Business Ethics

In your Judgment, what, if any, obligations does Monsanto / Pharmacy have to delay marketing genetically engineered organisms “until long-term safety testing has shown that they are not harmful to humans, animals, and the environment”? To whom does It have these obligations? A) Should manufactures be held liable for failing to market all the products for which they hold exclusive patents when someone’s injury would have been avoided if they had marketed those products? Explain your answer. B) In your Judgment, was the Kaiser plant practicing discrimination?

If you believe It was discriminating, explain what kind of delimitation was Involved and identify the evidence for your Judgment. If you believe It was not discriminatory, prepare responses to the strongest objections to your own view. Was Kaiser management morally responsible for the situation on its plant? Why? A) Is a company like the Gap morally responsible for the way Its suppliers treat their workers? Explain your answer. B) In your Judgment, is H. B. Fuller morally responsible for the addiction of street children to its Resistor products?

Do you agree or disagree with the statement that the social conditions in Honduras and Guatemala are ultimately responsible for misuse of H. 8 Fuller’s products and that neither the product nor the company Is to blame? Do you agree or disagree that a parent company Is not responsible for the Q. 5 a) Identify the moral issues that are raised by Philip Morris’ activities in the tobacco, beer and food industries. Discuss these issues in terms of utilitarianism, rights, justice, and care. B) Do you agree that Accolade had “really stolen ” Saga’s property ?

Explain why or why not. Q. 6 a) Fully explain the effects that payments like those which Lockheed made to the Japanese have on the structure of a market. B) Of the various approaches to environmental ethics outlined in this chapter, which approach sheds most light on the ethical issues raised by this case? Explain your answer. C) In your Judgment, did Beacon Dickinson have an obligation to provide the safety syringe in all its sizes? Explain your position using the materials from this chapter and the principles of utilitarianism, rights, Justice, and caring.