Childhood Development And Sexual Behaviors

We all as humans have sexual behaviors; it’s something that is a part of every one of us and part of our humanity. Sexual behavior is with you even before you are born, for example a fetus can actually express some sexual behaviors. These sexual behaviors are more likely to happen if the fetus is a male versus a female. These sexual behaviors start to arise when we are all in our infancy stage.

The development of these behaviors continues through our age. One thing that male babies have are erections even before birth a unborn baby can have an erection. Baby girls experience something a little different. Baby girls start getting lubrication in their vaginal opening and also swelling. This also happens before birth. The ages that kids start showing pelvic thrusting is at about 8 to 12 months and begin to masturbate a few months after that. Kids while they are young experience sexual curiosity and behaviors and It’s a completely normal part of their growth and development.

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One specific game that children play is a kissing game, this kissing game Involves sexual tumulus. In the adolescence stage which is ages 9 to 13 is when the child experiments with masturbation and Is the top key sexual behavior at this age. The child will continue to show sexual curiosity and different sexual behaviors as they become older and go into the adult stage. At this stage the male and the female will experiment with mutual masturbation. Puberty also takes place, once puberty happens then reproduction is a possibility and something that can happen. During adolescence women start to menstruate.

The body of a woman produces something ladled estrogen and with estrogen production it causes to form women body parts like breasts. Men produce something different, its called testosterone and this causes genital growth and other male behaviors. The number one outlet for sexual desires in the adolescence stage Is masturbation. Sexual behaviors is something that happens since we are infants and we develop these behaviors and emotions as we get older. The sexual curiosity that we all have are part of our human growth and needs. It is also completely normal for children to experience sexual behaviors through their growth.