Customer Service and Online Reservation

Through the use of new technologies, it may help also to minimize the time and effort of people. Usually, some businesses used technology to update their facilities and procedures. Nowadays, there are useful media like computer and cellophanes that can be used to communicate with the other people. Through the use of internet, this will help people to look or search whatever they want to gain knowledge. Small and big businesses also used media to market their products and services and to offer clients with the use of website. Website is a file of Information located on a server which Is connected to the World Wide Web also known as mm;. This may include text, Illustrations, videos, music, graphics and computer programs. A site Is 24-hours a day, seven days a week which may help people to connect to their businesses to technology, the clients or customers chose the modern way of communicating to other people by using different systems like online reservation. Online reservation system is easy-to-use reservation management software that can manage different businesses. This system can be used in different occasions like birthdays, seminars, receptions, graduations, etc.

Some establishments invested lots of money with this mind of technology for the customers to easily get the information of the business. Here in the Philippines, Shakes Restaurant is an example of business that has an online reservation system that can be used by the customer if the place is reserved or not, that’s why the proponents decided to choose Frillier Ambassadress to be put online for them to be competitive with other restaurants. Having an Online Reservation System with SMS, the time and effort of the customers will lessen, by Just clicking or simply encoding the information needed for it and the computer will do the rest for you.

The problems that may encounter the equines in conflicts of schedules will also avoid if the proposed system will be implemented. 1. 2 Background of the Study Frillier Ambassadress is one of the businesses of restaurant and bar in Lucent City which offers quality services to its customers. On the year of 2004, month of September, its main branch which is “Seniority Gaga Private Resort” located at the heart of Baggily, Guenon had been established. Onwards to which on the month of May, year 2012(at present) the business had grown its success to build its branch which is “Formidableness” located at 143 Maharaja Highway, Saving Lucent City.

Currently, the business is under the management of Ms. Toni Ann Local. Initially, Formidableness operates every day from ten o’clock in the morning onwards to two o’clock in the morning with the cooperation of its six (6) staffs. Formidableness, from which its objective is to serve quality foods at liable price had been offering – catering services, take out counters, and bulk orders. Since it is a growing business which undergoes in the development of the new environment for business techniques and competitiveness, it is the need of Frillier Ambassadress to make advancement to some of its competent.

Other than this, the business is suffering to conflicts when it comes to reservation of services for customers who inquires to them. This is the reason why the researchers decided to conduct a study that will seek to answer the problems in the existing system of the business. The researcher proposed an “Online Reservation System with SMS for Frillier Ambassadress” which will help in the competitiveness and development of the business through which customers may be informed about the business with the use of internet and be easily assisted through online communications. 1. 3 Statement of the Problem

The study aims to develop an Online Reservation System with SMS for Frillier Ambassadress. Specifically, the study will seek to answer the following questions: 1 . What is the current status of the existing reservation system for Frillier Ambassadress in terms of: a. Accepting Events for Reservation c. Providing Information to their customer 2. How can the proposed system with SMS for Frillier Ambassadress be an aid in terms of : b. Facilities and Equipment used for Reservation 3. What will be the advantages gained by the customers and how adaptable having an online reservation system with SMS for Frillier Ambassadress? A.

User-Friendliness b. Effectiveness and Efficiency c. Accuracy d. Speed e. Reliability 1. 4 Objectives of the Study The objective of the study is to develop an “Online Reservation System with SMS” that will help Frillier Ambassadress with their transactions to the customers. The main purpose of this study is to show the effectiveness of the proposed system and to determine the problems met by the customers of Frillier Ambassadress. Specifically, it attempts to answer the following objectives: 1 . To determine the current status of the existing reservation system in setting of schedules and inquiring of the customers in terms of : .

