Business Management

tutorial letters 101 and 301 Study guide For some of you this will be the very first time you are being introduced to the business world, and some of the concepts will be completely new. For others, who may have studied Business Management (or Business Economics) at school, or who have worked for some time in the business world, these concepts may be a boring repetition. To these students we would say: please bear with us in the knowledge that we have a vast range of students from all walks of life studying this subject.

Some of this tutorial matter may not be available when you register. Tutorial matter that is not available when you register will be posted to you as soon as possible, but is also available on manias. It is important that students become familiar with the manias tool. We use the manias tool extensively to communicate with students. Furthermore, the manias tool makes it easier for students to communicate with the university, with their lecturers and with other students about their learning and challenges.

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Students need to register on manias first in order to submit assignments, access library resources, download their study materials etc. manias is also an important tool for dents to participate in activities, tasks and discussions around their module topics, their assignments, their marks, and their examinations. Purpose The purpose of the Business Management IA paper is to give you an overview of what happens in the business world, and more specifically how a business is managed.

The tutorial matter is obviously only an introduction to what management is all about, but we trust that you will gain sufficient insight, from this tutorial matter, into the various business functions and that, in turn, you will be able to choose suitable study courses. Qualifying students can: explain how business performance is related to strategic management. Analyses a business case study and identify issues related to the managerial tasks and skills. Differentiate between entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial approaches to business management. Develop a basic business plan for a small to medium enterprise.

MOBBING/101 2. 2 outcomes Special outcome 1 I en learner well De addle to demonstrate an unreasonable AT ten role of business in society and the position of business management in the business world. Specific outcome 2: The learner will be able to identify an entrepreneur and explain its role in society. Specific outcome 3: The learner will be able to recognize how an organization functions and how it is established. Specific outcome 4: The learner will be able to explain the term “business environment”, examine its composition and investigate aspects of environmental scanning.

Specific outcome 5: The learner will be able to provide a broad overview of the corporate social responsibilities of South African organizations. Specific outcome 6: The learner will be able to Analyses planning as a management task relevant to all management levels. Specific outcome 7 The learner will be able to describe organizing as a management task, including modern structuring and design. Specific outcome 8 The learner will be able to Analyses leading as a management task, by focusing on culture, motivation and communication.

Specific outcome 9 The learner will be able to discuss control as a management task aimed at continuously improving the organization’s performance.