Customer Relationship Management Assignment

Apart from that, its system enables businesses to retain customers through better customer experience, attract new customers, win new clients and contracts, increase profitably and also to decrease customer management costs. As of the current moment In developed countries around the world, the complexity of managing customer Interactions grows as fast as the screaming pace of technology innovation.

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Outcome : Did not have full confidence being served by the service crew. * The server only attended to us when we were ready to order. He only points at the signature dishes on the menu when I asked for recommendations. After taking down our orders mentally, he walked away without repeating nor did he utter a single word throughout. I like servers who reply back in a good manner after asking a question. And they should be able to give me good suggestions or recommendations. 2. ASSURANCE: Expectation: Their servers have to be friendly and professional. The employees (servers, cashiers, ushers, and baristas) have to portray friendliness to make customers feel welcomed and be professional at the same time as it is important to give customers a good dining experience. Outcome : The servers does not possess good communication nor hone any hospitality skills. * The service crew did not have the basic courtesy when facing customers, and did not acknowledge upon arrival and during order taking. Most of the time the staffs wore bored looks while standing on duty.

There wasn’t any greeting unlike other similar restaurants where the staffs would welcome us with a smile and thank us for coming as we walked out of the restaurant. Let down by the service team. The staffs weren’t well trained by the management, and we felt a little unwelcome by their treatment. 3. TANGIBLE: Expectation: The interior and exterior of restaurant has to be clean, and the staffs to look hygienic. * First impression is vital, especially the place where I fulfill my basic need and also demand for food and beverage.

I expect the place to be constantly half filled with guests, and the exterior of the restaurant would look warm and inviting enough to support my decision to dine there. * The restaurant should be well ventilated, the air circulating to be cooling enough to provide a good escape from the burning sidewalk. Our seating location has to be clean, hygienic and should not look rundown (unless intentional). Like any other paying customer would expect, the cutlers, cookeries, and also the staffs appearance should be pleasant to sight and mind.

Outcome: Both inside and outside f the restaurant is clean and the staffs were looking neat and hygienic. * The restaurant had a modern and sophisticated theme with grey and pink. The inner part of the restaurant has a bar and gives of the artsy feel which is more suitable for drinking and chit chats whereas their covered and air conditioned with outdoor view dining place is more warm and coos. There is also a coos private room that can accommodate a big group for about 15 fax. * The place was constantly filled with customers of all age groups, either dining or just chit chat over coffee.

I Analyze Identify cause of problems I Management does not understand the customer’s wants, Malaysian guests are different from United States guest because Malaysian guests do not have big appetite, thus focusing more on quality. I The weapon promotes ensures customers that their service staffs will be friendly and accommodating but the opposite was delivered. I Air-conditioning was not functioning at time of customer arrival.

I Improve Fix the problems I Management need to irredentist the type of customers served and their needs, thus, focusing more on quality than quantity for Malaysian guests. I Provided essential training for service staffs to improve on their skills or alter the weapon. I Frequent maintenance of the facilities, possible semi-annually. I Control Monitor the problems I Gain feedbacks from customers from time to time. I Observe service staffs performance and ensure is up to Standard Operating Procedure I Ensure facilities are functioning daily before beginning of service.