Deco’s Business activity

My Businesses. I was asked to choose two businesses which one has to be local and the other has to be national. For this I have chosen Tests and Sandwiches by Sue as my businesses because I can easily research about them as family and family friends work in both of the businesses, which means my research will be more accurate. I have also chosen them as they both have a store near to me (Utility Essex). I have had to research different things about the businesses such as; aims; objectives, ethical or not; how, the purposes etc.

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I have chosen Tests as my national business as I shop there quite a bit so I can get a good understanding on how they run the business and the functional areas, I have also chosen Tests as if I had to gather information in a hurry I can easily travel there. For my local business however I have chosen Sandwiches by Sue as I am a massive stakeholder in this business as I would like to own a cake/ sandwich business of my own when I am older which makes me ask for more detailed answers from my research questions.

When researching online I didn’t find much information but that doesn’t matter much as I can easily contact them by mail/phone/in person/ using letters. Sandwiches by Sue and Tests are both quite different with the purposes and aims; objectives so I felt they would be good to compare. Research: For both of my businesses I have conducted research using different ways, for Tests I have searched the internet, sent a letter to them (which luckily I have a reply) and went to one of their stores and asked a few things.

For my small business Sandwiches by Sue I have emailed, interviewed and searched internet for information about them. Purpose of the businesses: A purpose is the reason the business is out there/ running. The purposes of the local and national businesses could be similar or very different depending on what they do and what they serve. Deco’s purpose: Deco’s purpose is to create a profit and to supply large varieties of goods, which is sold both in store and online.

Also they offer a financial service, selling their own credit cards, personal loans, and various types of home insurances. All that on top of supplying home delivery to the online shoppers. The reason they exist is to sell/ supply goods and household items to the public so they don’t go without. Sandwiches by Use’s purpose: The purpose of Sandwiches by Sue is to provide and sustain a good service to the customers and to be better than the other local cafes and restaurants. They also can provide Jobs for people that need a Saturday Job.

The main purpose is to make a profit; they mainly use products that they have at home to make a bigger profit I. E. Using eggs that their own chickens have laid and so on. The reason this business exists is because they Comparing them both: The purposes of both of the businesses are mostly different but the main purpose of both are the same, they both want to make a profit, however the local business isn’t want to expand however Tests, the national business, does so they can Decode Digger Ana netter.

I en local Dustless doesn’t nave a Atlanta service as teeny have no need to provide credit cards or home insurance however the national business does as it makes them become a higher achieving national business and also makes Tests seem a lot better.

Deco’s Aims: Tests have quite a few aims, they want to achieve these over a long term. Some of the long term goals/ aims are expanding their stores into many other countries to make a bigger profit, to satisfy their customers they do this by making sure their teems are fresh and good quality.

Another aim is for them to make a good profit; they do this by trading ethically. They also want to be a competitive business, they want to be the leader having the lowest prices, they also want to make more profit and have more customers than their main competitors. Aims of Sandwiches by Sue: The aims of this business is to provide and continue providing a good service to their customers, to create a good profit for themselves, to make sure their food are fresh and good quality, to be better than other local cafe©’s/ restaurants. To do all of this hey need to meet their objectives which will be explained soon.

Comparisons: Both aims include providing a good service to customers, creating a profit and staying ethical, this is because they want to be a successful business which means they have to make necessary decisions and need to provide good services otherwise no-one will bother going to shop/eat there. However one of Deco’s aims is to expand more so they become a bigger national company but Sandwiches by Sue doesn’t want to expand as it is only a small, local company which doesn’t have as many resources as Tests and needs less to sustain their profits and aims.

Objectives of Tests:

Deco’s objectives will help them to meet their aims, they want to work harder to expand, and the objective would be working harder. To make a bigger profit they would have to put more in stock to sell more, to keep providing a good service by employing the correct staff and keeping up with current affairs. To make sure their items are fresh and good quality they need to take out the out of date/ rotten/ broken items and put in new ones in stock, this helps by showing that they care about their customers and that they want to be successful.

Sandwiches by Use’s objectives: The objectives of this family run business would be to make sure their food; drink sources are in date and not rotten, to make sure that the cafe© is clean and neat. They would have to change the menus frequently and keep up to date with all foods; drinks to try and be better than other local cafe©’s/ restaurants. This business’ objectives are suitable to its needs only; no business is going to need the exact same objectives as Sandwiches by Sue unless they are trying to copy them.

Comparing the objectives: Deco’s objectives are more sophisticated and complex as they need to obtain and be rater than rival national businesses. The difference between their objectives is that Tests have to do more and put more effort in as it has to impress customers nationally whereas Sandwiches by Sue only need to impress local customers, like the people that live in Utility and Shadowed. Sandwiches by Sue only have a few employees whereas Tests need many employees to take care of the shop.

Quite a few of the objectives are similar as they are both in a competition, one nationally and the other locally. The Activities of Tests: Deco’s activities include selling groceries, clothing and their own financial services. I sees also own an online Dangling service. I nee are In ten tertiary Dustless sector and buy all their products from farmers (fruit and vegetables), the chocolates they sell (Caduceus, Nestle etc. ) they buy basically everything except from their breads and some of the donuts which they bake themselves.

The main activities are buying fruit, vegetables etc. From other countries who work for them and selling all of their stock in their stores or online. Activities of Sandwiches by Sue: Sandwiches by Use’s activities include buying meat and milk etc. Then baking what the customer’s order. They bake the food themselves as it shows that they don’t depend on other businesses to help them sell. They also buy the resources needed to create the drinks that they sell like milk, ice-cream, cocoa/ chocolate powder, teabags/ coffee and sugar etc. Although they still make the drinks themselves. They sell the products they make, this will help them in their aim to create a profit, if they have more customers in the activity to cook more will become more recent and will create more products to be sold to the customers. Comparing the Activities: There is not much difference between these activities except that the larger business isn’t need to cook/cater for people; they sell ingredients for cooking so the customers would end up spending more money on ingredients instead of buying the actual snack/meal/beverage.

