Cheap and hard product

Levis has been around the world for more than 140 years. However it has not always been a fashion product. Rail workers originally wore it in 1950’s as a rough, cheap and hard piece of clothing. For the first 100 years, only men wore them. Women started wearing them in 1950’s. The adds that were shown to us were shot in the 1980’s. By the look of the adds, they were based on the living of the fifties. The advertisers did so because they wanted to show that this was a prospective in the American history.

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It was just not about the history but they also wanted to show that America has been a strong country from the beginning. They wanted to portray America as a strong nation. Another reason to base the adds on the fifties was that at that time American youth heroes were quite popular amongst the youth. Examples of such heroes are like James dean and Marlin brando. The teenagers would look up to them and try to copy them in each and every way. These youth heroes were just not a role model for many people, but they were also as the symbol of youth and rebellions.

They represented youth. This is clearly visible from two specific Levis adds shown on TV. The laundrette and the pool hall add show that how the Levis man defies convention and in different from others. From the 1950’s the youth started to make their mark in the society. They made people realise that what they were and powers they had. It was then that the teenage culture emerged. Looking at the controversial changes. Levis started targeting the youth. In the beginning the main target were the men but soon afterwards things changed and women became as important as men.

The bus stop add also clarifies this point. It shows that a woman gets a pair of Levis jeans as a present, which she wears as soon as she gets home. Although women as jeans customers became important later for Levis (and adds for women jeans came much more later), this didn’t mean that they were not important for the Levis firm. In the early adds men always got the central role in the add. Women never got the central role but they were always shown as to be attracted to the Levis men.

This was a way to show people that Levis men were successful amongst women that, females enhance a Levis mans image and that makes the product more desirable i. e. sex sells. This point is made clearer by many adds, some examples are like the laundrette, beach and pool hall advertisements. One things from all of the adds is obvious that women who wear or are with Levis men are attractive. It is quite understandable that why only beautiful women were chosen to work in the adds, here again “sex sells. ” Women were also shown as faithful and loyal, which can be seen in the bus station add.

In the bus station advert, the man wanted to show to her girlfriend/wife the ultimate sign of commitment; so he gave her his pair of Levis jeans, which they cherish from their heart. For the women, the jean becomes the most valuable thing for her. After receiving the jeans as a present the women goes home and puts on the jeans which shows that she doesn’t defy the principles, because she cannot take her clothes off like the Levis man, or walk around with the thought in your mind that your the strongest.

In some other adverts the Levis female does posses similar qualities as a typical Levis man, for example in the Eddie Cochran advert, the female wears a sweat-shirt and a pair of Levis which is totally different from the party code. i. e. she defies convention as well but by being decisive and non-conformed and above all she still gets the respect. Respect from her boyfriend who thinks that she is looking cool. All of Levis adds have one thing in common that all the characters wearing or getting attracted to the Levis person are beautiful.

The advertisers are constantly trying to portray the youth as if they are trying to assert themselves in the adverts. They advertisers also try to compare the youth, which wears Levis with the older generation. According to them the older generation is not attractive, diproving, envious and traditional. The Levis man in the pool hall advert is seen as a desirable man. In contrast to older people, the Levis man is a cut above the rest. Overall, the message of Levis is that if you wear Levis jeans, YOU will be successful. Part Two

All of the shown advertisements point to one thing that the way of life of Americans is desirable and positive. It is the way of life that each and every person desires. Compared to American life, Russian life style is totally different. Though the different life styles; Levis men are still the same. They still are smart and intelligent i. e. above the average male. In the Russian advert, the pair of Levis is shown to be so precious to the man that he would do almost anything to keep them. The advertisers are trying to show that the risk is worth taking just because it’s a Levis.

The Levis will make him stand out in the crowd thus he will be the different one. If we compare this advert with the film “Rebel without a cause” its quite obvious that the Levis man (even in Russia) is a rebel. He doesn’t compromise on any matter. In the pawnshop advertisement, the American way of life (as always) was shown as a free and independent life. As usual the Levis man (here too) was the perfect man, above the average males. This add points out one (out of many) of Levis’ qualities. It shows that Levis are valuable and classic (because he pawnshop owner buys it) even when are used.

These adverts also give us a cultural reference about Levis. These adverts are situated at well-selected places such as pawnshop and pool hall; because the advertisers want to show the importance of Levis jeans. These sorts of things are visible from other adverts as well. In each and every advertisement music plays a controversial role. The adverts would be dry without music. The music that has been used in the adverts has been carefully selected. Most of the used music is rock n roll and blues. The music has a very deep effect on the audience. Most of the songs/music comes from black artists.

This gives us an idea of the attitude of the Levis man. All of the adverts are successful but in their own criteria. These adverts became quiet popular between youngsters because they were made for the youngsters. The adds were and showed what the youth wanted to see. These adverts became successful by showing people that by wearing Levis, you become a special being. Young females love you. Although the advertisers did a good job. They didn’t make any impression on me because I always have bought a Levis. Nowadays Levis adverts are much better than the old ones. This can be a result of the generation gap.