Business Extra Credit Assignment

After reading and digesting the information surrounding the “Sony Sandal” I do not believe Pascal was dismissed under unjust rationalization. When you are employed at Major Corporation like Sony there are always the potential audits to insure that you the employee are using a state of mind to utilize the company’s property in the best interest. According to the civil liberties in the work place; employee expect to be treated fairly by the company in which they are employed.

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Pascal did not extend that same courtesy when she sent the email using company property/ technology. Regardless, of the fact that the tone of the email was supposed to be funny and personal the fact that she did this did not display well for Sony as a corporation. I do not believe that Sony violated her moral or civil rights as she relinquished those rights by using their property. Racial/ derogatory comment arguments will always have a negative light around them when made public.

The fact that Pascal/ Rubin were at an executive level In the company did not portray a positive point of view for Sony and ultimately It was the reason that she was terminated. I do not think that Pascal could be protected under employee’s right of speech as her negative misrepresentation of the company did not violate “Public Interest”. According to a 2006 US Supreme Court ruling the Constitution does not protect public employees from retaliation by their supervisors.

In reading these sections the term Just cause Is common standard In labor arbitration that Is used In labor union contracts In the united States as a form of Job security. I feel that with some states being right to work stated that Sony did have Just cause In firing Pascal. If a person acts with Just cause, her or his actions are based on reasonable grounds and committed In good faith. Whether Just cause exists must be determined by the courts through an evaluation of the facts In each case. The term Just cause frequently appears In Employment law.

Employment disputes often Involve the Issue of whether an employee’s actions constituted Just cause for deadlines or termination. If the employer was required to have Just cause for Its action and punished the worker without Just cause, a court may order the employer to compensate the worker. Labor unions typically negotiate for a contract provision stating that an employee cannot be fired absent Just cause; In Pascal’s case she was not a part of a labor union therefore Sony had Just cause to release her from the company.