Business Communication :Uses of Technologies

Introduction Communication Is a way to express feelings, thoughts and Ideas ultimately with great benefits. Communication technology has changed the way the world conducts business. Business communication, in particular, has seen some of the greatest advancements due to technological developments. Technology has altered modern life in many ways, especially in the workplace. The invention of computers, the miniaturization of electronics and the development of wireless communication have all altered the business world.

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The Word Communication: Its Origin and Meaning The English word “communication” comes from the Latin word, “Communicate” which means to impart or participate or to transmit. The word “Communicate” is derived from the root “Communal” which means to make common or to share. So, communication Is l) the activity or process of sharing or exchanging Ideas, feelings, Information, experience between two or more persons; II) an act or Instance of transmitting; Ill) the Information actually communicated by some means. Communication is the exchange of messages between people for the purpose of achieving common meanings. “- O. W. Basking and Craig. E. Runoff Communication is sending and receiving information between two or more people. The person sending the message is referred to as the sender, while the person receiving the information is called the receiver. The information conveyed can include facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instructions and even emotions.

Meaning of Business communication Business Communication is the sharing of information related to business activities and their results. The following definition is more concerned with organizational communication. “Administrative communication is a process which involves the remission and accurate replication of ideas ensured by 6 feedback for the Scott, Organization Theory) This definition lays emphasis on l) the senders or receiver’s capability of accurate transmission or reception of Ideas II) feedback, Ill) eliciting action which will accomplish goals.

According to this definition, transmission and reception of ideas should match. For example, if the sender recalls the happy the above mentioned definitions may vary in scope; but they familiarize us with important elements like interaction, interchange, dialogue, sharing, communion, commonness and so on. They, no doubt, enhance our understanding of the concept of communication, which comprises speaking, reading, writing, expressing ideas and opinions, and exchange of ideas, response to signs, signals, symbols and gestures.

We may, thus, define communication as -?a process of sharing facts, ideas, opinions, thoughts and information through speech, writing, gestures or symbols, between two or more persons. ” Such an analysis and consideration of the varied aspects of communication is essential for effective communication. Because, unless one understands and appreciates, fully, its nature, scope, and range of possibilities, one ill not be able to master the art of communication, which is a matter of prime importance today.

The Process of Communication Use of Technology in Business Communication Communication is a very essential in business development. Communication involves the flow of information among business partners, consumers, distributors and employees. A business will use technology to speed up communication or information flow among these parties. Technology presents businesses with various mobile phones, internet , Just to mention but a few. It is up to the business owners to know how to utilize these technologies and improve their performance.

Below I have listed some of the uses of technology in business communication. Integration of Technological communication tools Strengthen of customer relationship Effective and reduces costs Set-up a Network Integration of Technological communication tools: Technology creates an environment where data, internet protocol and voice networks can be combined to simplify business communication. With a well executed plan, a business can save money and increase on its rate of production.

If a business plans and manages its communication technology well, it can gain competitive advantage in the market which will result into business growth. For example, a business owner can use video conferencing technology to hold a meeting with their employees. Strengthen of customer relationship: With the use of communication technology, your customers will have more than one channel to contact you and voice out their concerns as regards to your service of products. For example.

A business can set up a website for its services, through this website; customers can contact the business using the contact system on the website. Effective and reduces costs: A business does not need to spend too much money on communication. With in the seines, they can create a centralized data center which helps employees query and get information on time, yet employees can also use email or instant messaging service to communicate, this makes the flow of information easier which helps in decision making.

Set-up a Network: Now days many businesses have cut costs by creating information sharing networks at the workplace. Creating an information sharing network saves time and money. In this case the business doesn’t have to buy individual communication equipments for each employee. At work, employees can share some of these technological tools to accomplish certain tools. For example, when setting up a network in a workplace, employees can have one data center where they save and retrieve all data, the same network can allow them to print and fax documents using on shared fax or printing machine.

