Conflicts between Human Resources Functions

Conflicts can occur if employees fail to work hard enough to meet certain objectives. Employees go through various stages to being employed. The HR team plans whether or not they need to employ or how many they should. Then it is up to the recruitment and selection team to try and find suitable candidates by using different procedures and techniques to find the best one. Then once the employees have been recruited they would be given training and the team would try to develop them to do the job efficiently.

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Then employee’s performance would be monitored constantly to see if they are coping well in the organization or not. Conflicts start to occur when employees mess up at certain stages of any procedure. For E.g. the performance of the employees could interrupt the system if the performance management team think that they are not performing. Performance Management team would start to assume that they were not trained or developed properly and they would start acquisitions against the Training and Development team.

The training and development team would then go on to say that their training is perfect but the performance management team aren’t managing them well enough or they might accuse the recruitment and selection team for not selecting the right candidates. Then the Recruitment and selection team may refuse to take any blame and start blaming all the other functions. The Hr dept might get a few fingers pointed at them but they would swiftly shift the blame as well. These conflicts would be essential to avoid and Next try to avoid these by investing heavily in each procedure in order for the system to work and find the perfect employee. By doing this they would prefer to get it right first time rather than waste time later on and this would also avoid any sort of conflict.

It is essential that Next avoid any sort of Conflict, however this is not that easy, because if one resources team may not be doing their job properly then it is virtually impossible to avoid. When conflicts arise, the first line of communication for staff on job-related matters is your supervisor. Discussions with your supervisor usually can solve problems that may develop and often leads to a better working relationship. Below are some tips that may be helpful in resolving employee and/or work related problems: