Connect with the audience

They drive away from the house and a voice of a woman starts to talk about life and the Audi the man is driving. She talks in a soft tone and language, almost advice rather than persuasion. The effect of this is that the audience doesn’t argue with the advert out of rebellion but agree with it. She does this by talking about decision about life such as your next car. She then is able to talk about the properties of the car by say ‘will it have…?’. These properties mentioned are based on the car being environmentally friendly. This is perceived as another form of protection the car and the father offer. Protection from a polluted and dangerous world.

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On the cars journey, it passes through varies recognisable countries. This is so it is easy to see buy the audience and show the widespread expectance of the car. It is also seen driving over different terrain showing the ability of the car. These are both good selling points. Also in the journey, they pass a fair ground with a swing-spinner ride. At first the audience believes the boy is looking through the window in ore, but then we realise his true expression of fear. This is understood when we see the reflex ion of the riders in the car window in which the riders look like flying ghosts or hanging bodies.

This is to create a since of danger outside the car which provides a direct contrast to inside the car and creating the impression that inside the car is safe. Also in the journey, the car passes varies back or foregrounds: rows of trees, cement pillars etc. These seen from inside the car are symbolic of the toy seen early on in the advert being watch by the boy. Just as the boy was watching the inside of the toy, this creates a dangerous atmosphere that the father and son are being watched.

Also on the journey, we see a silhouette of what appears to be the same dark man seen inside the family’s house. This agrees with the suspicion made earlier about the family being followed. This is a direct scene from the horror movie, The Exorcist. This provides a direct link to the audience who have seen this film. However, when the man is seen, father and son inside the Audi simply drive past. This shows danger outside the car, as already said, and safety from that danger inside the car.

Near the end of the advert, the car stops outside a dark, sinister looking building with a crucifix above it. This is also a direct scene from the Exorcist. It is raining heavily now, adding to the dark atmosphere. As the father runs in to the building carrying his son, the scene moves into a white tunnel with a light at the end of it. This is symbolic of heaven, or a finally safe place from the dark man that is following them. He skids through the door and looks towards the camera on the other side. The last scene is of a new born baby crying. This is the final understanding of the advert for the audience. The father was never running away from anything, but running towards something, the birth of his new child.

A lot of symbolism is used in this advert in order to connect with the audience. The father is symbolist of the target audience of fathers and carers. He uses the car for protection of his child. The dark man is a symbol of danger, the dangers of over-polluting the world. In this way, the car, as environmentally friendly, is seen as a protector, which is what the father wants for his children. The new born child is symbolic of new life. A new life the Audi can pride by keeping the planet clean. This is the key selling point of the car, that it is eco-friendly and so good for the future and your children.