To determine if the proposed online reservation system with SMS for Frillier Ambassadress be an aid in terms of : 3. To determine the advantages gained by the respondents having an online reservation system with SMS for Frillier Ambassadress according to the systems : 1. 5 Significance of the Study To the Business. The business will learn to adapt new processes of reservation. The system will help them to improve their business. To the Manager/Owner. The manager/owner will learn to adapt the proponents proposed system. It will be easy for them to manage their business.

It will lessen the mime and effort for handling the reservation of services for the customers. Business. Their time and effort for looking on the manager or going on the business for reservation will lessen also. To the Researchers. The researchers will improve their communication skills and given knowledge and self-confidence while conducting the research. It will also help them to enhance their critical thinking in analyzing the problems encountered by the business as well as planning to solve the problem. They can apply their knowledge which will lead to progress and development of their knowledge. To The Future Researchers.

The study may serve as their reference and guide in conducting their own research. They can also develop the proposed system if they are interested in doing similar system. 1. 6 Scope and Limitation This project covers the analysis, design and development of Online Reservation System with SMS for Frillier Ambassadress. But the core of this study for gathering information focuses on managing of reservation of services of Frillier Ambassadress. The system will cover the update for management of packages of business services which will allow the administrator or the manager to edit such menus for foods which offers by the business.

The system will contain a forum that will help the business to have a better conversation to the customers. The system will also contain a calendar form of events that will help the customers to view schedules of reserved events and to look for the availability of time and date for reservation. However, the system does not cover the billing system by which the payment maybe accepted and processed, since the study focuses only on accepting request for reservation and sending of notification for customer.

Viewing of data for the list of reservation will only be created on the administrator of data which will be available o be used by the manager or any authorized person on the business. 1. 7 Definition of Terms Accuracy – The system give the correct and exact information gathered to be processed and to be given. Browsing – Searching or looking for relevant and useful information regarding the online reservation system with the use of internet. Database – A systematic collection of related information organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly selected desired pieces of information.

Effectiveness – Producing the intended or expected effect. Efficiency – The system is reforming or functioning effectively with the least waste of time, effort and resources. Fill-out – To input the information needed to apply for reservation. Multimedia – It is the combination of graphics, text, videos and animation that will help the system to have a good output. Online – An internet system where a central computer network provides enormous amounts of information to internet users. Reservation – The act of reserving in Frillier Ambassadress or engaging the services of the restaurant-bar.

Reservation System – Is easy-to-use reservation management software that can manage different businesses. Short Message Service (SMS) – Is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices. Sending – Delivering information or messages to somebody from far places concerning Online Reservation System for Formidableness.

Speed – The easy operation and execution of the User-Friendliness -one of the features of the system which makes the system well designed, easy to use and deal with the user CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RATED LITERATURE AND STUDY 2. Review of Related Literature 2. 1. 1 Foreign Literature According to the article entitled “Online Reservation System” from Tourism Kingston Canada’s Official Tourism Website, (2005), the need for an online reservation system in today’s highly competitive destination marketplace is essential for making travel easy to buy for consumers.

Not only does the online reservation system provide convenience to our online visitors but also serves as a tracking mechanism in the leisure market which traditionally has been hard to measure. ” According to suggestive. Com entitle “Reservation System” (2012) a reservation system must be easily found in all major search engines; have view full restaurant profiles with photo galleries; quick and easy 3-step reservations; easy-to-use calendar tool; immediate dual confirmation/notification sent via email to both the guest and the host; and customized email responses may include directions, policies, logos and more.

Thus, this allows the system to record customers at restaurants own convenience. Based on the article posted in Pelican System which the researcher searched at pelican system. Com (2009), that with pelican online reservation system, which launch an ONLINE Reservation for TAG Travel Club, they stated that the system improve its appeal, effectiveness, and value of investments for both its members and participating partners (suppliers of travel products and services). The online format of TAG Travel Club’s Reservation System is design to enhance the efficiency of the reservation and contracting processes.

