Careers in sports management

The article examines a trend in baseball team management in which players selected in the baseball draft are being signed more quickly by teams and promoted though the minor leagues to reach the major leagues on an accelerated basis. The trend Is attributed to changes In the rules on the draft In the sport’s collective bargaining agreement. Players drafted In 201 2 who have made the major leagues are discussed Including Michael WAC. Alex Wood and Mike Zoon. It says that not long ago contract negotiations with top prospects dragged on longer than Congressional hearings for instance the No. Hooch in 2010, outfielder Bryce Harper, came to terms with the Nationals on Gauge. 16, more than two months after the draft, and he didn’t make his professional debut until he reported to the Arizona Fall League that October. In 2009 top pick Stephen Strasbourg signed with Washington Just minutes before the deadline of midnight on Gauge. 18; the right- hander too was inactive until joining the FALL in October. But last year changes to baseball’s collective bargaining agreement moved the signing deadline for draftees up by a month, to mild-July.

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New rules governing draft spending also went Into effect: A team’s budget for selling bonuses Is set each year based on its draft position, and clubs that exceed their caps are hit with harsh taxes. With less time to negotiate and little room for quibbling over the size of bonuses, the pace of signing draft picks has been greatly accelerated. Reds senior director of amateur scouting Chris Buckley says, “These kids are coming from playing weekend ball, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, to having to learn how to play six, seven days a week. They have to get used to swinging bats every day.

They eave to get used to the grind of travel. They have to learn how to stay healthy. ” Cincinnati top pick this year (at No. 27), Sanford outfielder Phillip Ervin, was the first from the first round to sign; he agreed to a $1. 8 million deal just four days after the draft. Ten days later he was on the roster for the Reds’ Pioneer League rookie affiliate in Billings, Mont. , In time for the team’s Opening Day. In his third game Ervin homebred and drove In four runs. “These 25, 30 extra games that these players are getting can be big,” says Buckley. “That’s a significant head start. ”