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This report Is about Academy Sweepers and Its actively and also efforts taken In Corporate Social Responsibility. Academy Sweepers is a well-known brand globally. It is an excellent confectionery company and its products consist of mainly sweets, chocolates, chewing gums and soft drinks. Its products are sold nationwide and to name some of their very famous products such as Dry Pepper, 7-JP, Halls and not to forget Academy itself. John Academy was the founder of Academy as he begins it with a grocer’s shop in Birmingham during ass’s, preparing cocoa and chocolate drink using a pestle and mortar.

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It eventually grew into a manufacturing factory in ass’s because tea, coffee, cocoa and chocolate drinks were highly demanded by the Quakers in Birmingham as substitute to alcohol. Academy had its own road in conducting its business but it changed when Adrian Academy, the Chairman of Academy decided to merge with Sweepers during 1969. His aim was to commercialism Academy products worldwide with providing the best quality to their customers and be stronger financially in order to achieve their aim. Finally, Academy merged with Sweepers during 1969.

In order to achieve its aim which was to lead the market and to become the world’s leading confectionery company, Academy Sweepers bought Adams, the world’s second chewing gum manufacturer for $4. Billion. Academy Sweepers managed to lead the market as they knew that chewing gum had stronger growth power compared to chocolate and sugar. On 2nd of February 2010, Academy had Joined Kraft Foods Family. Kraft officially offered pounds, 60 per cent cash and 40 per cent stock in late January 2010 to Academy and the offer was accepted by Academy Board of Directors thus makes Academy as a part of Kraft. Research and development centre and it consists of a new test plant facility, creative and innovation lab and also a collaboration kitchen which allows new ideas to be tested. It is a part of Research and Development (R) in United Kingdom where E 17 million was invested in it. Products of Academy Sweepers The first chocolate milk was produced using condensed milk by Daniel Peter in 1875 and the first Academy Milk Chocolate was introduced to the market in 1897. In 2009, Academy Dairy Milk becomes certified firetrap and it success continues until today. Picture courtesy of http://www. Academy. Co. UK/the-story ) The Drivers As an international company, Academy Sweepers believes that “Respecting human rights and trading ethically is fundamental to the way we work, not Just within our owned and operated businesses but also in how we interact with our wider value chain”. Being as a part in organizations such Business in the Community, International Business Leaders Forum and the Institute of Business Ethics, Academy takes social responsibility seriously into account.

These organizations improvise good effect that companies have on society. The room for business development was the major driver that made Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) important for Academy Sweepers. Besides that, CARS plays a primary role in producing consumer markets for the company and it’s vital. Finance managers in this company are actively looking forward at investment chances which are shaped socially responsible. In order to acquire opportunities to increase the growth of company by gaining the attention of the investments, Academy must have high commitments in CARS. Ere strong in Caduceus family whom started the chocolate confectionery company more than 1 50 years ago. Justice, equality and social reform was held tightly by the Quakers which molds the Academy Sweepers’ culture in the present. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) Activities CARS Activities throughout the Years Academy Sweepers owns a registered charity, the Academy Sweepers Foundation which acts as an official route for cash donations in the United Kingdom. In 1975, Jerry Lewis started a Seven-Up campaign in order to commercialism his second Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Association (MAD) telethon.

This event is the beginning of a corporate-cause partnership which had grown and getting stronger until today. $ million were raised a year for MAD since 1994 and it were used to help more than a million Americans affected by neuromuscular disease. A grand total of $ 500 000 were raised for MAD via the 13th annual Affair of the Heart dinner and auction in early February 2001 and the Seven-Up bottlers of Western New York donated $50,000 and it sums up to the grand total. The relationship duration between Academy and MAD has been twenty-seven years and yet still ongoing successfully.

Academy Sweepers has established their Chairman’s Award for Employee Community Involvement in 1999 which supports and recognizes great efforts of its employees around the world. During the 2002 Awards, Academy Insignia’s Medical adviser, Dry. Dozen Daddies was selected as the winner. He has leaded a group which had rehabilitated nearly 300 drug addicts for almost ten years. He was chosen as the winner due Judges were impressed with ‘his passion and commitment have really made a difference” said Academy Sweepers Chairman, Derek Bonham.

Academy Cocoa Partnership was launched in 2008 where E 45 million were the total amount of investment that were set aside to invest in the cocoa farms in India, the Caribbean, Ghana and Indonesia. This partnership was intended to help cocoa effects their living. This is one of Academy Sweepers’ approaches to corporate social responsibility (CARS). 70% from the Partnership fund will be set aside for cocoa farmers in Ghana homo provide nearly 60% of the cocoa beans for Caduceus United Kingdom chocolate. This shows that Academy Sweepers are aware of their responsibilities on their employees.

The fund that was given helps the farmers in Ghana to produce good quality cocoa beans and also to increase their productivity thus help the farmer’s family to live a better life. Malarial is one of the Central Indian’s most under developed district and this is where Academy India has its large factory. In 1999, the confectionery company launches the Academy Community Initiative Program under the theme: Nutrition, Education, Security and Love. Issues such as healthcare and education in the nearby village of Guardia were the main attention of this program.

In order to improvise the living standard of the society, a nursery school was build. This helps the society to realize that education is indeed important for their children. Besides that, the village is provided with fresh drinking water from a new village pump as it is a key to good health. Moreover a clinic were build there with a doctor in charge of it and also veterinary to provide vet services to dairy animals. Recommendations and Suggestion Community Milk is used widely in producing Academy products especially chocolate and it is also the major source of calcium which is important for developing stronger bones.

Countries such as Chad, Haiti and Liberia are the top three countries with 80% population below poverty line according to www. Undermined. Com. The poverty rate for these countries is the highest in the world. Academy can help the citizens in those countries by providing fresh milk for them at least once a day since the number of dairy animals which produces milk for Academy is huge. It will help them to live a leather life especially the younger generation where milk is essential for their growth. Academy produces a high number of products each year and each packaging is mainly based on papers and also plastics.

In order to reduce the number of plastics and also papers being used, Academy Sweepers can use recycled Academy packaging and also plastics. This initiative can be carried out by launching Exchange, Recycle and Reuse campaign to gain attention from the public. Public who purchases Academy products can exchange the packages with Academy for chocolates in order to support the campaign and to save the environment. The exchanged packages are recycled and reused to pack products of Academy. In this way, the costs for materials can also being reduced.

New Product Development Sugar is the main source of energy but when it is consumed in excess it causes diseases such as diabetes which is increasing in number recently. Academy Sweepers can produce sugarless chocolates and also soft drinks as an initiative of creating healthy community. Besides that, it will create a great relieve in diabetes patients as they may also consume chocolates and soft drinks like others. Moreover, minerals such as iron and potassium, vitamins such as vitamin C and B ND also fiber are important elements which required by body cells to function efficiently.

Certain circumstances may prevent people from consuming these essentials or even at right amounts. Academy can invent a new product which is a chocolate that contains all the important elements in adequate amount that the body cells require in a day. This simplifies a person’s day without worrying of not consuming the right requirements for their body. It is clear that Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) has played a huge part in sustaining the success of Academy Sweepers and it benefits everyone who involved n it. Moreover it opens room for business growth globally.