Also Maxim group have the Surplus Bread Donation Programmer which started in 009 About 70 Maxim’s Cake Joined this programmer in order to donate the surplus bread to the elderly or poor. It can show Maxim’s sympathy to our community. It have been donated more than 1 50,000 to the people who are needed Moreover,Maxim’s also held some visiting . In the mid-autumn festival, Maxim invite Kelly Chain to visit Jockey Club Chemung Hang Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre so that Kelly Chain and 50 children celebrated mid-autumn festival together.

Kelly also represent to Maxim to give the angry bird moonscape to the children. It is not only the promotion of the moonscape, but it can show Maxim care for the children Furthermore, Maxim held Mother’s Day Cake Design Competition . It invite Maxim’s Cakes, SST. James’ and Acclaim to participant in this competitive. About 20 families joined this competition . They design the beautiful cake and donated to the charity. Also Maxim also donated 4000 breakfast coupons to SST. James. This activity can also let children and their father mother to have a chance to communicate and do something.

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Maxim’s awarded the caring company for areas started in 2009 This award is appreciated Maxim that their contribution in community This is the second year for Maxim to offer A Little Heart for our environment aerogramme This programmer was provided to the estate to recycle the newspaper, metal and the plastic. After recycling,the resident will award some environment score, the score can use in different Maxim’s Group , such as Maxim’s Cake,Remarkably , Gene’ sushi and more. Also, The estate which participant in the programmer was increased by 11 to 30. O that we can see Maxim are trying to protect our environment. In mid-autumn festival Maxim recycled 600 moonscape tins and provide them to the art performance, and then the builder use these recycle tins to build a mid-autumn tower . His is not only for the exhibition or celebrating the mid-autumn festival , but also can promote the awareness of recycling and environment message to the public. Maxim’s was already get ten SSL ext award Tort CEO Dustless until 2012 Ana In tans year Maxim got the prime award for this award.

This award can affirm Maxim’s effort for the environment friendly and protection. Such as some Maxim’s group use the save energy measures so that reduce about 1400 tons the release of the carbon dioxide Maxim’s also get the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence. This award was appreciated Maxim has done a lot in the measures of CEO-friendly Such as educe the use of water, electricity and coal , recycle surplus meals or bread. Furthermore, some Maxim;s group such as Maxim’s palace and Maxim’s Chinese restaurant are cooperate with WFM Hong Kong to purchase and promote the environment seafood.

It can show that Maxim is awareness of the nature species and the seafood that Maxim purchased is safe However , there were some case show that Maxim was not care for the customers. A broken spoon was kept in this meal.. And in this case , the chef was very impolite . He did not apologize for his mistake and Just leave away . Another case was a set of hickey steak meal inside a steel wire. It also showed that Maxim chef was not careful for cooking the ingredients.

If our customers really eat the broken spoon or the steel wire , it may become a serious problem Moreover, Maxim cannot provide a clean kitchen environment for cooking the food. Insects were in the fish dish, and the customers were vomiting several time and in this case , Maxim’s did not face up to her complain and Maxim denied that their meal are unsafe. Moreover maxim takeaway service , there some flies in the beef rice. In Maxim’s Cake the Sausage bun could find some insect too. Also in the vegetable can mind the insect. In the bun can find cockroach.

It seem that Maxim kitchen cannot provide a clean environment to cook the meal for our customers Furthermore, Maxim’s staff dissatisfied about Maxim’s new policy of the allowance and moving factory. It affect about 1000 staff. They earn less in the new policy and some staff was forced to leave away. It showed that Maxim’s do not have much care for its own staff. Maxim should provide equal promotion and opportunity and fair working condition to the employees In order to solve this inconvenience, Maxim provide free shuttle bus from and to the factory employee.