Business leadership

There are several seasons following why choose to introduce him. Firstly: Rene Zingier was founded Hawaii Technologies Co. Ltd in 1987, he had start- up capital is only twenty thousand Yuan. Incredibly by the end of 2013, his SCOFF Mange Chou said Hussein’s operating profit is expected to reach 286-294 billion Yuan. This data Is a significant Increase of 43% compared with 2012. Although there are other business leaders could also lead enterprises to obtain such brilliant results. Rene genteel Is worthy of note At the beginning Mr..

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Rene only 20,000 Yuan In startup capital, how to create S 35. 353 a 20,000 Yuan by 2012. Secondly: under Mr.. Rent’s lead Hawaii Technologies Co. Ltd. He has 14 employees at the beginning, then development of which currently has fifteen millions employees now. This is equivalent to the total population of a small country. To focus on the how could Mr.. Rene to lead such a large number of employees and what are the approaches of his leadership? Thirdly, Cisco Systems, Inc. Recognizes that Mr.. Rent’s Hawaii Enterprise is been as the most powerful competitor.

As a global leader enterprise In network equipment market, long dominated core network equipment such as routers and switches field dominance of Cisco Systems. To consider Is that why would a Chinese company as the most powerful opponent of the company’s dominant position in the IT industry? In additional: Hussein’s successful model to some extent changed the worldview of Chinese enterprises and Chinese products. Hawaii is one of the world’s top five mobile phone manufacturers. Hussein’s main business scope includes switching, transmission, wireless and data communications class telecoms products.

It provides network equipment, services and solutions to customers in the field of telecommunications around the world. Hussein’s products and solutions have been played In over 100 countries around the world, serving 50 operators around the world In a global population of 45 and one-third of the global population. Through the above, Mr.. Rene Is considered to be a successful leader. Because of his leadership, Hawaii has made brilliant achievements. I also considered the other Group leader of Wang Shih.

But only Rene Zingier with very little capital to create great wealth. In addition, he let the world to know that the Chinese companies bring a great influence of the Internet period. Leadership branding One great leader can be leading a outstanding enterprises. The definition of dervish: Peter Trucker who is an originator of management said: “Leadership is the creation of a situation, to make people comfortable and effective leadership in which the work should be able to complete the functions of management, namely planning, organizing, directing, controlling. Beyond that Mr.. Rene is considered to be a leader, not a Manager. Leaders are people who are able to influence others. Someone who can influence others to perform beyond actions dictated by formal authority. Leader may either be appointed or emerge from within a group. Managers are someone who are appointed and have estimate power allow to reward and punish employees or others their ability to influence is founded upon the formal authority in their positions.

In other words, the relationship between leadership and management understood as “thought” and “action”: management is effective in getting things done, leadership is something done to determine whether the properly. Mr.. Rene has a well-known management idea that Chinese people called Gray scale management ideas. It means that: in periods of change, the bottom line is to ensure the company’s survival, to meet customer demand as the goal, focus on effectively management.

In this period of change, we must have the mental capacity, you must accept the fact that change, learn transformation approach. Meanwhile, we have the concept of gray, do not go to extremes in change, some things need to change, but any extreme changes will produce the original accumulation of damage, counterproductive. In the transformation, any black and white views are easy to agitate the heart, and we Just do not need black or white, what we need is a gray view, between the gray between black and white is very difficult to grasp.

In additional, it is not meaning of weakness and compromise. While adhering to the principle, but also easy at finding employees willing to accept a workaround. In dealing with the company’s internal relationships, Rene require employees to remain calm; do not have impetuous emotions, to avoid arrogance, self-convergence, less impulsive, more rational. By analyzing the influence of Mr.. Rene leadership, it is obviously that he is a complete leader. Mr.. Rene has clearly awareness of macro strategic of the company. Using his distinctive awareness thoughts on commerce, influence and guidance Hawaii.

Hawaii have become the benchmark for Chinese private enterprises to benefit from unique corporate culture, this culture is created by the leader Mr.. Rene with penetrate corporate complex representation of deep thinking power. Leadership is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. Kurt Lenin made one of the better-known behavioral approaches popular. Considering employee involvement in the decision making Lenin identifies several types of leadership styles that includes: Autocratic: Leaders tells employees what to do.

Leaders tend to make: Unilateral, decisions. Dictate work method Limit worker knowledge about goals to Justify the next tepee to be performed. Give punitive feedback; Democratic: Leader seeks majority rule from workers. They tend: to involve the group in decision making, let group determine work methods, make overall goals known and use feedback as an opportunity for helpful coaching; Laissez-fairer: Leader lets group members make all decisions, give the group complete freedom, provide necessary materials, participate only to answer questions and avoid giving feedbacks.

Participative: Leader allows and expects worker participation. Leaders tend to involve subordinates in decision-making through consultation. Asking them for their pinions. Share information with subordinates. With the development of the research on leadership styles, other styles have been identified. Considering the methods the leader uses to persuade the followers Burns and Bass describe 2 types of leadership: Transactional and Transformational. Considering emotional intelligence.

