Buffalo Jeans Industry Report

Buffalo wants their name to remain synonymous with great quality, value, and fashion. Clients & Customers Buffalo has a long-standing tradition of quality and has never been one to sacrifice substance for style. Buffalo’s clothing and accessories are made for fashion savvy men and women aged 18-34, who are fashion innovators seeking effortless style. The brand offers a wide variety of unique denim styles and a full fashion collection.

The collections are intended to be as unique as the customers who wear them. Buffalo’s clients include the array of department stores and retailers who carry the Buffalo clothing lines. Today, Buffalo has stores that span 18 countries and 3,000 locations worldwide. These department stores tend to be more high-end and include the Hudson Bay Company, Bloodiness’s, Macy’s, Dullard’s, and Lord ; Taylor. 00 Products ; Services Buffalo David Bitten continues to push the boundaries of fashion with a wide range of clothing and accessories.

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Again, being that denim is Buffalo’s foundation, this is where the main focus in the product lies. Buffalo has four collections, for both men ND women, which are designed every year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday. The Buffalo brand reflects newness in the latest trends and everyday basics. No two pieces are exactly alike, especially when it comes to the denim lines. The label has denim wear from mint-skirts and blazers to boot leg cut Jeans. The brand also features innovative washes, leading-edge embellishments, superior fit, and sexy styling.

Buffalo Jeans are also specifically designed to lengthen and streamline, providing a youthful look that flatters the body. Competitive Position What was once a small denim company has grown into a true denim empire that can e found throughout 50 cities from Montreal to London. Thriving since 2004, Buffalo David Bitten employs about 300 people and continues to open stores across the Buffalo Jeans Industry Report By Lusciously and women’s lines. For men, competitors include True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, Michael Corks, Diesel, Barberry, and more. Luckily, Buffalo has identified that their male customers are loyal.

Males who buy Buffalo Jeans are unlikely to switch to another brand. For women however, the competition is much more difficult. Women are more concerned with prices and how the Jeans make them look and feel. Therefore, developing brand loyalty is more of a challenge. Competitors in the women’s sector incorporate the same competitors for men, in addition to about 20 more brands, making it harder to grab the consumer’s attention. Industry Outlook The outlook for the fashion industry is still uncertain due to the current economic status of this country and across Europe.

According to Leonie Barrier, from the industry perspective, a combination of rising production costs and flat prices, the pressure to improve working conditions, a lack of new production centers, and low volume growth in fashion do not make for the best environment to do business. For customers, being fashionable often comes with a large price tag, which has recently become a luxury for many people. Moreover, costs are going up since the fashion brands need to cover their own additional expenses. Buying new, expensive clothes might be the first budget cut that one has to make in such tough times.

However, Barrie’s article does offer some advice to help fashion brands stay afloat. To achieve this, she says that brands need to be more “consumer centric, gaining greater insight into shoppers’ preferences – both in how they buy: in store, online, mobile – and what they want to buy and at what price. ” Key Personnel The Buffalo New York office is relatively small. This provides me with a great deal of opportunity and the chance to work with almost everyone in the office. There are quite a few interns and some interns deal with specific departments.

For example, there is a design intern, a planning intern, a PR/marketing intern, a women’s line intern, a men’s line intern (me), and sales interns. Before I became the men’s intern, I was a sales intern. In that role, people from every department called on me to assist them with whatever task they had at hand. My internship site supervisor is Samaritan Howard, who is a Sales Assistant and or’s at the front desk answering phones, greeting clients, and managing the interns. Now that I am the men’s intern, I have been working very closely with Maggie, a men’s account executive for Dullard’s department stores.

Also on this team are Steven, who is the men’s sportswear manager, Gina, who is the men’s sportswear account executive, and Jason, who is another men’s account executive. Ellen is the UP for all of Buffalo’s denim and is the one who officially adopted me to be the men’s intern. The account executives deal specifically with Buffalo’s accounts with various department stores. As previously stated, Buffalo is sold in department stores across North America such as the Hudson Bay company, Bloodiness’s, Macy’s, Dullard’s and Lord & Taylor. At this point, I have only really worked with the account in the coming weeks.

My Exposure As an intern at Buffalo Jeans, I will be exposed to various aspects of the organization and will experience the overall culture of the organization. Although I will mostly be working with the men’s team, I know that I might still be called on to assist other departments. I have worked with spreadsheets that are used to run weekly and seasonal reports. In the coming weeks, I will sit in on client meetings with the account executives to witness how they interact with their buyers and challenge the retailers to improve their sales fugues.

My exposure to Buffalo Jeans during this past week has already exceeded my expectations. Becoming the men’s intern has given me more of an opportunity to see the inner workings of the company and Vie already learned so much. I am positive that I will continue to learn more as my internship progresses and that I will not only meet the learning objectives that I have outlined, but exceed them. This exposure to he fashion industry is very exciting, as it is new to me, and I am eager to continue my work with Buffalo Jeans.

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