Brain Development And Temper Tantrums

Brain Development and Temper Tantrums To the parent who is punishing their two year old for having a temper tantrum; would you want to be “punished for something that was out of your control”? At the age of two years old, many children are going through what we call the “terrible twos”. Toddlers at this age diverge trot adult restraint because their emotions are not yet under control.

Due to an under-developed prenatal cortex, two year olds eave a lack of control, lack of emotional balance. And a lack of focus. So the next time your little angel throws a fit, Just remember that their little brain isn’t wired for self- control yet. As my son went through this stage, if we were at home, I would just let him work himself to sleep. But I must say while I never thought about “punishing” him, I did think about how much more peaceful it would be when his tantrum was all over.

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