Business Communications

The aim of this unit is to show learners that the collection and management of business information, and the successful communication of that information throughout a business, is critical or the future prosperity of the organization. Scenario All three tasks are related to research carried out on a business organization and how they manage and communicate information. You have been employed as a business consultant for Jenkins and Associates.

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You have been given the task of reviewing the business communication and Information within Suntanned You must present your findings in a report which has 5 sections:- 1. Introduction- what is the purpose of your report , what will it tell the reader 2. Description of information in Suntanned and it’s purpose 3. Analysis of Information in Suntanned 4. Evaluation of information in 2 departments within Suntanned and it’s of appropriateness for strategic decision making 5.

Conclusion Types of Information: verbal; written; onscreen; multi-medal; web based Purpose of information: updating knowledge; informing future developments; strategic direction; SOOT analysis; offering competitive Insight; communicating sales promotions; Inviting support for satellites Sources of Information: Internal, e. G. Financial, human resources, marketing, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, databases, research; reliability of data sources Research: select a business organization (Suntanned), investigate the types of information the business uses and creates to carry out its functions.

Find out where this information comes from and in what form, how is it used, in what form and how is it presented and who uses it, for what? Task 1 Create a report which, Describes the types of information used in Suntanned choose at least 1 from each of the following categories:- Verbal written, on screen, multi media Web based In your description you must say where each of these pieces of information has come from and the purpose of each piece.

Describe means to paint a picture of the information and it’s source in words, say what the information is, how it is presented, why, what the information is used for, by whom, where is the information stored, why This work forms the first section of your report on the Types of information used in Suntanned and it’s purpose This provides evidence for Pl Task 3 continuing with section 2 of the same report as in task 1 Using the types of information you described in task 1, Analyses the different types of business information and their sources Analysis means breaking down and examining each part in detail.

Break down each piece of information and it’s sources what is good about what is not so good, why and then see if there are any connections between them. This provides evidence for MI Task 4 section 3 of the report evaluates the appropriateness of information used to make strategic decisions. From the list below select 2 function within Suntanned:- Finance Human resources Operations Marketing Administration Now find out what sort of information each function requires and uses Write up your findings Now evaluate whether the information they used to make the decisions is appropriate.

Give reasons for your findings Having evaluated the information used to make strategic decisions is there improvements Suntanned can make to the presentation or, format and/or type of information used. Justify why your recommendations will help (benefit) the functions Prepare a conclusion to your report, which summaries your findings and recommendations for change.