Customer Services for Dumpster Hotels

I find the staff members are at no fault because they have not been given instructions or training.

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Electrical Maintenance

Mechanical engineers were available if it was required, but they never received any feedback regarding any problems so I find they are not at fault. Kitchen department The dishwasher is in a very bad state. Not enough supply of food proves why there is a limited menu. Unprofessional staff, not qualified enough to know the basic food hygiene, and not have enough feedback, which I believe is the reason for late servings.


The receptionists have either no or are under qualification for clerical work, they have no knowledge of book keeping or keeping records of guests staying and leaving the hotel.


I have been investigating the cause of the garage being closed to early and the reason being was that the person responsible for that department has gone on vacation. Staff denies any negative behavior towards customers.

Bar department

The staff show disregard to customer service. When questioning the staff about this matter, they say the ‘customers are to blame’.

This is not quality service and they have no skill in this area.

CONCLUSION As you are aware, the Dumpster Hotels reputation has come to a rate of high concern, considering the amount and reason of customer complaints, I have carefully investigated each aspect. House keeping and kitchen department has some hygiene problems, by being treated with negligence by staff in each area. Customer services have been complained about the most, showing a complete disregard for the code of conduct.

Electrical maintenance is a minor issue but we will still look in to it to prevent future complaints.


1) Housekeeping Training for staff members would be sensible as employing new members would be difficult and would take time. The current staffs know the hotel very well as they have worked here a long time. This is an advantage to the hotel as giving staff training to them would be fairly easy, simple and in a short space of time in all cost efficient.

I also propose for the maids to have a ‘Feedback checklist’, which mark off any occurring problems in rooms, which then should be reported back to the supervisor or manager to deliver the problems. (This would then match with the electrical maintenance and vermin problems to be seen effectively).

2) Customer services The waiters behavior, clothing and night shift staff behavior should be given a disciplinary action with a strict ‘smart dress code’ to be followed and if needed re-staffing should be an option if any improvement is not seen after two warnings.

The doorman/barman and the non-residents using the residents bar should be kept an eye on. I suggest a 24 hour CCTV cameras installed. I also suggest a bar closing time to be initiated and to put a limit to the volume after a set time. I recommend re-staffing if no improvement is to be seen after two given warnings.

3) Reception I would re-staff all receptionists but training would be essential under the trial basis. This is significant as they will be dealing with guests and their posts, room keys and any other services that are required to do by the receptionist.

Kitchen department

The kitchen requires a new dishwasher immediately, this also is cost effective in regards to extra-staffing the kitchen members and a new menu offering a lot more variety of cuisine for the guests is strongly suggested. Preparing a set time for breakfast and also maybe having an order checklist as to what the guests will have on the following morning (only if they require room service).