Customer Results Efqm

What does a comprehensive set of Customer Results mean for your organization? The answer is directly related to the range of Customers that you serve and the size and nature of your portfolio of products and services. An incomplete set of Customer Results can have a dramatic impact on the value of the Information collected for Informing Improvements, future strategy and business results. There are three potential mistakes: To assume that Customers think alike and act alike.

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Organizations that assume success because they receive positive feedback from a majority of Customers may be Ignoring an Important message from the Malory that account for most of the revenue, or who may be Influential In the future allocation of public funds. Segmenting Customers Into meaningful groups ensures that the diversity of requirements and needs Is Identified and effective strategies determined for each To canvass opinion and collect performance data on a limited or popular group. Roof of products and services, neglecting other aspects of the organization’s offerings that might be high or low maintenance, high or low revenue generating, or key differentiators in the market place. Asking only about the most popular products or services could prevent you from identifying some important opportunities. *To limit the collection or analysis of Customer Results to certain geographical locations r functions within the organization. 2. 4.

Setting Targets One component of assessing an organization’s performance in relation to Customer Results is to see the results matched against the targets set by the organization. Even then, we might not be fully satisfied unless we know if the targets set are relevant in terms of an organization’s declared aspirations. Effective organizations apply specific targets to specific indicators rather than setting one or two general targets to cover whole groups of indicators.