Members the make their bookings/ reservations directly online with the participating partners and receive instant confirmation. 2. 1. 2 Local Literature According to the unknown author of the article entitled “Waterfront launches first online reservation system”, WATERFRONT Philippines, Incorporated(WAP),(2008), the arrest Filipino owned and managed first class hotel chain in the country, will launch a new look on the internet. With the increasing trends on online booking for hotels, Waterfront took a major step in managing its own back-end operations of its on-line booking system.

It was through this effort that the company has seen great potential well. The group is expecting an additional increase of 20% in room sales, from its year to date revenue from GAS of PH. 342, 663,320 with the launching of its own online booking system. According to an article entitled “Zebu Pacific taps online system for reservations” y unknown author (2008), Zebu Pacific will start using a new online system that will have reservation costs and raise revenues, one of a few ways to offset rising fuel costs.

The country’s top domestic airline has tapped Novitiate’s reservation system, which will allow passengers tickles travel, booking changes and cancellations online. Zebu Pacific President and Chief Executive Officer Lance Y. Koenig said the company would continue to provide cheap fares. The new booking system will reduce the operating cost and back-end services. Based on the article entitled “Anion Beach Resort Can Now Deliver Instantly

Confirmed Bookings at Low Rates With Its Newly-launched Online Reservation System” (2008), the reservation system is a professional customer relations unit that has been trained to handle and manage reservation-related concerns, such as modifications of booking arrangements. The resorts easy-to-use booking system is powered by Tortoiseshells, a direct reservation performance specialist and partner. The company makes direct reservations easier for all accommodation providers, helping them maximize the potentials of their websites to deliver best rates and instant confirmation online. 2. 1. Synopsis The foreign and local literatures mentioned above are related to the proponents proposed system in terms of using reservation system on their business. It is said that reservation system makes the business easier for all accommodation which fits to the objectives of the researchers for the business. The said foreign and local studies contribute ideas to the researchers in order to originate the proposed study. 2. 2 Review of Related Studies 2. 1. 1 Foreign Studies According to the study entitled “The websites of International tourist hotels and tour wholesalers in Taiwan” (2008).

The evaluation system consist of three general seer criteria: user interface, variety of information and online reservation. Results show that 50% of total sample of hotels and tour wholesalers have already established websites. Among these “user interface” was rated highest among the three categories. Variety of information” received the lowest rating. More tourist hotels provide on-line reservation systems than do our wholesalers. Based on the study entitled “The Role of Website Quality in Online Hotel Reservations”, (2008) by the researchers Gong, Ongoing, Oh, Honeymoon, Gooier, and Mary.

E-commerce strategists have emphasized the need for hotels to have a website hat generate bookings. In this study, the authors propose a research framework to examine the role of website quality in attracting online bookings and empirically test the proposed model with potential lodging customers. Results indicate that two website characteristics – information completeness and ease of use – are important determinants of perceived website quality, which, in turn, influences customers’ expectations of quality, value, and attractiveness of the lodging property featured on the website.

Similarly, putting reservations online will attract more clients and will According to the study entitled “Online Reservation System” from studded. Com (2012), Reservation System is a tool to reach the Global Distribution Systems as well as Internet Distribution Systems from one single system, namely a central reservation system (CARS). A central reservation system (CARS) is mainly an assistance for hoteliers to manage all of their online marketing and sales, where they can upload their rates & availabilities to be seen by all sales channels that are using a central reservation system (CARS).

A hotelier using a central reservation system (CARS) eases his/her tasks or online distribution, because a CARS (central reservation system) does everything to distribute hotel information to the sales channels instead of the hotelier. 2. 2. 2 Local Studies Based on the study entitled “The Relationship among Trustworthiness Time Lapse and Online Reservation in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry’, (bobby David Change, France Balancer and Masterfully. Internet technology has changed the way information is distributed and the way people do business in the industry.

