Business Environment Pass

Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses. Blackball pleasure beach A stakeholder Is someone who Is affected by the business either In success or failure. The stakeholders of Blackball pleasure beach are: The owners of Blackball pleasure beach are: Amanda Thompson and her brother Nicolas Thompson who Is the deputy manager. It has always been a family run business and has been passed down by other family members. Without these two people Blackball pleasure beach would not as successful.

The attraction around Blackball: The local businesses such as Hotels, Cafes, and Food shops can be affected In a positive or a negative way such as If the business starts to fail then other shops such as food places will lose out and not be gaining the profit they want therefore people might end up out of work on the other side if the business does keep rising peoples Jobs are safe and the businesses will do well. The customers of the theme park: The mall success to Blackball pleasure beach Is the customers without these then the business would fail and there would be no season why the beach should be open.

This is why Blackball make new thrilling rides also they made Nickelodeon land therefore more kids will want to go, without extending the park the customers will not want to come back therefore the business will not make any money. It’s all about keeping the customers happy and wanting them to feel eager to come back and visit. Without the customers the business wouldn’t make profit therefore Its so Important to keep the customers attracted. The employees of the business/shops: all the members of staff play a big part in aging the business successful.

If there was no staff and people to operate and work the rides then there would be nobody to open and run the business its all about making the profit and without staff there Is no possible way to have a successful business. The NASH ( National Health Service) A stakeholder Is someone who Is affected by the business either In success or failure. The stakeholders of The NASH are: 1 OFF funded The Employees: The employees who work for the NASH such as doctors, midwives and the public services who deal with the public for different types of seasons giving them the best possible health/medical care treatment.

Without all of these there would be no one to deliver all the medical health care therefore there would be no NASH and people would have to pay a lot of money for treatment . The Government: the Government was founded in 1948, based on legislation which passed in 1946, 1947 and 1948 and the Government funds the NASH Workers/Tax payers: People who work pay tax’s which therefore go to the government and then to the NASH for everybody care. If people didn’t work there would be no none going into the NASH therefore they would struggle to support everyone who needs medical/health care.

It’s important that they can have as many people working as possible as the more people that work that means more tax therefore more money goes to the NASH. The customers: If people didn’t need the Health/Medical service which is impossible then there would be no need for the NASH. But as the NASH covers to many things it would be very unlikely that the NASH would ever fail as it is a care service that no matter what the situation is somebody will always need it. But the customers still play a big part in the NASH.