Comcast Corporation

United States and is mainly involved in cable television, internet and phone services business. In addition, the company is also Involved in the provision of an extended range of facilities that include entertainment and communication services and products. The Compact Corporation is able to cater for most of the needs of their residential and commercial customers who may be In need of their services or products.

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Compact Company has been In operation for about 49 years and it is admired by Its customers due to Its ability to provide the best revise for them. From the Guide to technology, this Is a group of business theorists; Compact Company utilizes the bundled services business model perfectly. The company not only provides better technologies that Its competitors but It also takes responsibility of entirely all the services that It offers. There exist some government bodies like the Federal Communications Commission that regulate the cable Industry In the united States.

The regulators mall responsibility Is to ensure that rules on the cable and Internet qualities are fully adhered to In order to caution he customers against any negative effect if the rules are not followed. Some of the regulations that have been installed into the industry by the Federal Communication Commission do not favor the development and expansion of the Compact Company. One of the major setback regulations is the one that hinders any cable broadband company from achieving the status of being a monopoly. Consequently, it results to a slow or decline in the overall growth of the Compact Company.

This regulation could also lead to increased cost of the cables to all the subscribers. The government can be able to step in and control the operations of the company manly by regulating mergers in order to ensure that no company becomes a monopoly in the cable broadband industry. The communication act requires that all cable companies should also provide carte services. They are able to enact the strategy by having a license offered to all the cable suppliers and it can be stripped off if they operators fail to comply with the act.

Service providers are always in a direct completion with ACH other, as a result, the telecommunication act also has some regulations that require requires that the long distance callers should mainly use the wireless networks. This is a great blow to the cable industries as they may not be able to utilize the larger market in the voice transmission industry by use of cables. In most cases the regulations are always inevitable and are hard to avoid or to change. They are put In place in order to ensure that the customer Is not exploited and also to have a fair and healthy completion among the operators.

However, In relation to some of the regulations like the regulation that touches of monopoly status of a company, the Compact Company can use mergers with other related companies In order to expand their operations. Thomas J. Delivered, a business theorist argues that the case of natural monopolies occurrence should not be hindered by regulation. However, completions between companies In the Industry should be encouraged. The Compact Company can also try to use some of the pollutants who can pass a bill that favors some of the needs of the company through the senate.