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Right Act It states that “for purposes such as … Scholarship, or research, Is not an infringement of copyright”. 2. This time this can be consider as a trademark infringement because the trademark is being copying to a substantial degree or used in its entirety by one who is not entitled to use it. 3. This is a copyright infringement. This time the recorded video form the television programs are being used as a “commercial nature” and “the amount and substantially of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole”.

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Therefore the DVD stoneware is copying copyrighted works in their entirety for commercial purposes. 5-3. In this case, the parties’ conduct established that Welcome gave LESS and the other defendants a license to use his song. Lets remember that he created the song at Ill Son’s request. Meaning that he knew that it would be used on Lessee’s album and that it would be widely distributed. Welcome never indicated to any of the defendants that their use of the song would constitute copyright infringement.

In there words, we can say that the license constitutes a valid defense to to Wheelchair’s claim of copyright infringement, and the defendants are entitled to a judgment in their favor on that claim. 5-4. Trade secrets consists of anything that makes a company unique and that would be Important to a competitor. Therefore, theft of trade secrets Is a federal crime. In this case the boxes can be consider as the trade secrets. However, the boxes did not have any sing or marked indicating that they had confidential Information.

There was o protection of the Information because the boxes where In the car which can be accessible to someone. 5-5. Yes, united has to prove that the copyright Is valid to establish Infringement. Because Macy’s may be selling the design under the “fair use”. If they claim to have a copyright they can sell the design. Because Macy’s could have bought a salary copyright to a Italian designer. Secrets. This is because she entered and downloaded confidential information from Motorola.

Under the section 757 of the “Restatement of Torts” it says that those who SE another’s trade secrets with no authorization, like Jinn did in this case, are liable to that other party if “they discovered the secret by improper means”. 5-7. Yes defendants are liable. In my opinion I think this case can be based on “sharing stored music files” practically files were used to download other’s stored music files. 5-8. The facts indicate that file sharing was accomplished through peer-to-peer networking which means “The sharing of resources among multiple computers”. 5-9. Yes.

I think Attain is entitled too transfer of the domain names because he was a cacti of a Supersaturating by an unknown individual. His domain name was used as a “bad faith internet” as the unknown individual began to use the domain names as malicious content. For the CPA what this individual did is consider as illegal. 5-10. 1. Yes, the fair use doctrine applies in this circumstances because cotton 106 of the copyright act states that “copies… For purposes such as teaching… Is not an infringement copyright”. 2. Infringement has occurred because copies are used for commercial terms.