Factors to be Considered While Selecting Technology in Business Communications Technology keeps on advancing and it is becoming very essential in our lives, everyday people Use Technology To improve on the way they accomplish specific tasks and this is making them look more smarter.. Technology is being used in many ways to simplify every aspect of our lives. Technology is being used in various sectors. For example, we use technology in business to gain competitive advantage and to improve on services and relationships.

Tools for Written Communication Printer Fax Machines E-mail Instant Messaging Tools for Oral Communication Telephone Mobile phone Voice mail Voice Conferencing Video Conferencing Computer Whether it be internal or external, communication is important to the life of any business. Computers play a big role in corporate communications, facilitating email, fax, videoconferencing and more. While the size and nature of business will determine how much computers use in a company’s communications, and should now how could take advantage of technology to improve a company’s bottom line.

Fax machines you will find yourself in need of a fax machine. Fax machines are used to send and receive files over a telephone line. Then we also have e-fax machines which receive files from emails. Just like text messaging, a fax machine will deliver a printed message on instant, although we will have to be at the office to receive this massage. Fax machines are one of the first and oldest communication technologies used in business communication. Internet The Internet helps us to access information on almost any subject from anywhere in the world.

It gives us factual information, enables us to research topics, do distance learning, network with friends and business associates, and conduct business. The net can put us on an _ Information Superhighway, where we can study for a degree or diploma, advertise goods and services, conduct meetings online, watch films, read books, shop, and get the latest news. It also has other important uses, such as E- Commerce, Videoconferencing and E-mail. E-commerce or E-Business may be described as using electronic methods and means to conduct business activities.

The Internet has made E-commerce possible where the web-sites of the Net can be seed to make enquiries, place orders, market and advertise goods and services, in short, to buy and sell. The Net has thus created a new international community which is electronically connected. Multimedia tools This is recorded content which can be used in a meeting or it can be used by human resource managers to train new employees. Messages are transferred inform of recorded videos or audio and it can be accessed via computers or smart phones or smart white boards at work.

Very few businesses use this type of communication, though it also has its own impact in business communication. Videos or audio sausages can be uploaded on intranet networks so that only staff members get access to these Medias. E- mail communication organization. E-mail is the fastest way of transmitting messages with quick feedback. Messages can be filed, deleted or trashed. Text messages can be accompanied by photos, graphics, and sounds, e. G. Sending animated greeting cards with sound and graphics. E-mail messages may also contain emoticons. An emoticon is a representation of an emotion using keyboard characters.

On every business card, see an email address in the company name of that business. For example, if someone wins a Web Agency, see an email of the Web Agency in this format ([email protected] Com). Intranet Networks Both big and small business will find a great need of having an internal intranet network. A website used by employees and business owners at work only, intranet websites or portals cannot be accessed from outside the company because their hosted on a local company server, and this helps the business exchange information with its employees without exposing it to the World Wide Web (www).

Many companies have these networks and employees have intranet emails used for communication at work only. Business managers can easily draft a message and send it to all employees via an intranet network; also employees can use the same network to share information with in the business. This all process protects information and it also facilitates the flow of information within the business. Big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, IBM still use these intranet networks to communicate with their employees.

Telephone Communication Just like email also telephones are standard business communication tools. In normal circumstances businesses have both fixed telephone lines for offices and mobile phones. Fixed telephone lines are basically used during working hours and some well established businesses dedicate a phone assistant to simply answer any business calls which come in during working hours. People who call on fixed lines are commonly customers or business suppliers, these fixed telephone lines also have voice mail recorders which can be replayed during working hours.

For mobile phones, they seem to be personal gadgets, so communication via mobile phones is commonly between business owners and their business partners or employees. Use Voice mail machines storing of telephone messages which can be retrieved during working hours. In most cases these voice mail systems are installed on fixed business telephone lines which are used by customers and other business associates, so if a business does not work 24 hours, they can leave their telephone line on voice mail.

