Your supervisor thinks that the company where you work should be using batch processing instead of real-time processing. You have been asked to prepare a written paper identifying situations in which batch processing would be preferred over real- time processing Successful academic and professional Journeys rely heavily on appropriate ethical behavior, taking personal responsibility, motivating self and others, being able to self-manage, embracing self-awareness, and reflecting emotional intelligence. Therefore, it is important for you to identify and develop your own areas of personal, professional, and social responsibility.

To get you started, this assignment will require you to create a list of the top ten academic and professional integrity elements that are most important to you. Specifically, you should: Complete the reading assignment for this unit. Review the Student Code of Conduct Section of the Student Handbook Consider how the following situations might be interpreted with regard to ethics and integrity: 1 . Reusing classmates’ paper 2. Using inappropriate language in the Discussion Board area 3. Providing critique of a classmate not the content of the classmate’s work 4. Not submitting work as instructed 5.

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Knowingly giving incorrect information 6. Failure to stand by a commitment to other classmates Based on your reflection of the items above, create a list of at least 10 guiding principles that you currently engage in or follow and describe how they can represent academic ethics and integrity. Note: Use examples to support the connections you describe. Include a summary paragraph that “connects or applies” your academic guiding principles to a professional workplace environment’s ethics and integrity principles. In what ways can “your “principles be used to benefit your current work environment, or your future work environment?