Tesco Customer account

Customer: Bye now. And thanks for that. Sorry. In my example the employee stays calm, even when the customer gets angry and mad. But they come to solution and work things out. What are Tesco’s procedures when they are dealing with complaints?

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Tesco’s top four complaints are:  Being kept on hold for excessive lengths of time, while being told repeatedly how much Tesco values their custom.  When Tesco ignore basic consumer rights, e. g. , taking back faulty goods and being refused a refund and told to change it for another product.

Inflexible delivery times – businesses which refuse to deliver beyond a narrow, fixed time, or at weekends. Rude or over-friendly staff – both extremes can make customers feel uncomfortable. Tesco will take every complaint seriously no matter how many times they hear it because they cannot afford to only deal with the ‘interesting’ complaints because just by loosing 1 customer it can lead to loosing 100 just by people talking about it. This is why Tesco take their customer service seriously and try their best to deal with every complaint.

Tesco will try and solve there complaints within the business so that they do not get out of hand and lead to tribunals. Tesco will try to improve upon sections of there customer service when they receive complaints bout it. I feel that this is good because customers will see that Tesco do try for their customers. Customer satisfaction. What type of customer records are kept by Tesco? Customers are very important to Tesco as I have already stated. It is vital to ensure that the adequate information is held about each of Tesco’s customers.

They may hold the information in a customer database or they may hold it in another form. The customer records that Tesco hold are as follows: Customer account or reference number. Customer name, address, telephone, fax and email address. Delivery address (if different from the customers main address).

The customer’s transactions (invoices, credit notes, receipts etc). From the data on each customer that Tesco has it would be easy for Tesco to make reports on many different subjects including; sales per month, sales of each product, sales in each store or region of the country etc.

This information can be important to ensure that Tesco meet customer satisfaction. Tesco will collect customers personal information through clubcards, their website and feedback forms. Tesco will be able to measure how often customers shop at Tesco and what types of products they buy. Tesco will record the number the number of complaints they get and what they are for. If Tesco see a trend in the complaints about a particular part of the customer service then Tesco will try to improve upon it.

The same will apply for products or service. If a trend is spotted Tesco will try to improve upon it. How Tesco collect their information to measure customer satisfaction. Tesco collect data using clubcards. Tesco offer the clubcard to customers so that they can benefit from free vouchers and savings. But the real benefit behind it all is that Tesco can collect data on the customer’s behaviour. This allows Tesco to make sure that they stock the rights products and provide the right services.

Tesco will collect enormous amounts of data through this scheme. “The Clubcard has been the technical tool to enable Tesco to build up a considerable insight into customer shopping behavior. This insight includes knowing when and where consumers shop, which tells us something about how an individual or a family lives, and this in turn helps in terms of determining a launch strategy for financial service products. Most of these products are sold through in-store promotions with Clubcard point offers. “