Australian market

The acacia berry is a product that is already on the Australian market, however, is being sold in specialty stores at a high cost. The objective of our business loud offer the product at a slightly cheaper cost in major supermarkets in Australia. Are three types of products, an individual pack to be consumed on the spot, a package to be stored and consumed in multiple portions, like ice cream, and acacia berry Juice. 1 . A process that fosters the exchange of information and ideas among individuals or groups that share a common interest. Networking may fall into one of two categories – social or business. In the latter category, one of the implicit objectives is to form professional relationships that may boost one’s future business and employment prospects. Information taken from: http://www. Investigated. Com/ terms/n/networking. Asp TRADE FAIRS are temporary events in different recurring intervals where new products and services are presented.

The number of trade fairs is steadily increasing worldwide; therefore it is important for exhibitors and visitors to get a quick overview and find the right trade shows for themselves. One way to get contacts in Australia would be trade fairs, one that is especially geared for the food industry is the Fine Food Queensland. It’s three days of fair in the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, where we can rent a space. The fair already offers packages with standard booth space to expose the products.

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Fairs like these, we could find all sorts of contact. Investors interested in investing money in product, store managers and markets we could sell our products, transportation companies to bring the product to Australia and also carries it inside the country through states, skilled labor in the food market. Information taken from: http://www. Boundlessness’s. Com. AU/ BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS are usually not-for-profit organizations that support businesses in a specific industry. They may: give information about your industry (I. E. Owe changes to legislation will affect your business) provide you with useful resources (I. E. Information and programs to help you meet industry standards) run training and education programs organist seminars facilitate networking events manage mentoring programs connect you with other businesses in your industry arrange public relations or advertising activities to promote your industry organist advertising campaigns to educate or persuade the public about issues relevant to your industry lobby on behalf of your industry to influence government policy.

These associations offer some information and services for free, but, in most cases, you need to become a member and pay a fee to access their full range of information, resources and services. In many industries, becoming a member of the peak body can give your Dustless credulity as your morsels proves to customers Tanat you have met strict criteria and have certain qualifications and experience. This guide introduces a range of business and industry associations that can help you to run your business Queensland. INFORMATION TAKEN FROM: http www. Equines. SLD. Gob. AU/business/support-tools-grants/support/business-industry- associations Join industry associations is a great option for contacts, they organizing networking events, conferences to update the laws relating to industry, help to expose your brand and publishes it to the market. I researched the industry association FAQ (Food Industries Association Queensland). To become a member, the price is $ 150. 00 dollars. To advertise your business and become gold member of the association, the price is $ 2,500. 0. Some events are to come, as FAQ Networking Breakfast on 27/08 at The Complies FAQ Hotel and Conference on 29/10. ASTRIDE Australian Trade Commission – Astride – contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, education institutions, tourism operators, governments and citizens as they: develop international markets win productive foreign direct investment promote international education strengthen Australia’s tourism industry seek consular and passport services.

We achieve this by generating market information and insight, promoting Australian capabilities, developing policy, making connections through an extensive global network of contacts, leveraging the badge of government offshore and providing quality advice and services. We aim to create value for our business sector, and do it n a way that represents a good investment for the taxpayer. And we seek to do all this in a way that meets or exceeds all appropriate standards of ethical behavior. Information taken from: http://www. Astride. Gob. AU/ Astride is an important tool to implement our business in Australia, they offer all kinds of necessary support for the implementation of business in Australian land. They can help us with initial coordination of all investment inquiries and assistance, information on the Australian business and regulatory environment, market intelligence and investment opportunities, identification of suitable locations and investment partners in Australia, Australian advice on government programs and approval processes.

In the Astride website there is an option to get in touch with a specialist investment Astride, unfortunately there is no specialist in Brazil, however, there are specialist in the United States and Europe. In the case, we could try an online meeting to create a contact with a specialist rather than going to one of these countries or even Australia. LINKED IN allows you to network with whoever, and whatever business/business person you like.

By accepting connections and inviting people you already know to come connections you are expanding the amount of people your profile is seen by; as the people who you’ve connected with will have connections and their connections wall De addle to see (Ana so connect) Walt your prattle. But Dismally, expand your reach and your professional profile will blossom. Not only can you ‘connect’ with people on Linked you can connect with communities by Joining groups. Groups which represent official organizations, companies etc. Re great to Join because you can connect with people like you; people who are either in that field of work, or are looking to be in that area of work. So, sharing information and even your details (I. E. Twitter surname to encourage ‘like minded’ followers) on the group so other members can see it is helpful; as it helps you to not only make your Linked profile visible to potential employers, but also helps to expand your other social networks with people who have the same interests, Job aspirations etc. As you. Information taken from: http://Calcimines. Reorders. Com/2013/12/04/what-is-linked-used- for/ Linked is a tool specifically geared towards networking, lets you view your professional profile for millions of people. In view of our business, looked for someone or some company that could help me to introduce my business in Australia, and that was on the same food that I branch. I found the profile of Rachel Williams of Brisbane, which offers training in the food area and webzines for free.