Then in the morning, the person in charge can retrieve the recorded phone calls and act immediately. Video Conferencing Tools Technology has changed the way business owners communicate with their employees or business partners. Now with communication technologies like mobile video conferencing which enable a business owner hold a business meeting using a mart phone or a mini tablet like the pad while traveling has made business communication so easy and flexible. Tell conferencing software like “SKIPS or Vivid’ can be used on any smart phone with a web-cam.

Use Instant Messaging Services affordable tool which makes communication easy, text messaging is far more effective than electronic mail, though with email communication technology can send big data files which cannot do with instant text messaging services. However, instant messaging can be used when a simple message needs to be passed over to any party in the business, it could be from the business manager to employees or from employees to the business manager. The good news is that most of these instant messaging services can be used at zero cost, for example, Yahoo messenger, Google Chat, Skips and other services.

Social media Both companies and consumers use special social media to communicate. Well established businesses use company based social networks like Yammer. Com, as of now, Yammer. Com is being used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide. For those who are not aware of this network, it’s an enterprise social network, basically created for companies and employees to exchange business and work related information. One can only use this network if have a custom company email address, so only people with a verified company email address can Join your company network.

Then we also have consumer based social networks like backbone. Com, on this network, businesses create customer service pages which they use to interact with their customers in real time. The integration of business with consumer based social networks will help it in improving of customer care service and it will also help reach more potential customers. The Advantages of Technology in Business Communication More and more business owners are finding out there is significant advantages when t comes to using technology for business communication.

While a few years ago only a few businesses used cell phones, websites, and even the internet, today this type of communication technology is commonplace in a majority of businesses. Here are the advantages of using technology for business communication- ; Business communication technology saves money-let has been clearly shown that businesses that use communication technology can save substantial amounts of money. ;Business communication technology helps make communication happen faster. Market-Because of the pace of the business world it is crucial that every business winner stay in touch with their market. Business communication technology provides specialized employment-One of the other major benefits to all businesses is that the widespread use of business communication technology has enabled the creation of many different kinds of Jobs that were recently not even in existence. The Disadvantages of Technology in Business Communication A common use of information technology is business communication. Businesses use websites, email, text messages, chatting and other forms of technological communication channels to transfer information to managers, employees and the mineral public.

While this technology has lowered operating costs and often increases the business visible, a few disadvantages exist with this technology. Impersonal Perception A significant disadvantage of business communication technology is the perception that a business is impersonal. Consumers who are consistently peppered with electronic communication from business organizations are more likely to have this perception. Employees may also see electronic communication as impersonal if they only receive messages from managers or other employees through email.

Email can also create confusion requiring employees to seek more feedback than normal compared to more personal communication methods. Security Issues Using business technology in communication can create various security issues. Emails, text messages and other website communication are often vulnerable to hackers or other individuals who should not have access to certain information. Equipment Expense Companies typically have to purchase additional equipment to implement business communication technology into its operations. Personal computers, servers, modems and other software or hardware are often necessary components.

A business may also need to replace this equipment in a few years to maintain relevance in the business environment. Business communication technology also requires companies to employ an individual capable of handling repair or maintenance issues. While this function can be outsourced, this option is usually more costly than hiring a dedicated information technology employee. Businesses can face difficulty training older employees to use business communication technology methods. These individuals may have a difficult time understanding the technology and how these processes work.

Businesses may need o spend copious amounts of time or resources to train these individuals so that they can use this technology to communicate with internal and external business stakeholders. Major Findings Technological infrastructures of developing countries are not well developed. Use of technology very costly. Most of the developing country unaware about technological improvement. Slow internet speed is one of a major obstacle for using technology for business communication. People who are old in organizations, difficult to adopt with modern technologies. Conclusion Communication through this wide technology helps us.

By using the Internet and mart phones keep people connected to each other. It has been changing the whole world completely in each major, and we still can’t live without it even though it has some disadvantages. We can’t deny the fact that using such as the Internet and smart phones is keeping us close to our family and friends in each minute. Recommendations A country should develop their Technological infrastructures. Government should take initiative to reduce cost of using technology. Arrange training session for Make people aware about advantages of using technology in business communication. Introduce newer technology in business.