Business leadership

Frank Eviler Consultant & Advisor has introduced me their top management consultant, to look over the case of Catherine Follies of Dutton Viewer Ltd, and what Vie discovered to be the main issue in this case is Ms. Follies’ new born baby being brought to her place of work. I have also learned of the various other factors in the situation, including the office space Ms.

Follies is willing to renovate and pay rent for, the majority of female employees this company has in that division, as well as the liable clients of Ms. Follows that need to be accounted for. The apparent problems of this ordeal consist of; the amount of time Ms. Follows would need to take out of her schedule to prepare the nursery, the physical distractions towards the other employees, and the constant running back and forth of Ms. Follies to nurse her child distracting her from her work or possibly leaving a meeting.

From what I’ve covered thus far, the main problem seems to be the sheer amount of time Catherine and her fellow employees would spend with the child. Thus wasting valuable time and essentially costing more money to keep Catherine than to have her stay on maternity leave. Here at Consultant & Advisor, I have come about a two step proposal, in which the companies values will be accurately portrayed and Ms. Follies can remain to be a part of the team. The first step to this procedure would be to inform Ms. Follies that she in fact cannot bring her child to work.

However you are to inform Ms. Follows that she Is more than welcome to work from her home, and to be encouraged to come In for any Important client meetings as well as getting any documents or files from the company that she needs. Secondly, Dutton Eviler Ltd. , should consider implementing a daycare program in the near future, where employees can bring their children to work and not worry about the same problems that Ms. Follies had to face. At Consultant & Advisor, I believe that this two-step recommendation will work wonders with your company.

Not only will Catering’s values be respected, but so will the values of the other employees in the company. Catering’s values revolve around her child and her career, now it may be true that if she was allowed to bring her infant child to work her values would be met, however this would result in various there employees demanding to bring their children to work, as well as a communication barrier as the child would cause physical distractions to the workers around the office space.

It does not make sense to meet one employee’s values I. E Catherine, while Ignoring everyone else. That Is where the Idea of Catherine working from her home office comes into play: not only will Catherine be able to take care of make conference calls with her various clients. This solution would also resolve the overloading of Catherine’ co-workers that have been assigned her clients, as well as he possible baby boom that could have occurred if Cattail had been brought into the office every day.

The first step to this recommendation has dealt with an immediate answer to Catering’s problem, now the second step deals with her fellow employees and what is to come in the near future for Dutton Viewer Ltd. Adding a daycare will cost money, time and man power, however if it were to be done over a long period of time, the pros would far outweigh the cons. As Vie read, majority of your employees are female and are at the age where they want children, it would be much better or the company if they were to come back to work as soon as possible after taking a maternity leave then to stay at home.

This makes it much easier for the mothers, knowing there is a daycare a few floors below their office, also eliminating the time it would take to find another daycare, not to mention the commute every day. It would also allow for the company to not have to look for new employees, if these individuals were to quit and look for a company that does support their values. Saving the company a hefty fee, including the time it would take to train and hire the new employees.