Business Ethics

On the contrary, most people would see Recruiting as a safe profession, specially when comparing them to their Fleet or Combatant counterparts deployed all over the world and to assist In the War on Terror. So why would anyone think urban Recruiting is dangerous? Let me explain or set the stage as to why I think in our organization urban recruiting is a risky Job. One must understand that Navy’ Recruiting District Atlanta Involves three different states (Georgia, Alabama and the Florida panhandle) all of which have metropolitan areas that require recruiters to be stationed there.

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These “Metro” areas have the most people density, therefore requiring more recruiters to argue the larger audience. Not all metropolitan areas are risky to recruit in, but some more than others. There Is obviously more risk Involved In Atlanta, Georgia than In Multilevel, Georgia. Suburban and,’or “country- recruiting Is less dangerous than urban recruiting. Let us discuss Metro Atlanta recruiting. In Atlanta, recruiters must be vigilant to the crime In their surroundings.

The more people in a geographical area the more likely criminal activity Is to happen. When I thought of recruiting in Atlanta I couldn’t help to think of the Fox network show “Cops”. I remember seeing the shows based in Atlanta and wondering if I was going to need a bullet proof vest to recruit. One must I OFF that not long ago Atlanta was considered the murder capital in the U. S. So when I started recruiting in Atlanta I went to a station in Decatur, GA. Most of the murders in metro Atlanta were happening right in the quadrant my recruiting station was in.

When I arrived at the recruiting station I was briefed by the outgoing recruiting manager that they had witnessed a kidnapping in their front parking lot, the infamous Atlanta court room shooter had tried hiding in their mall when he was inning from the Police, the government vehicles had been shot at in front of the office during a drive by shooting and that at least once a quarter one of the services government cars had been stolen. If one was to think that this is isolated to Just this recruiting station, then I hate to tell you that you are wrong.

When I went to the Stone Mountain, Ga. Recruiting station we had the same issues. The next door barber got shot and killed during a drive by that involved some government cars being shot at. Go to the South West Atlanta recruiting station and you’ll find more of the same. In he College Park recruiting station you are welcomed by bullet proof glass and you have to get buzzed into the building. This is also not isolated to Atlanta, Georgia, because when I was stationed in Fort Myers, Florida even though it was a smaller metro area we still faced some of the same challenges.

As a matter of fact, my own recruiter got shot during working hours in Fort Myers, Fl. He was out prospecting in a high crime area when he was the victim of a drive-by shooting which collectively left him with two shots in the back. They weren’t fatal shots, but did end up terminating my recruiter’s Navy career with a deiced discharge. Wald 3 Are recruiters educated on the potential risks of recruiting in an urban setting? I don’t think so. I was not told of all the issues I would face in Atlanta and I had never been in Atlanta until I started working here.

I think this is one of the reasons why the Navy tries to get its personnel that are from the local area back home to be hometown recruiters. It can be implied that since they are from the area, they understand the local culture and the risks associated with recruiting in these locations. The risks are acceptable and reasonable when one compares it to what our fellow Sailors in the fleet have to deal with. Being in Iraq versus the potential drive-by in Southeast Atlanta puts things into perspective.

I think what’s acceptable and reasonable cannot be defined by one person, because I believe it depends on each individual’s point of view as far as what is tolerable. When the prospect of denying the urban market all of the opportunities the U. S. Navy is offering because its recruiters are afraid to recruit there, it makes one understand why we are there. I couldn’t be fine with refusing those young men and women the opportunities that he suburbs potentially cannot offered.

After all, it’s not their fault they do not have the means to live in a better area. As members of the Armed Forces we understand the risks we signed up for. We know that we could pay with the ultimate sacrifice. So being in a risky environment when doing our recruiting Jobs is acceptable because our risk and sacrifice will ensure ALL its citizens get the same opportunities. It is the right of the citizens of this great nation to expect the members of their Navy to provide their youth the opportunities afforded to others.

