Business Communication Trends

One of my first tasks at work Is to check and respond to my e-mail. Face-to-face Is a preferred method of communication in my workplace. E-mail is second. E-mail is vital when information needs to be communicated as soon as possible if telephones cannot be used. However, reviewing too many e-mails can sometimes hinder production. DC, a search consulting firm, estimates 84 billion e-mails are sent daily (Hunt, 2010, p. ). Another downside to email is the ability to highlight certain critical points. Finding the right words to reinforce a topic can be challenging. How does the receiver of the e-mail know what is important and what isn’t. A trend I noticed with a previous employer was the use of video conferences and “Go-To Meetings. ” The video conference Is good because it gives everyone In attendance the face-to-face feeling of a normal conversation even when the person Is a thousand miles away.

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The latter Is used In conjunction with the video conference If you have files or Powering presentations to share. Both of these tools enhance management’s ability to communicate effectively. Effective communication leads to increased productivity and profits. Communication consultants TX Larkin and Sandra Larkin state that “communication should have one goal: improving performance. It should change the way employees do their jobs. ” (Nelson, 1995, p. 1) These tools also work for training purposes.

Companies can save hundreds of dollars using these two methods for raining, especially if the trainer is out of state. The Company no longer has to fly out a trainer, pay for their hotel and other living expenses or vice versa. This doesn’t work if the training Is hands-on and you can save more money using one of these methods of communication. Another type of communication my previous employer used was web-based tracking of pharmaceuticals. If a customer placed an order of high risk expensive pharmaceuticals, the sloping department would place a tracking sensor in the shipment.

The customer would be assigned a log-on and password for assigned to it so the customer could follow the shipment in real-time. This is useful for security purposes as well. We could give the number to the DEAD or local law enforcement so they could track the package. Communication is an important aspect of a business. Having an effective communication system in place will improve the overall relationship with the employees, clients and vendors. Businesses need to stay on top of current trends of communication to ensure that they are at the riverfront of the business community.