Whereas Sandwiches by Sue have the ingredients but they bake/make whatever you want whether its food or a beverage they will make it, by Tests selling the ingredients they will gain more profit but by Sandwiches by Sue making the dish that people order it will increase customers and profits. Are Deco’s Aims and Objectives Being Met? At the moment they aren’t fully meeting their aims, they have lost profit in some Mounties that they have stores in however the profit has gone up in the I-J.

This shows that in some places they are meeting their aims but other places they aren’t fully meeting them. Trading profits in the I-J rose by 1. 5% to El . Ban whereas profits in Europe as a whole dropped by 67% to Meme. In 2011 UK sales profit fell by 0. 9% however in 2012 rose by 1. 5% which shows they are meeting their aims of gaining a bigger and a better profit for themselves. They have expanded into different countries like Thailand and China, Thailand let them in however in China they rejected Tests wanting to expand in and build more Tests stores.

They was trying for nine years to get into China but China has their own way of doing things Ethical Trading: Ethics is all about processing fairly and trading fairly. It is an area of concern with large businesses. There is a lot of pressure on Tests about being ethical, the government wants them to be ethical as it all reflects on the government, if businesses are being ethical or not. The public pressures Tests to be ethical by criticizing their products if they aren’t up to the customers’ standard or if they are out of date.

Tests have a ‘Trading Fairly programmer which exists (and I quote): “So our customers can know that everything they buy is produced under decent conditions, and everyone involved is treated fairly”. This means that they want the customers to know all the food is made/ produced in the correct conditions, not with bacteria everywhere, the production line would be sterilized instead of having loads of bacteria and fungi everywhere which would contaminate the products and then they wouldn’t be able to sell. The products that teeny sell, are teeny tentacle?

Well Trot news reports I nave read previously snow Tanat they aren’t always ethical, not only in trading but in saying what are in their products. I have mentioned this as of the Tests horseman scandal in February 2013. The DNA test revealed that they used 60% horseman in their own brand Spaghetti Boldness which had to be taken off of their shelves due to the immense amount of horseman in a product that is said to only contain beef with no mention of the horseman what so ever. Their sales in many countries fell quite a bit as the customers didn’t trust Tests anymore and went to Kingsbury instead, whose sales rose.

However for the clothing at Tests it seems quite ethical, a few years ago they were trying to change he country that supplies the clothing material (Bangladesh) in a positive way which will sustain and improve the livelihoods of all the people who work in the industry. They are trying to move Bangladesh from being a LED (less economically developed country) to a MEDS (more economically developed country). They had to close factories there because of safety problems, it was in April 2013 that the Ran Plaza factory chain collapsed, killing 1 , 129 people.

As of this they stopped sourcing the materials for the clothes from Bangladesh. They had followed all the safety codes so hey were sure that the building was safe but structure examinations which were taken a log while after showed up that it was unsafe. Reflection: While completing this activity I found a few things quite easy and others difficult. What I had to do was choose a local and national business then research the aims and objectives, the purpose of both and compare them. I also had to explain if my national business’ aims and objectives were being met and if my national business is ethical or not and how.

The main thing I found easy is the first thing I had to do which was choosing my businesses. I found that easy as I already knew what genuineness would be easiest for me to do, these were the right businesses for me to choose. I had to find one local and one national business, choosing Tests was easy as I know quite a lot about Tests as I watch the news a lot, so it’s easier for me to find out any information needed. It was also easy for me to choose my local business as my father’s friend works there so I can easily get information on how it works.

What I also found easy was doing the research, the research for the national business was easily accessible and for my local business I could easily go and visit the lady who runs the business. I got quite a bit of information from interviewing her so it was easy to transfer it into my assessment. For my national business I researched using the internet, sending a letter to them and asking someone who works there. The internet gave me a lot of information that was highly relevant to what I needed, it also gave me extra information that I could use for examples.

I received a reply letter to the one I sent and it gave me a few points on the ethics of the business which helped me in writing about the ethics. With my business class I went to Westfield to research about how businesses operate and the aims and objectives. This helped me as It mace me realize toner things auto lesson Tanat I a Anti tank AT Detour. It also gave us a chance to discuss (with our friends on the trip) how we’ve done the assessment without showing them; this helped me by being able to talk about how research has went and if I forgot anything in this activity.

Parts that I found hard was actually writing the assessment as I had to do it completely on my own without my friends to discuss certain areas of the task which I didn’t get as much as I got others. I also found trying to keep on task difficult, I kept going off and writing things that were assistant related to the task so I had to delete those parts of my work, it had the slightest bit of relevance into what we are supposed to have done for this activity.

Comparing both of the businesses was quite difficult as I didn’t really know how to put it and I had to keep to the minimum of going into detail as I had spent enough time on them parts already. I also found it hard to write in detail why I chose the businesses as I gave an in-depth reason why. My opinions on this task basically say “it was hard to write but easy to research” as my work is original, it’s not anyone else’s o I had to try my best to not to make my work sound like another persons who has done it before (there were examples before we started) in case it sounded as if I was cheating.

The time management I could have wrote more detail and quicker so I get more done however my time management was quite poor and in the ours I had I haven’t done as much detail as I could have done. I should have used more time on if the aims and objectives of Tests are being met and if Tests are ethical and how and less time on explaining other parts, however I did it the other way round which will bring my marks for the explanations down.