Cell Phone Retail Industry

In the late ass’s, Cell phones were introduced in the Philippines, made popular initially by Motorola Philippines using the first generation mobile or analog phones, but were for voice calls only. The network providers then were Filipino Telephone Corporation (Pilate), Extolled and Smart Communications. In the mid ass’s, GSM (Grouper Spcoal Mobile) was introduced by Monika Philippines, using advanced features such as text messaging, call waiting, call forwarding, and call hold, starting a new breed of mobile users, who made text messaging the cheapest means of communicating with everyone in the country.

Today, the Philippines is considered as the “Text Capital” of the world. To date, the Philippines has 3 major network providers in the country which are Smart Communications, Globe Telecommunications and Sun Cellular. Before the turn of the century, the first generation mobile phones had become obsolete, and the second generation mobiles were becoming very popular due to ore advanced capabilities like polyphonic rhinestones and the introduction of Simian programs.

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With the introduction of third generation (or 36) phones in the early 21st century, competition for mobile supremacy in the Philippines became phones to capture the large share of the Philippine market. Newer features introduced include GAPS(General Packet Radio Service), a more dependable data carrier, MPH(MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) format (over polyphonic rhinestones), video conferencing, and internet messenger services, among others. Recently, broadcasting TV signal via mobile phones was also made available, and the use of Simian orgasm for mobiles are now being replaced with programs which were formerly designed for desktop Pc users.

Suppliers can now have a firm hold on the Philippine market, as an informal survey indicates that 98% of the Philippine population have at least 2 mobile phones for every individual. (Source: en. Waspishness. Org/index. PH? Title=Cellophane_Retailers_in_the_Philippines). Changing lifestyle of the people- Today, Cell phones have turned out to be a necessity rather than a status symbol. People are now more mobile, unlike the old times when the only sources of immunization were telegrams and handwritten mails. Hence, there is a greater need to keep in touch.

The people’s lifestyle has become more fast-paced and the use of cell phones has become the most effective way of communicating with different people. The increased number of overseas foreign workers also contributed to the growth of the Cell Phone Retail Industry. Families and Relatives of overseas workers depend on mobile phones to keep in touch. 2. Technological advances stimulated the growth of the Cell phone Retailing Industry. The ever-emerging technology and innovation contributes in the improvement of cell phone soft wares and features.

New Cell phone models are released into the market every month, thus stimulating the growth of the Cell phone retail industry as the society keeps themselves up to date with the latest technologies and gadgets. 3. Price is also a big factor which stimulated the growth of the Industry. Gone were the days when only the rich people could afford an Analog. As newer technologies were developed and applied, the cost of manufacturing these gadgets are now less compared to the previous big and bulky analogs. 4. E- commerce and E- marketing also improved the availability of the products to he market.