Business HW

The company also pays higher salaries than the typical retailer. Training covers not only product knowledge but also he company’s basic principles, such as “communication is leadership”- the idea that sharing information with employees and customers benefit from the “air of excitement” the retailer creates in every store, making every shopping trip a fun experience for all. 2. What is The Container Store doing to empower its employees? How do you think this affects Job satisfaction?

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To empower its employees, The Container Store gives new full-time employees 263 hours of training. Part-time workers receive 150 hours of training and managers receive an additional five weeks’ training in personal management, operations and leadership. Instead of imposing a thick manual of policies and procedures, the store encourages its employees to apply the principal “communication is leadership”, and use their good Judgment to solve problems and satisfy customers.

The company promotes primary from within, giving managers and employees plenty of opportunity for professional development and additional responsibility. The company also allow current employees to refer applicants. This empowerment affects Job satisfaction In a major and positive way. Employees have freedom to be Independent within their work for the company. The rust that this company has In Its employees makes you feel good about the Job all together.

Reading the case makes me want to research this company and apply to be an employee. 3. What other steps would you suggest that The Container Store take to motivate and satisfy Its employees? Even though The Container Store has many great things to satisfy their customers, they could offer their employees rewards for being most Interactive with the customers. Depending on how many hours the employees work the company to add an exercise facility or even a day and night care facility for their employee’s children.