Its impacts have been well studied, but the time element seems to be ignored for the investigation of risk taken and trustworthiness held by online shoppers. This study proposes an online purchasing model to investigate the relationships among trustworthiness and online reservations but despite such significance, time lapse, neither sways the trustworthiness nor leads to low reservation retention. Similarly, the reliability and time element should consider having effective online reservation system.

According to the researchers Hall”, Maggot and Assuming, students from Sacred Heart College Lucent, in their study entitled “Online Reservation and Billing System f Batista Airman Resort and Hotel” (2009). The technological advances or discoveries have indeed made the world smaller, but bigger in a business sense. The use of Internet is a tool for small enterprise to be known not Just locally but global too. The online reservation is a great way for people to schedule their trips in advance as well as to keep it on a budget in a convenient way without leaving homes or offices.

At the same time it is convenient for the staffs in encoding, monitoring and computing the bills of the customers. According to the research study entitled “Online and Walk-in Reservation Program f All services of SST. Ferdinand Cathedral, Lucent City’ by the researchers Dollar, Drib and Albino, students from Sacred Heart College Lucent City. The internet is used in the fields of science and technology to offer convenience and good service from one company to another.

SST Ferdinand Cathedral in Lucent City is looking for a better ways to be much available at all times to people who are in need of their services at the same time convenience for those who cannot come to the office personally. Thus, the idea of this study was thought out as a tool to meet the increasing demand of ass, fast and convenient service for people of Lucent and its neighboring towns who have in different needs. Likewise, this study proved that in order to reach clients from different towns and boundaries, there is a tool needed that will serve as a medium in providing reservation services and that tool is the Internet. . 2. 3 Synthesis proposed system in terms of using reservation system on their business or establishments. The online reservation with SMS can be used in different establishments. Having reservations online will attract more clients and will improve the quality of service. The said foreign and local studies contribute ideas to the researchers in order to originate the proposed literature. 2. 5 Justification of the Study The information gathered by the researchers has a big help in the development of the study. The facts and data contained in related literatures and studies are related to the researchers proposed study.

It gives realistic ideas, guides and analysis to be able to come up with the proposed study. The related literatures as well as related studies stated previously have similarities and differences. Both systems are similar when it comes to usability in serration. The set of foreign and local studies and literatures stated above has been one of the basis of the researchers on how the proposed system will be useful. It also provides ideas to the researchers proposed study. CHAPTER Ill RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter deals with the methods of research use in developing the proposed system.

Together with this are the data gathering design and research locale that have to be specified and described. In data gathering, the researchers use descriptive and experimental method to determine the needs or condition of the user to meet the requirements needed and o cope up in the information that can be used in making this study. This technique is use in order for the researcher to measure and evaluate the usability of the system. Descriptive research is a study that can obtain facts about existing conditions or detach significant relationship between current phenomena.

It describes and interprets revealing condition or relationship that exist or do not exist practices that reveal or do not, beliefs or point of view or attitude that are held, process that are going on or otherwise; effects that are being felt, or trends that are developing. In an experimental study, the researcher manipulates at least one independent variables, controls other relevant variables, and observes the effect on one or more dependent variables . The independent variables is the experimental variable (cause), while the dependent variables is the criterion variables (effect).

An experimental study is guided by at least one hypothesis which states an expected causal relationship between the two aforementioned variables. This method is much useful and effective because it can help the proponents gather information for the objective of the study. It can also help in defining the problems usually encountered proposed system. Through surfing in the internet, reading the articles and thesis provide information to support in this study. And because of this, the proponents can formulate ideas; make decisions for the proposed system. . 1 SYSTEM PLANNING The researchers have their first planning by looking for a client. Next is, the researchers gather information in order to develop the system plan for the implementation of the system. The researchers get the required information about the chosen clients which is the Formidableness. The existing system of the Formidableness is done manually. The researchers propose an Online Reservation System with SMS in order to help in the promotion of the business and to provide a solution on their problem.

