Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty: Customer satisfaction with the service and willingness to maintain long-term relationship AKA: SKYCAPS, the frequent flyer program for Korean Air, provides members with many ways to earn miles and enjoy travel awards and other benefits from partner companies. As a member. Oh can earn miles by flying on Korean Air, Remotely, Alarm France, Altair, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, KILL Royal Dutch Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Aerofoil Russian Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Europe, Vietnam Airlines and Emirates Airlines as well as by using the services of partner reedit cards, hotels and car rental companies. You can redeem your SKYCAPS miles for flights and upgrades with Korean Air and their partner airlines, as well as hotel stays at partner hotels.

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Emirates: Emirates Loyalty Services has the expertise required to engineer a strategy appropriate to the business and marketing objectives of firms based on current trends In the loyalty Industry. Icicle offers strategic consulting services to help customers Identify and understand the economic and driving factors of sustained programmer performance, as well as advice on strategic growth and support for the ay-to-day operational requirements of programmer.

Demitasse Loyalty Services follows up with a full range of strategic marketing and creative services to ensure loyalty programmer investment reaps rewards both for businesses and their customers. Air France: The Flying Blue Store will significantly streamline the non-air awards redemption process for members. Whereas previously, members would have to request a paper voucher via fax or post, they can now manage this online at the Flying Blue Store, delivering an enriched member experience. The Improved redemption process also offers Air France and KILL significant commercial efficiencies.

To complement the redemption options available through the Flying Blue Store, CLIP has also worked with Air France and KILL to enable members to earn additional Award Miles through the Flying Blue Earn Online platform. From over 3,000 global partners, 350 online retailers have been individually selected across France, the Netherlands, Spain and LIKE and offer a tailored and localized proposition to Flying Blue members in these markets. Flying Blue Earn Online rewards members for purchasing everyday items across a wide range of categories Including food and drink, clothing and fashion, utilities and electrical goods and gadgets.

Online whoops of retailers, which include well- recognized brands such as La Reroute, boll. Com, Marks & Spencer and fans. Com, have been chosen due to their local relevance and popularity amongst members. Its customers, who act as promoters too. And most of them are prepared to pay the premium price to fly SIS. With its continued dual focus on customer experience through service excellence and innovation, as it continues to strive for efficiency, SIS is set to achieve newer heights in customer loyalty. Safety: Safety measures a company undertakes in case of an accident

AKA: Korean Air has taken measures to turn itself around, with the help of Delta Air Lines, Air France etc. Now, they haven’t had a fatal incident or accident for over 14 years and counting (9 years for passenger flights), and their reputation is steadily getting better every time. Also, they are attracting more travelers with the introduction of new generation infilling products, which are on par with other major quality airlines of the world. Emirates: The Emirates Technical & Safety Development Centre [TESTS] was established in 1994 as a purpose-built training centre, specializing in safety training or the oil and gas and marine industries.

TESTS is a leading Middle-East specialist in providing world class Safety training to global and regional approved standards. Air France: On this basis, following an inquiry that ran throughout 2010, the experts presented, in January 2011, 35 recommendations with a view to helping the airline pursue its ongoing flight safety improvement process. Air France is the only airline to have submitted itself, on its sole initiative, to the opinion of a team of external experts.

By implementing their recommendations, which combine the best practices observed individually in other airlines worldwide, Air France will place its flight safety performance at the highest level possible. Singapore: It can be said that Singapore Airline is one of the most reliable air corporations in the world right now. During its years of operation, this airline had only three serious accidents. Strong Management: Always growth-oriented management, striving for expansion AKA: Korean Air is actively promoting sustainability management so that the economy, the environment, and society may develop in a good balance.

We will establish a inundation of consistent growth by enhancing the values of our customers, shareholders, business partners, and community. Emirates: While we are focused on maximizing profit margins, as a leader in aviation innovation, we are devoted to growing our business while using fewer resources and The billions of dollars we have invested in purchasing the most advanced aircraft in production mean we operate one of the youngest and most CEO-efficient fleets in the world.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our interests on the ground. We take great pride in our involvement with the Dublin Desert Conservation Reserve, which is dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of area. The National Park, the largest protected area in the AAU and home to more than 30 species indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, is considered the regional benchmark for sustainable development and conservation.

Our green projects do not stop at home – in Australia, we have created one of the world’s most CEO-friendly conservation-based destinations, Wolfgang Valley Resort & Spa. Air France: Air France environmental policy aims to limit the impact of the Company’s activities with a view towards its long-term development. Air France implements a four-pronged policy aimed at developing its aviation activity without increasing noise energy and limiting the growth in its emissions, complying strictly with regulations and communicating transparently.

Singapore: We don’t Just compare ourselves to the best airlines, but we have also long been comparing ourselves to the best hotels, the best resorts and the best destinations. Our research has been to find the best things about all aspects of the travel experience and find ways to incorporate them into the product that we have created and continue to create. That is our philosophy, our goal, and we’re very fortunate that customers have responded in kind.

Strategic Alliances AKA: Korean Air is a founding member airline of Steam, the global airline alliance formed in 2000. The alliance currently consists of 18 member airlines flying to 993 destinations in over 186 countries worldwide with 14,968 flights every day. Steam is committed to offering passengers quality service and high-end comforts. Emirates: Has not Joined any alliances Air France: To offer you even more destinations and additional services, Air France ratters with airlines that share its high standards of comfort, quality and safety.

When you travel with Steam alliance members and Air France by, as well as on flights provided by our other partners, you continue to enjoy all the benefits of Air Singapore: A member of the Star Alliance. Routes and destinations: Factor that has to be adapted for customer needs AKA: 43 countries and 124 cities Emirates: over 120 destinations, 6 continents Air France: Air France flies to 35 domestic destinations and 156 international destinations in 90 countries Singapore: 62 international destinations in 35 countries on six continents