Coleman describe 6 types of leadership: Visionary, Coach, Affinities, Democratic, Pacesetting, Commanding. By searching the information of Rene Zingier, Mr.. Rent’s leadership styles can be summed up as a, authoritarian, participation, transactional, visionary, Pacesetting and Commanding. No specific style is consistently better for producing better performance. The best style depends on situation. For instance, As the founder of Hawaii. His status was not being shaken at Hawaii.

The other members of the senior management team of Hawaii, as the chairman of the chief Sun Wayfaring are merely provides support their decisions or influence decisions up to it, not to mention others who are like a revolving door, vice president of the frequent replacement. It can be seen in his influence in decision-making, and can be understood as arbitrary. Besides, He put great emphasis to the technology and talents. To these highly technological enterprises brought world-class. He was the first one to truly appreciate the importance of Chinese technology entrepreneurs.

Until now, from the establishment of a company, Hawaii has always adhered to 10 percent less than the cost of sales and 43% of employees in R & D, and 10 percent of R & D investment research cutting-edge technology, the core technology and the underlying technology Conflict management styles Currently, Hawaii has a staff of approximately 1 50,000, when there is a conflict, how to manage. To definition conflict, it is a situation described by dispute over access to emitted resources or certain actions, between two people (usually one is more powerful than the other) and as a result one of the persons develops frustrations.

Conflict management means an approach to conflict that may involve reduction or elimination of. American behavioral scientist Thomas presents a two-dimensional model to communicate the intention of those potential is based on the view that the conflict participants, there are two possible strategies to choose from: care and concern for others among themselves, “care about their” indicates the degree of arbitrariness in he pursuit of personal interests during the vertical axis;. Caring,” indicates the degree to pursue personal interests in the process of co-ordinate with others to define the behavior of the two-dimensional space so the conflict, there have been five different conflict management strategies: Avoidance strategy, refers neither arbitrary nor cooperation strategy; Enforcement policy refers to the height of arbitrary and not cooperative strategy; Adaptation Strategy refers too highly cooperative and assertive strategy to a lesser extent; Cooperation strategy, referring to the policy in highly arbitrary spirit of cooperation and the adoption of measures; Compromise strategy, refers to an arbitrary degree of cooperation and are in the middle of the state. His style of conflict management could be explain that: combined with the actual situation based on the theoretical to set up his own style. He set up the standardized HER system. Under this system, Hussein’s human resources department for accurate performance evaluation on the tens of thousands employees each day. This is the allocation of human resources, Job promotion, pay, and other key issues allotment ritually got rid of the influence of human factors, so that all kinds of sensitive issues hotshots Chester desire “fair competition” and thus also a matter of course.

Strict operational mechanism, to get rid of the fragmented nature of the various departments of the original fragmented state, effectively avoid the phenomenon of buck passing between departments, the company’s operational efficiency, product quality and service levels are rapidly increasing, driven by the whole process. Establish responsibility for one’s part of work. Execution flow of people is responsible for what they do, and this is what is responsible for the system. Hawaii ongoing process-based management system to model-driven and effectiveness, but many aspects of the middle-level cadres, and even high-level cadres, still holding mechanically to superiors responsible attitude, everything referrals to the leadership, obviously there is a chapter follow, this level should solve their own problems, but also in leadership there is too little, resulting in low efficiency. Then Mr..

Rene realized that when increasingly scale the company, it must rely on the operation of the practice of the early business development, reporting everything to consult, share all pop that the leadership finalized, will inevitably lead to inefficiency, while also contributing to relationships, through the back door, sycophant, as well as the breeding of bureaucracy and so on. Must adhere to the principle of doing things not the person’s. Who was right, who heard. Impact because of the contradictions between the individual company, the two men have demoted a pay cut, the company will not take the time to study the issue of right or wrong. Communication and persuasion As a leader Rene Zingier through published articles on the company’s internal newspaper and gave speeches. To communicate his thoughts to the employees. In my opinion, Rene Genesis’s speech is neither ideological education as boring, nor orderly classroom, but flashes of wisdom, lively and fun in the plain.

And his mission is not aimless talent show, but targeted to explain their strategic thinking, the problems of the company modest correction. This missionary effect after a period of accumulation, precipitation and superimposed into a subtle influence on the morale of staff, to ensure the healthy development of Hawaii, Hawaii and gradually formed a corporate culture. Be considered an effective method. Communication helps to gain support and promotes confidence. If the employees do not have adequate information about change. It is important to educate them about the change. Even though a change will affect only one or two in a work group often persons, all of them need to be informed about the change. Education can be by: Training, Meeting and Conference.

Conclusions Good leaders have good leadership to expand its influence; there is talent willing to work for. It is said that everything is by its principal contradiction of the main aspects of the decision; the leader is to decide the main aspects of enterprise development ajar contradiction. Rene Zingier leadership style through understanding, I personally feel, Rene valuable is that he consistently adhere to the low-key. Because the low-key, and he led Rene Zingier Hawaii wonder how much less impetuous; Because low-key, Hawaii seems to be more calm maturity; Because low-key and does not interfere with Hawaii to excellence, and constantly go beyond, so we always worth Rene Genesis’s low-key draw.