An Assessment of Customer Satisfaction in Loreland

This study was designed to assess the customer satisfaction In Lorena Farm Resort In terms of their service with their guests. This research aims to develop and enhance the service and avoid complaints in Lorena Farm Resort. It also aims to know the demographic profile of the respondents wherein they can identify the majority type of respondent (e. G. Gender, age, location, occupation, reservation type and knowing the resort). The researchers provided questionnaires for the guests to determine whether they are satisfied or not in Lorena Farm Resorts’ services.

Guest satisfaction Is one of the goals of every establishment In the world. To be successful, organizations must look Into the needs and wants of their customers. This gives a positive effect on the organization’s profitably. Businesses today In service encounters, begin to understand the importance between customer satisfaction and expectations of every customer. Lorena Farm was established as a family resort in year 1993. It is an 8-hectare resort owned by Loti and Ornate Marinas and was opened to the public with 1 swimming pool in year 1995.

Lorena Catering was established in October 1996. As the years passed by, the couple developed the resort slowly and reached 10 swimming pools, established a restaurant and a spa. In year 2010, they put up the Zeppelin as an added amenity to increase customer satisfaction. Then in 2011, the Camp Tiptop was constructed for team building activities and it became a one stop shop resort near Metro Manila. It also provides a spa area and a restaurant to make it convenient for the guests not to bring any food.

The main goal of the resort is to provide relaxation and fun memories with family and friends. Lorena is an epitome as “the place to be” in its more than ten years of existence. Although Lorena Farm Resort gained a lot of popularity, Lorena encountered different situations every day and they use to get a lot of negative feedbacks from customers and there are some complaints from recent customers that made the resort lose some of their referred guests. According to a blob review from Review Stream. Com of Lorena Farm Resort, Customers were not satisfied with the service that they received.

The complainant said that the resort gave their reserved rooms to the walk-in guests. Another complainant said that their facilities were not really clean and the resort is noisy until midnight. The staff were not approachable, incompetent and ignorant. It is the resorts priority not to offer the reserved rooms to another customer unless the guest who reserved it cancelled the reservation. Due to these complaints, Lorena provided a time for happy hour and trained their employees on how to manage the customers by giving them their commitments to the guests.

They are thankful for these feedbacks because it helped them improve their services and how they managed the customers. The researchers had conducted a study to help the resort owners to develop and enhance their service and to avoid these kinds of complaints. The researchers assessed the guest satisfaction by giving criteria to identify the satisfaction of the customers. In achieving the goal, guests were asked to answer the survey honestly and were also asked about their experience during their stay at the resort.

Lorena Farm Resort has become a known summer tourist attraction after they have developed and improved their business and services by dealing with their customers’ complaints. This study intends to assess the guests’ level of satisfaction, 1) What are the demographic profiles of the respondents/guests? 2) What are the common complaints of the guests regarding the service of Lorena Farm Resort? 3) What are the levels of guest satisfaction with respect to the two dimensions of service namely procedural and personal dimension?

Owner of this Establishment This study will help the owner of the establishment to have a broad idea about how satisfied their guests are with the services of their resort or with the resort itself. This will help them to improve more and develop the services that they offer specifically on where the guests are not satisfied with and on the complaints of their Future guests or customers This study will improve the services of the Lorena Farm Resort wherein the future guests or customers will benefit from it for they will experience improved and more developed services in the resort.

Students of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry This study will help the students of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry to gain more knowledge when it comes on how they are going to satisfy their guests by dieting or exceeding their expectations and on how they will deal with their guests and their complaints. Also, they could apply this kind of study to their field in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry wherein they can improve their service which is the basic product of the industry. OBJECTIVES The study aims to realize the following: common complaints of the guests in regards to the customer service of Lorena Farm Resort. ) Determine the level of guest satisfaction with respect to the two dimensions of service namely procedural and personal.

They should be responsible enough and inform about the do’s and don’t in the resort. Research Design The research method used in the study was a Survey method, which the researchers found the most applicable. Questionnaires were given out to Lorena Farm Resorts guests assuming that all of them would fill up the form with utmost honesty. In this method, the researchers were able to know and assess the guest satisfaction. Research Population The respondents were randomly chosen guests of Lorena Farm Resort.

The study came up with 248 respondents with the use of Sliven’s formula in getting the sample size of the respondents per month wherein the researchers based the population size on the average of 80 guests per day as provided by the management of Lorena Farm Resort. Where: n = sample size N = population size 2,240 Average Lorena Farm Resort guests per month) During the distribution of the survey forms, the researchers used convenient sampling method which is also a non-probability type of sampling wherein the researcher would use any subject that is available to answer the survey forms.

Data Analysis After all the questionnaires had been filled out, it was collected from the respondents/guests and then results were tabulated by getting the total responses for each of the item in the assessment form. Afterwards, the researchers obtained the statistical mean and use descriptive method for the interpretation.