Automobile industry

Satisfaction is a subjective concept and therefore difficult to determine. It depends on many factors and varies from person to person and product to product. The importance of customer satisfaction in strategy development for customers and market oriented cannot be undetermined. Now a day it has become very important factor for each and every organization to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, a term is used in marketing, it’s a measure how product and service supplied by the company meet or surpass customer expectation.

Customer automobile industry By chemical its requirements. Customer satisfaction is a highly personal assessment. Customer satisfaction is a measure of post purchase behavior of the customers. Customer expectations meet with the perceived value of goods and service then customer is satisfied but if the perceived value of goods and service is less than the customer expectations than customer is dissatisfied and if the perceived value exceeded the expected value of the goods and service than the customer is delighted.

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In addition, customers generally want the best possible product or service for a low cost. The perception of the best product or service at lowest price with safety effect the industry and customer segment significantly. Thus customer satisfaction is defined as “The number of the customers or percentage of the total customers, whose reported an experience with a firm, it product or its service exceeds specified satisfaction goods”.

Customer satisfaction is very important for any business whether it sale the product or services because if the customer is satisfied then they make the repeat purchases and tell other persons like their friends, neighborhoods, family members etc. About their good experience and testifies customers tell five other people about their good experience.