Committed to Customers

Committed to customers: “Committed to Customers” has become a familiar phrase with us. It is not only supplying products, which meet customers’ specifications but also high standard of production, delivery and customer service. Our endeavour at Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Limited is to critically monitor total cycle time from an order entry to on-site delivery for ensuring lasting partnership with our customers. We at Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Limited take pride in living upto this challenge. In order to meet your diverse needs we offer chemicals in various grades of quality to suite the respective fields of application.

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Quality assurance: Quality assurances have long been a tradition with Ranbaxy. Quality is priority in all activities carried out in our company. With the feedback given to our field staff who are in constant touch with you, you have helped us in achieving increased production volumes with continuous decline in Quality Complaints. Our Quality Manual is our most important document. Laboratory chemical data system: Analytical data is on-line available on electronic media enabling an uninterrupted, re-traceability of Product History.

Batch specific analytical data is available with our Marketing offices in the form of Certificate of Analysis (COA). Standard Test Procedures are shared with Customers on request. Our analytical capabilities: We constantly upgrade our Analytical capabilities; both, enhancing the skills of our chemists through training and adding sophisticated world-class instruments to ensure the reproducibility of our results. We have Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with graphite furnace and VGA for ppb level analysis of metallic impurities.

FTIR for identification of our new range of Products, Double beam UV-visible Spectrophotometer for HPLC grade solvents are some of our sophisticated instruments. Our GC analysis is done on capillary columns for superior resolution. Statistical quality control: Annual Analytical Trends help us in continuously upgrading our Specifications. On request we supply statistical trends for past supplies for specific product. Technical services group: A Technical Services Group comprising of Scientists, Engineers and Analytical Chemists supports all our product development and manufacturing services.

The team works in close coordination with customers to ensure availability of any kind of information related to product application, specification and safety. Customized manufacturing and product enhancement, according to the need and requirement of the customers being their other areas of contribution. Safety, our prime concern: Chemicals should be handled by Qualified individuals familiar with their potential hazards. Safety Data Sheets are available for all products in our range. Our MSDS data bank is just a call away.

Marketing: Marketing is generally defined as selling a product to a customer who gets satisfaction by using the product and thus gives profit to company. Therefore, generating profits through customer satisfaction through product offering and services are the main objective of marketing. It was practiced to a great extend by many progressive companies. Globalization, massive information available through media, world becoming one country has led to massive change in customer behaviour, attitude and life style. It has affected scene in all major class of towns irrespective of types of cities.

Customers today are more demanding and look for value for money instead of tolerating and blaming it to fate. He is more aware of his rights and his expectation has gone up too. Today’s customer cannot be taken for granted. It is a good happening. Therefore, classical 4 P’s of marketing has changed to “OCTAGONAL MARKETING”. Octagonal Marketing encompasses all finer aspect of customer management, which can result in greater profits through customer satisfaction. Octagonal marketing gives better edge to companies in not only maximizing customer satisfaction but also in retaining them.

Elements of Octagonal Marketing are: 1 Providing customer a product that is more acceptable to him: We cannot sell grass to a lion. Product should have some tangible and non-tangible benefits. Customer cannot be asked to change himself for a product. Many products fail because they are not acceptable to them. Nimesulide, Nimesulide with Tizanidine, have overtaken Diclofenac, Ibuprofen because customers find it more acceptable due to product benefits. Nimesulide may not be great seller in Europe, USA but in India it is. It has unnerved many players.

Success of A to Z, Taxim, Taxim-O, Nise, Nise-MR and Corex etc. is live examples. By prescribing these products customer feels justified. They are not influenced. Pfizer with Amlodipire failed due to non-acceptance of product by customer, as perceived benefits were much lower than the price charged by Pfizer. Many Ayurvedic products are not getting adequate patronage because of the perception of unsure results from Ayurvedic products and lack of clinical experience. Research indicates the following reasons for better acceptance of products:

Factors, which influences Acceptance of products, Better Efficacy, Tolerability, Economical, Regular Reminder by Medical Representatives. Thus, we see to it that the customers should not be taken for granted. Customer shift is taking at faster pace than it was yesterday. A concerted effort is taken by us to make the product acceptable. Azithromycin still has not overtaken Roxithromycin as customer does not feel the difference and reason to shift. The second ‘A’ is “Affordability”. 2 Affordable products: This is very important factor.

Price can be maintained high but if customer believes that he is not paying more. “Price = Perceived Benefit + Actual Price” We develop brand equity to make the product affordable at high price. Price difference of Rs. 1 or 2 does not make sense today. Minimum difference of Rs. 5/- between two brands in price segment of upto Rs. 50/- does make sense. Many success stories of brands were built because of price i. e. “Affordable Price in Customer Mind”. CZ of Lupin, SN-15 of Serum is the classical example of price pushing of the brand towards success.

In view of globalization, uncertainty “affordable product” will be an important role. Luxury soap segment could revive because of more “free offer” to consumer and offering “better value for money”. The other ‘A’ of marketing is Availability. 3 Available at nearest to consumer: Distribution is the key factor for success of new or old products. Yesterday places like Dadar, Churchgate use to lure people from far places in Bombay. Today, customer gets everything nearby to his residence. This is becoming very important, as “alternatives” are available.

Consumer will like to buy at the nearest retail outlet. Availability of product at nearest chemist counter is an important factor in prescribing. Pharma industry has to cross not only hurdle at distribution but also the hurdle enforced by AIOCD. Luckily, IDMA/OPPI agreement with AIOCD has helped pharma industry to have better approach towards this problem. Reach is very important. Availability plays an important role for any pharmaceutical companies; hence we leave no stone unturned to make our products available easily.

Higher growth rate can be registered if it is available at many retail outlets. Hindustan Lever, Godrej could accelerate their growth in 2002 due to massive effort in making their products available. This is too going to play role as research says that many times doctors stops prescribing a product if it is not available at nearby chemist. Factor for not prescribing is that the drugs are not available at nearby chemists. Thus, we take utmost care that our products are easily available. Distribution, in fact, is the “nerve centre” of our organization. The other ‘A’ of Marketing is awareness.