The researchers made a survey about the said institution and their current system they are using, after that the researchers made an interview to the owner of Formidableness to gather information about the manual system and the problem that they are encountering. After analyzing the problems and difficulties that the business is encountering, the scope and constraints have been plan. The objectives of the study have been review and finalize. . 2 SYSTEM ANALYSIS 3. 2. 1 Analysis of the Existing System This part of the chapter is the analysis of the existing system as well as the analysis of the operation of the chosen institution.

This chapter includes the summary of the procedures of operations of the business used within its current system in terms of reservation of services of the customers. The existing system of Formidableness when it comes to reservation needs an improvement as it sometimes encountered a problem. There were times that it requires a lot of effort to view or look for the record of events of the business guarding those schedules for reserved services wished by the customers. There were times also that more than one customer tried to make reservation on the business at the same date at the same time. 3. 2. 1. Existing Data Flow Diagram Figure 1 Existing Data Flow Diagram Description of Existing Data Flow Diagram The Figurer shows the process of the current system of the Formidableness which is the manual system of accepting reservations for catering services and recording of reserved date and time requested by the customers. The customers have two options on how to inquire and make reservation on the business, either wrought the use of phone calls or personal approach. The customer may look or make a conversation with the personnel. The personnel will accept inquiries of the customers as well as customer’s request for reservation.

The customer’s request for reservation will be passed to the manager to check the availability of requested schedule to be reserved. After checking, the manager will respond to the personnel then inform and make a confirmation to the customer for the finalization of reservation to be stored on a logbook. 3. 2. 1. 5 Existing Entity Relationship Diagram Figure 2 Existing Entity Relationship Diagram In Figure 2, shows the relation of entities and process of the existing system of Formidableness in terms of reservation for catering services. The customer will schedule on the logbook.

If there is no conflict of schedules, the manager will make a confirmation to the customer and get some information needed for reservation. The customers will then confirm the reservation for finalization. 3. 2. 1. 6 Process Diagram of the Existing System Figure process Diagram of the Existing System Description of the Process Diagram of the Existing System In figure 3 shows the process of the existing system of the Frillier Ambassadress. The customers will look or call on the manager or personnel and ask some questions and get information on the business.

The customers will make a decision if he/she wants to make a reservation on the business. If the customers make reservation, he/ she can choose the available date, and then the manager will finalize and confirm it. 3. 2. 1. 4 Operational Analysis Frillier Ambassadress is one of the businesses that operate manually in reservation of customer services. The business procedures undergoes with processes such that accepting inquiries of customers through traditional phone calls or by writing it in a tote or even informing their customers such as their availability of non-reserved schedules for services. . 2. 1. 5 Technical Analysis The existing system uses phone calls for customer inquiries in terms of reservation. The business uses radio ads and even door to door strategy for the promotion of services they offer. The business also uses logbooks to record or list down the date and time for reservation. Logbook or white board serves as their reservation list thus making it hard to an easy retrieval of recorded reservations or even easily check and view the available time and date to be reserved by the customers. 3. 2. 1. Economical Analysis The business can change the process of reservation of the customers. Having an alternative way such as providing its own website, the customers can reduce their time and effort to communicate on the business. 3. 2. 1. 7 Evaluation of the Existing System The proponents interviewed Ms. Toni Alack, the manager of Frillier Ambassadress, to realize what system they use for reservation of services of the customers. The proponents supply questionnaires for the customers, to ask how effective the existing system in terms of reservation they are using.

The researchers carefully analyzed, computed and interpreted the collected data, which were shown in graphic form in which the researchers get the number and percentage of the respondents who answered the questionnaires. The proponents used the Simple Random Sampling, because the proponents distributed the survey questions to the customers of the Frillier Ambassadress to answer the questions. Out of 1 5 personnel, the researchers pick 10 persons to answer our questionnaire. The statistical treatment used by the proponents of the study is the percentage representation with the formula of: