and 32%customers think time of company handle and solve complaints is too long. As result knows that most customers are dissatisfied for complaint system, maybe they think employees are incapable and the complaint system working inefficiency. GE could handle complaints with more ways such as letters, receipts and e-mails. Training employees study more relevant skills and increase remuneration to these employees, update complaint system to have better customer care. . 0 The Review of Gee’s Customer Care Strategy A review is an evaluation of an operating process or a business outcome. In addition to a critical statement, the reviewer may assign the work a rating to indicate its relative merit. General Electric Company’s customer care strategy can be review by third party assessment. GE invites Moody’s international ratings agency use “Moody’s analysis valuation service”, to assess customer care strategy and customer care standards for GE. GE finds problems and obtains solution through Moody’s analysis valuation service.

Moody’s analysis management and operating of company in firstly, and then Moody’s identify problem areas to value with professional tools such as Credit Risk Calculator and Credit Transition Model. Finally, Moody’s provides comprehensive dates about reviews. According to dates from Moody’s, GE has higher reputation and performance of their community duty, it is attracting more customers. GE knows that their business scope is wide range and there is no clear division of labors for employees. Also employees have on high wages in working; they have lower morale for work. And the company had been tried to solve this problem.

In addition, there are large institutions in many and many goods produced through outsourcing. So there is no enough coordinate of each department and managers have officials easier. GE needs to 8. 0 Recommendation After assessment Moody’s suggest GE making improvements as following standards: GE should make a program to guarantee healthy and safe working environment, and also set up standards to keep it. The company must be considering that local consumption level and market rates of interest. And GE should make performance reviews for employees at regular intervals and examine progress of technology and career development for employees.