Business Memo

Background and Scenario: Assume that your employer, a North American company with approximately 300 employees, will soon begin doing business In a specific foreign country, and that 25 employees, including you, may be transferred there. The CEO has asked you to conduct research on the current conditions in that country, and report your findings in a memo to him. TASK: Read four or more articles on that country from recent newspapers or magazines, or from other sources, especially online. Describe in a memo what you have learned bout economic, political, business, and other current conditions In the country.

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Cover at least the current economic, business, and political conditions In separate, well-developed paragraphs, each of which should contain documented information from your research and your analysis as to how that information relates to the company’s mission and goals. Do not report on cultural considerations for doing business in that country; you will focus on this in your next writing assignment. NOTE: You may pick any country you like, and the hypothetical company may be Involved In any type of business you like.

In addltlon to Park’s Online Library resources, use search engines, libraries and other means to look for Information on the Internet and elsewhere. I encourage you to work together on the research, and will be pleased to help. Two additional sites you’ll find useful are: The CIA World Factbook. This is an important site for information on countries. This site is especially good for support of research for doing business internationally. The World Newspaper List. This site contains links to English versions of all of the major newspapers In most of the countries of the world. Be sure to check It out!

Reminder: Be sure to document all sources you use – always – with both footnotes or parenthetical citations and a bibliography. The course “Webliographf’ area has some guides on annotation (footnote/endnote) and bibliography formats. How will this assignment be graded? The criteria for excellence In this assignment are In four categories: Substance Style Correctness See the Writing Assessment Checklist for Writing Assignment #1 in the Document Sharing area of the course for a detailed rubric for this assignment, which can also e a very useful checklist to make sure youVe covered all of the bases for your memo!

NOTE: 1. Complete your assignment and submit it to the Dropbox labeled “Unit 1 Writing Assignment 1” by clicking on the Dropbox tab at the top of the course frame. 2. Please make sure you put your name and the title of the assignment (e. g. , “Project #1”) in the Dropbox and on the Memo itself, and always be as clear as possible in labeling your attachments (“Joneswal . doc,” for example, is easy to identify; “WritingAsgn1 . doc” could be anybody’s work).