Automotive Electronic Industry for Global and China Market

The application proportion of Chinese heavy truck high-pressure common rail system was about 35% in 2013, and ascends quickly in 2014 as the enforcement time of National Emission Standards IV is definite. In-line pump devices complying with National Emission Standards Ill can not meet the requirements of National Emission Standards IV and V in terms of fuel pressure and injection control, so they need to be completely replaced by electric control high-pressure common rail injection system in the future. The application proportion of Chinese heavy truck diesel high-pressure common rail system will increase to in 201 5 and 80% in 2017.

According to estimates, Chinese diesel electric-control high-pressure common rail market size is expected to reach ARMS. 846 billion in 2014 and RHOMBI. 751 billion in 2017 with an AGAR of 16. 23%. Purchase a Copy of this Report @ http://www. chinamarketresearchreports. Com/ contacts/purchase. PH? Name=114958 . The report covers the following: Chinese automobile and auto parts markets, including output, sales volume and market structure of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and the competition pattern of auto parts market.

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Global and Chinese automotive electronic market, embracing definition, classification, market size, development course and development trends. Definition, classification, development course, industrial standards, policies & regulations, R & D route, market size, output, sales volume, purporting, market demand, competition pattern, import & export and development trends of major automotive electronic market segments, such as intelligent driving, DADS, Telemetric, ‘VI, navigation, audio, airbags, TAMS, automatic transmission, fuel injection and lighting.

Profile, business in China, financial situation, output, sales volume, major customers, main products, supporting, production bases, R & D, technology routes and segments of major global and Chinese auto parts companies, including Continental, Dense, Busch, Delphi, Autodial, TRW, Magnetite Marcela, Again, Mobil, Vale, Charade, WACO, Herman International, Pioneer, Clarion, SF Franchiser’s, Keening, Hell, Kyoto, Hanging Electronics, Decay, Kimonos, Forum, Typeset Electronics, Content, Gel, Cherry, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Whiff.