Customer Satisfaction in Super Shop

The word Super market literally means a large shop selling food, drink, household goods, etc. People choose what they want from the shelves and pay for them as they leave. Basically, a Super Market Is a one floor large area consisting of the dally goods that are bought by households. The dally goods Include all the fast moving consumer goods like households, groceries, stationeries, cosmetics. Etc.

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These include fresh meat, fruits, vegetables to frozen food stuff etc. The products the super markets sell are also available at deferent departmental tortes and kitchen markets but still people prefer to visit the super markets for convenience, hygiene and time factors. The main difference between super market and department store lies on the difference of variety of products and size of the outlets. The concept of Super Market is new In Bangladesh.

But today, with the current shopping practices prevailing, the need for a real supermarket has become a necessity for the reasons like: (1 ) Shoppers are quite dissatisfied with the present system of bazaars, corner grocery shops and general stores, (2) super markets offer hoppers a unique shopping experience, (3) conveniently located in central areas, goods are of questionable quality in conventional grocery shops, (4) existing level of service by the sales people in groceries is not acceptable to most customers, consumers want a shop with a full range of grocery items.

Hence they do not have to hop around from shop to shop, super markets offer clean and friendly environment with a wide range of quality products at affordable prices and it has become the primary channel for distribution of foods and other household effects to the consumers. Customers are free to move around the well displayed helves to see, touch, feel and select the fresh products to buy. In Bangladesh, dally consumables account for fresh, raw and processed supplies In the form of fruits, vegetables, rice, meat, fish, poultry, spices and other edible items.

The retailing sector of this industry is unrecognized, and much small retailing involving a number of layers of middlemen occur. Super Store business is one of the popular businesses in the world. People are considering frequent shopping through them. So in course of time and with the growth rate of population and also appeal for high standard living, Super Shop equines is growing in a high pace. The purpose of this report is to determine the consumer’s cognitive behavior, attitude & satisfaction level towards different Super shops.

Here I present data analysis of 20 sample survey . At last conclusion & recommendation to overcome limitation. 1. Introduction Super Shops play an important role in our life. We have to buy our necessary things from a super shop. A super shop, also called a grocery store, is a self-service store offering a wide variety of food and household merchandise, organized into departments. It is larger in size and has a wider selection than a traditional grocery tore and it is smaller than a hypermarket or superstore.

The super Shop typically comprises meat, fresh produce, dairy and baked goods departments along with shelf space reserved for canned and packaged goods as well as for various non-food items such as household cleaners, pharmacy products, and pet supplies. Most super Shop also sell a variety of other household products that are consumed regularly, such as alcohol (where permitted), household cleaning products, medicine, clothes, and some sell a much wider range of non-food products. 1. 2 Research Objective Customers are not much happy with the collection of various products.

They also want the well-organized physical environment in super shop, and our main concern is to find out the physical environmental factors and which factors are more important for target customers. I have tried to find out for which factors are more important for selecting a super shop. 1. 3 Research Methodology Primary Data: In this paper I have collect data from 20 samples known to me who frequently visit super shop. I have analyzed data with 20 populations given information. Secondary Data: Secondary date from past research, internet & web side of Bangladesh Super Shop. . 4 Limitations o understand what I want to know. Restriction within the problem Non-cooperation from the population in providing information, hiding information & distortion might be the restrictions within the problem. While making the survey for data Collection, some of the information, which was really essential, was hard to collect. CHAPTER 2 2. 1 An Overview of Agar Rainproof Superstores Ltd. (RSI) made a breakthrough in the urban lifestyles by launching the first retail chain in the country, ‘Agar’.

Currently there are twelve Agar outlets at Goulash, Diamonds, Mammogram, Murmur, Rifles Square, Heatproof, Pink City, Chanting, War’, Papilla, Attar & Chitchatting. With many more coming up at important locations in Dacha and other major cities, Agar is endeavoring to fulfill the everyday shopping needs of the urbanites through fair price, right assortment, and best quality. Agar mainly focuses on food items – ranging from a wide variety of fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, bakery, dairy, and grocery – it also carries a vast array of other household, grocery, personal care, and miscellaneous products.

At any point in time, there are nearly 20,000 different products available at Agora’s is committed to sustaining and growing as the most trusted, loved, and frequented retail chain. Product Categories Beverage Fruit Meat Vegetable Confectionery Baby products Basic Households Paper accessories Agar has eleven outlets all over Dacha. It has placed its outlets in the prime centers of city which seems to be much convenient to customers. Agar has also started their journey in Chitchatting and Sylphs too. Offering: Agar has some Promotional activities which maintain its appeal to the existing and potential consumers.

It has regular promotion of services, existing & new products Indiana newspaper to keep consumers aware of the available products. Also Agar has some exclusive seasonal offer, price reduction, sales promotion to attract the consumers as well. Many exclusive products like perfume, households and fresh basic foods are available in Agar which is priced higher than traditional market. Mainly Agar supplies many unusual unseasonable items which they priced higher because of the ,product unavailability in outside. 2. An Overview of Mean Bazaar Mean Bazaar is one of the largest retail supermarket chain in Bangladesh with International standards, opened in 2002 and operates in Dacha, Chitchatting and Chula division. Mean Bazaar outlets are carrying almost products for sale & providing convenient shopping experience, easy parking and friendly customer service for its customers. Mean Bazaar is a subsidiary of Common Food & Agricultural Products Ltd, producing organic products, dairy items, prepared food & herbal products. Mean Bazaar is not only catering such items to its shoppers, but also educating them about their benefits.

