Asia Pacific LED Market

The high brightness LED segment is expected to grow swiftly and continue to account for the highest market share, contributing to over 0% of the total market revenue, throughout the forecast period (2015-2020). To request more information or free sample or purchase the copy of the report, visit: http://www. Peacemaker. Com/top-market/OPAC-LECH)-china-Japan-Korea-India- market Asia-Pacific is the largest market for Leeds in the world.

The market scenario in this region features aggressive expansions of production facilities by manufacturers and projects an optimistic outlook. Major companies such as Samsung SAID and RITE Display are investing substantially on the development of advanced OILED display cosmologies. The IV LED segment, though at nascent stage currently, is forecast to grow at a rapid rate due to its increasing application in medical treatments and forensic tests.

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Early adoption of IV LED technology in Japan and China, and growing prospects in healthcare sector across developing regions such as India, are expected to largely contribute to the growth of IV LED technology. Growth in medical tourism and the lower cost of treatments are expected to further strengthen the adoption of IV LED technology, especially in developing countries of the region. General lighting and mobile devices are the two largest segments where LED technology is implemented.

Mobile devices segment accounts for about 27% of the total LED market revenue in 2014 and would remain the top segment throughout the forecast period. On the other hand, general lighting segment accounts for nearly 25% of the total revenue of Asia-Pacific LED market in 2014. Both residential and commercial applications will boost the market for general lighting during the forecast period. However, residential users are expected to drive the market with a slower adoption rate than commercial applications in offices, hotels, hospitals and other areas.

Key findings of the study: Growing display and large screen facilitating market, increasing initiatives in green construction and the falling costs of Leeds would drive the Asia-Pacific LED market during the analysis period (2014-2020) Growth of the Asia-Pacific LED market would be supplemented by the replacement of Asia Pacific LED Market By Peacemaker devices as well as in signal and signage High brightness LED is the most prominently used LED technology in the Asia-Pacific LED market, followed by the basic LED segment.

However, the OILED segment is expected to grow swiftly during the forecast period India is forecast to be one of the most lucrative markets, largely supplemented by favorable government initiatives and growth of the smartened and automotive market Increasing application of Leeds in general lighting, mobile devices and other applications has compelled manufacturers to focus on innovative LED lightning products and amplify their production. Companies are adopting alliance and partnership, and product launch as their key strategies to gain a higher market hare.

For instance, SRAM entered into an agreement with Sharp Corporation for the cross licensing of patents. The agreement comprises patents of both the companies in the field of opt-electronic semiconductor components and lighting products. Prominent companies profiled in the report include Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. , Cree Corporation, Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. , SRAM Licit GAG, Niche Corporation, LEG Intake Co. Ltd. , GE Lighting Solution, Toyota Goose Co. Ltd. , Philips Illumined Lightning Company and Panasonic Corporation.