Cultural Differences in Business between Asia

Asia and the united States. I have talked to some of my Asian acquaintances here in Okinawa. There are quite a few cultural differences in the business worlds in Hong Kong and the States. In the states, employees have stronger feelings about and opinions of the Intrinsic contracts of a business. The employees’ Inner Images come Into play with these feelings because they feel that If they have a good and strong Inner Image then the utter Image will automatically be a good one.

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They feel that extrinsic contracts are not as Important, but still an Issue when It comes to business. Employees In the united States are not as respectful to management and will even argue If they feel they have a strong point. In some cases this may be a good thing. In the united States we tend to be more aggressive and have strong pollens rather than suggestions. In Hong Kong, they believe that extrinsic contracts are everything.

They believe as long as they have a strong front and image then there business will succeed. This is a good thing when it comes to public images because if you look like you have a strong business then the public will not know any different. Intrinsic contracts are not a main concern in Hong Kong. They are pushed to the side until they have a strong front and then it may be worked on.