In order to offer the best possible price to its valuable customers, Mean Bazaar procure their produce items directly from the farmers, cutting the middlemen, while ensuring high quality, freshness and mutinous availability. Mean Bazaar is also known as one of the trustworthy food suppliers of the nation, hence it is committed to deliver its’ best of the very best by expanding its sphere all over Bangladesh Product Categories: Fish Basic household Exclusive shirt, tie, shoes Accessories In house product like sweet, yogurt, herbal product. Outlet: At this moment 2013, Mean bazaar is operating sixteen branches in Dacha.

In Chula & Sylphs they have opened another branches. Mean Bazaar is offering for their customer on various occasions. During festival special discount offered as well. 2. An Overview of Andean One of them is Andean Mega Shop. Andean Group, with their first retail outlet, Andean Mega Shop, brought the like of Kingsbury in Bangladesh in the Year 2002. From 2002 they continue running their business successfully. They have a wide product verity and also give their customer quality product and service. Shoe Musical CD, DVD Price: The price of the product is including VAT.

But sometimes they give various types of discount on the products. They follow company retail price for other’s goods. Sometimes, sale goods below market price. They have 5 outlets in the Dacha city. Those are Murmur, Diamond, Goulash, Kraal and Attar. They are going to launch their own website very soon. To hold the present customer and catch the potential buyer, they offer various types of promotional activities. Like in Did, 1st bookish festival, Upstate. Arrange various types of festivals, weekends, 5 day long discount etc. On their product. CHAPTER 3 3. Data Analysis Question 1: Gender I Answer Offered I I Female I Response 113 I Percentage 135 165 cooperating and females are more interested to go super shops. It has learnt from this survey that a female are not going there only for necessary goods, they also owning there for cosmetics, cloths and chock lets. Question 2: Age I Billowed 1 120-29 1 130-39 I | 40-49 1 150 Above 15 10 110 155 125 100 Analysis: About 55%, young age’s people are main customers of super shops. And 25% peoples are 30-39 ages and 10% peoples are below 20, 40-49. So it is observed that which peoples are visit there most of them are young.

Question 3: Family Income I Billowed,oho 1 180,000 Above II 19 145 Analysis: About 45% people’s income is around 60,000-79,000 take, and about 35% people’s income is around 40,000-59,000 take. So survey shows that high class peoples are main customers of super shop. Middle class peoples also visit there but it is only 35%. 5% people’s income is below 20,000 & above 80,000 take, 10% people’s income is around 20,000-39,000 take. Question 4: Occupation 130 40 I Service Holder I House Wife I Student 18 Analysis: Most of the peoples 40% are service holder, 25% respondents are house wife, 5% student, and 30% peoples are doing own business.

As we see that service holder is top of the other occupation group. Question 5: Which, if any, of the following supper shops have you visited recently for shopping? Percentage 120 I I Agar I Mina Bazaar I Nod I Other 14 Analysis: There are various types of super shop in Bangladesh that 3 was offered in questionnaire. But also offered an option if any respondents have another choice, they can write their name. Agar is one where approximately 35% respondents are going for their daily shopping. Question 6: What was your reason to visit the supper shop?

Analysis: It has found through survey that, all respondents are going their chosen super shops only for shopping. And all of them are finding product availability, product quality and satisfaction there. But we have found only 2 respondents (out of 30) are going there Just for look around. Question 7: How were you informed about this supper shop? Supper 112 just went there for I I Advertisements I Website I Family member/friends who have already visited this 160 I Shop I I You did not have any information, I I Brochure I I Others I Shopping their family member/friends who have already visited this supper shop. 0% peoples informed from advertisement and 20% peoples did not have any information, Just went there for shopping. Question 08: Have you ever find any complaint to super shop management? I ION 16 114 170 Analysis: 70% respondents have no any complaints to their selecting super shop’s management but 30% said they have complaints. So, majority of this survey is saying that respondents have no any complaints to their selecting super shop’s management.

Question 09: Please rate the service quality while shopping in a supper shop I Answer I Excellent 13 115 I Very Poor I I Offered I I Response I I Percentage I Poor I Good I Very Good Analysis: Approximately 55% respondents have said that, they got very good service. 20% say good & 15% excellent, Also 10% respondents said in some cases they got poor service from super shops. Question 10: Would you recommend this super shop your friends? I I Never I Imam be I I Definitely 112 Analysis: Approximately 60% respondents have said that, they recommend this super shop for their friends.

Also 25% respondents said may be, but only 15% said never. It means that which respondents said definitely or maybe they get better service from their chosen super shop and which respondents said never they get lower service from their chosen super shop. 4. 1 Findings Females are more interested to go super shops. Peoples visit there most of them are young. High class peoples are main customers of super shop. Service holder is top of the other occupation group. Agar is one where approximately 35% exponents are going for their daily Shopping. Most respondents are going their chosen super shops only for shopping. . 2 Recommendations The goal of a super shop is to give the consumers good services. But in today we are not getting that kind of services from all the shops. Some of the super shops have achieved goodwill for doing better work. Like Agar, Nod, PAS, Mina Bazaar etc. The other shops can follow their strategy. Some super shop’s service is so bad and this information gathered from respondents. Shop was not offered as an option, but participants claimed about its service & product quality. Go for establishing super markets in each area by co-operative shop building.

In this case many grocery or other street shop owners can go for alliances among them to invest money to setup super markets in their respective area. This will eliminate the problem of funding too. Not only that, try to establish your own distribution system which will enable your shop to facilitate home delivery to most of the customers. Moreover, construct play ground for the kids within your super markets which will encourage the housewives to shop with your super chain shop. So suggestion and recommendation for all super shops management if they are