Critically review the situation

Restaurant and provide recommendations to the Board on the strengths and weaknesses of It approach to managing human resources, Due Date: 20 swept 2013 There are a number of factors that may contribute and affect the success of an organization. It is the money (capital), materials and machinery but it also refers to the people and their knowledge and skills that make the actual difference.

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Human Resource Management refers to the organizational function that deals directly with employment relationship. (the relationship between the organization and the employee; it covers establishing (recruitment and selection of staff), maintaining (ongoing training, career development and motivation) and terminating (retirement, resignation, dismissal, redundancy and retrenchment) an individual or group of employees (Bearable & Cameron, 2010).

This essay will explore the strength and nakedness of different styles of managing human resource in an organization, particularly with the case of Restaurant, providing possible feedback and recommendations to the Board. Restaurant Is a restaurant developed from a small family owned business In the 1 ass’s and have experienced a period of rapid growth during the sass’s and have 1 OFF unionized restaurant. Throughout these years, the organization experienced organizational change and in order to manage the change, Restaurant need to manage its human resources effectively and efficiently. Suture,Jew & Marching,M. 2012). There are two main arguments about managing human resources in most organizations, which are either to be centralized or decentralized. Centralization is described as the location of decision-making power (Barrier & Cameron, 2010 pappy). A centralized organization will reserve decision-making power in the sequence from top to down.