Customer Service Final Project

Customer Service Policy Mission Statement My customer service mission would be to go above and beyond the customers expectations and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction to maximize the long-term growth and success of the company. We will provide a superior customer service experience and build a corporate culture that is focused on delivering quality customer service to maintain customer loyalty. Customer Retention/Loyalty The Importance of customer retention to the organization Is a crucial component to the Flanagan strength and growth of the company.

Customer service Is a part of the inundation for which customer retention occurs. In order for customer retention to occur the knowledge of customer loyalty needs to also be recognized. All employees must understand and acknowledge the relationship between customer retention and customer loyalty. Our upper level management needs to instill the proper education (Job aids) to our frontline employees and stress the Importance of customer retention to the organization.

There are many ways to achieve customer retention but I feel that best ways to achieve customer retention are to put the customer’s needs first and remember that little goes a long way. By putting the customer’s needs first, this shows a care, concern, and awareness of the customer. All of which are valuable keys to customer retention. Also, we will be able to exceed what they expect. Over time we will be able to recognize the customer’s needs before they do.

This will give us the opportunity to deliver valuable customer service and will be an easy way for your customer to recognize how much we value and appreciate their business. The ways in which we would want to maintain customer retention from the sales perspective, would be to offer our customers free trials on our new services or products, offer new services or products we feel will enhance their services or by offering our customers special discounts. Another technique that could be offered to our customers Is a customer loyalty program.

Customer loyalty programs are becoming quite common and have added value to many organizations when properly executed with their customers. A little goes a long way when we demonstrate an effort to improve our relationships with your customers. I feel a good way to build our relationship with our customers is o set up a small meeting (a follow up) with the customer contact. The meeting would not be a formal meeting, rather just a discussion and to check on how they feel about our current service, what they feel we need to Improve on, and Just to make sure we are delivering quality customer service.

After this meeting, we will have gathered useful and beneficial information from our customers that will enable our organization to improve our customer relationships. These meetings should be set up quarterly or biannually to maintain consistent customer service. Customer Satisfaction Survey 1 . How satisfied are you with our products and services? 2. Great, Good, or Poor how would you rate our customer service and why? 3. When things you feel we need to improve on the most? 5. How would you recommend us to improve our service? 6.

What are some of the things you think we do well? 7. What are some of the things that we do that make us unique from our competitors? 8. Would you recommend our services to any of your friends or colleagues? Why? 9. How likely is it that you will continue to do business with us? 10. Please provide us with any additional thoughts, comments, and suggestions that you eel will help improve our organization. Developing a quality customer satisfaction survey can offer significant and constructive feedback that otherwise may not be communicated.

A satisfaction survey informs us on how good/bad we are doing, tells us what our customers think about us, and enables us to gather useful information to improve our organization. Internal Customer Policies 1 . What does customer service mean to you? 2. How do you handle an unhappy customer? 3. How can you perform at a more effective level? 4. How do you feel about your Job performance? Improvements? 5. Why do you like irking for our organization? Sales 1 . What customer service skills do you need to improve? 2. How do you handle a dissatisfied customer? 3.

Why is negotiation such an essential skill to your performance? 4. What are ways you can increase your sales performance? 5. Give an example if a difficult sales situation you have been presented with and describe how you handled the situation and what you have learned from that situation. Conflict Resolution Procedures 1 . Thank the customer for informing us of the problem. A. I. Thank the customer for allowing us to solve the problem and for bringing it to our attention. 2. Listen to what they have to say. A. I. Listen intently to the customer and do not interrupt them.

This is their time to vent and tell their story. 3. Apologize. A. I. Show empathy and attempt to understand what the customer is experiencing and take action to assist in resolving the situation. 4. Review the problem. A. I. Restate the customer’s problem to assure you have complete understanding of the problem they are experiencing. 5. Seek the best solution. A. I. Identify the best possible solution the customer is seeking. 6. Implement the solution. A. I. The most effective way to undo the improper treatment of a customer is to create an effective solution and to put it into effect as quickly as possible. . Follow up. A. I. Follow up to make sure the customer was satisfied with their service and if their problem was resolved. Why All Customer Service Providers Should Develop Their Own Philosophy of Customer Service All customer service providers need to develop their own distinct philosophy of providers need to have total commitment to excellent customer service from upper management and all levels of management to stress and portray to all employees the importance of customer service to the organization and its success.

Relationship of Sales and Customer Service The relationship between sales and customer service is a relationship that needs to be interconnected. When you provide quality, professional service good sales number will follow. Also, by having cohesion between sales and customer service the strategy of customer relationship management is easier to implement and maintain. Customer service and sales must have a unified relationship in order to have a high customer retention and customer loyalty.