Cott Corporation

Japan is a free-market economy and the world’s third largest economy. Social: Have specific and different social values and norms than the Western countries. Coot Corporation should study those specific traits to not hurt the customer sensibility. -Technological: Japan is very well known in the high technology sector and a leading actor worldwide. Coot Corporation could take advantage of this strength to improve its productivity. Legal: Specific regulations exists and are very strict especially concerning environmental issues.

Coot Corporation should be very careful when choosing its partner in Japan. 6- Recommended Solutions The decision for Coot Corporation is whether or not to enter the Japanese market. The company will follow a market development strategy by entering a new market with an already existing product. In order to decrease the risk, Coot Corporation could establish a partnership with a Japanese company. This form of business will eliminate the export, transportation, and tax issues.

In addition, Coot will benefit from n established network with the actors of the sector and a strong knowledge and expertise of the market trends. 7- Implementation plan Entering a new market constitutes always a large part of risk. Before considering the entry to the Japanese market, Coot Corporation should follow a comprehensive action plan: -make a significant market and country research -significant study of the competition -set up surveys to understand customer needs and market trends -advertise the products based on the business culture of the country