Coffee Market in India

The two primary coffee brands in India are Bur by Hindustan Milliner and Nesses by Nestle India. BRB – retail volume share of 30% , Nesses-1 5%. Bur Roast & Ground – fresh ground coffee sales, Volume share of 26% Nessesg’s Classic and Sunrise – Instant Coffee 53% of retail value sales in 201; Bur (41 Lily and Lava are the premium coffees in India. Bur and Nesses offer differently priced products which cater to low price and premium tastes. Data Trends

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Coffee chains have have brought in a culture in favor of coffee Convenience the main factor in driving growth in Instant coffee which is growing at 14% In 2011, on- trade coffee volume sales(hotels,cafes) increased by 7% whilst retail volume sales only increased by 6% Packaging changed to portray premium image – Bur Gold was also launched in a trendy triangular Jar with a snap-fit cap Growth Prospects : 1. Entry of coffee chains like Struck in India will change the outlook of the on- trade coffee area 2.

Forecast period retail volume CARR of 8%, mainly non rotational areas : North and North East India 3. Instant coffee will grow faster than fresh coffee at about 14% 4. Bur Exotica – The premium segment coffee brand is being watched closely to Judge the potential of such a product in India. Rural India however poses a much more tempting prospect for growth. 5. 3-Len 1 format of instant coffees being marketed by companies to exploit Intent In latte and cappuccino flavors. So far growth has been limited to 3% 6. Scope for growth In vending machine format – Newspapers