Business Ethics

This essay analyses the business ethics required In the marketing strategies. In most marketing strategies, ethics is an issue that is overlooked due to its implications on profit margins. In this study, there are several implications of ethics in marketing strategies. Various stakeholders trying to improve their sales through promotion and marketing, amid regulations requiring that they practice business ethics in their practices. Ethics is an accepted way of doing things; with high regards to the immunity or people associated.

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In business, It Is the perfect way of doing business where none Is affected unfairly. Competition may cause legal and ethical Issues In business; however, the check and fairness should be the outcome of actions in regard to public conception. Natural cereals case In this case, Sally faces challenges in finding appropriate strategies of marketing because she obeys and knows the benefits of ethics. The employees of Tom Miller remember him as a fare man who has a great sense of integrity.

Sally has enormous knowledge In nutrition and can use her knowledge to manipulate the market; however, she chooses to do it right because she has an obligation to assist the society in reduction of cancer related cases. It was wrong for one of the competitors to use information from the National Cancer Institute (NICE) to influence their sales without analyzing the implication of their actions. This is further worsen, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which have Jurisdiction obligation to protect the public from unhealthy advertisement, knew the adverts was not appropriate and let It intended.

This advert did not explained to people which particular cancer would be prevented with high fiber in diets, how much should be consumed, and it gave rather controversial messages. Controversial advertisement or messages have negative impacts to business also in other aspect of life. Scientific credibility is squandered when people try to give certainty where it does not exist. When this is allowed to happen, then many problems occur. When genuine cases are presented to the public to assist them, majority will take them with contempt. Another company also uses the

INC messages on it packages, even though this did not yield much to It, gave It a good market share position. It may seem lucrative for companies that use this strategy to make a sale, but it is very unethical. Legal regulations may not be illegal, and this brings a lot of controversies as companies try to make the best of the market. However, these loop holes in regulations should be addressed so as to have ethical actions surpass ambitions. Due to pressure on the competition also the urge to Impress Mr.. Tom and maintain her Job, Sally starts to relent In her former stand and ant to implement health-oriented campaign.

She gets Joey’s support, but because of integrity of Tom, he does not agree with them and ask them to seek other alternatives. This shows how ethical behaviors are very hard to maintain, it is an act of integrity. In some cases, ethics will make companies lose due to unethical competition, but this should not be a discouraging factor. It Is better to save lives than to benefit from unethical actions. Tom acknowledges FDA change of approach to criteria to evaluate information on food labeling and health related cases.

This is a DOD move to help implement ethical strategies in the advertisement and labeling. This effort of the FDA is affected by the Federal Trade Commission that control advertisement, for its laxity and sympathy for the competitors thus allowing them to continue with unethical practices. It is obvious the regulations are not in the same page when it comes to ethical implementations. Tom’s leadership is a very good example of ethical conducts even though he stands to lose due to unfair competitions he chooses to act right.

FDA is trying to follow the ethical approach to manage advertisement; however, there are challenges that require reforms in regulations. Moral philosophies imply doing what is considered right in a society, religious beliefs and personal conscience that are in line with society requirement. Morally it is not good to practice business practices without considering the consequences. Sally has known the consequences of health problems and should to allow herself get swayed into the unethical practices of the competition despite Joe supports or influences.

Tom, Sally and Joe ND up compromising the ethical stands they had from the beginning, Sally knows what impact her actions could cause the public and the best move are to recheck health related issues and make it right. It is best that the FDA and FTC work in harmony and implement ethical practices to control or regulate ethical issues should similar issues occur in the future. There must be policies checking the advertisement messages and labeling information concerning health situation. There must be stiff penalty across the competitors to make them adhere to ethics requirement.

Conclusion National cereal cases are enormous due to poor laws and lack of proper ethics emphasis in marketing strategies. Solving the ethical issues require ethical leadership and credible corporate culture. Moral values should be introduced in business activities to stop unfair competition practices. Natural cereal companies must be regulated and ethics being considered as the basis of implementation. There are controversies when ethic is considered; something ethical may not be illegal in the eyes of the law. It is a call of consciousness and taking responsibility for actions.