Customers Assessment on the Facilities Offered by the Lake

It is comprised of different elements and mediums significant enough for it to become Lully operational; transportation and accommodation Just two of the many components of the said industry. On the other thought, it is people’s curiosity, will and purpose that make this industry progress. To relax, to experience different culture, and or Just to merely try something unusual are Just few of the reasons why people would go and travel to places.

There are a lot of medium for an individual to enjoy the pleasure that tourism got to offer, however the study will focus on the common getaway of tourist in terms of accommodation to fulfill their vacation cravings, that is, through complexes and establishment called Hotels. Eels, and other guest service. In general, to be called a hotel, an establishment must have a minimum of six letting bedrooms, at least three of which must have attached (institute) private bathroom facilities.

These establishment, on the contrary shall satisfy the wants and needs of their prospective clients through comfortable accommodation, fully functional amenities, recreational facilities, hospitable and approachable crews, and quality service. It has been a long time battle of the hotel to fulfill its supposed to be abovementioned characteristics and standards. This study will basically focus on correcting the current flaws of hotel on attesting and its meeting its client’s expectation, having hotel in Takeaway, City as the main focus for this study.

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The researchers chose to study this hotel to know the facilities offered by The Lake hotel located at Takeaway, City. On the other hand the researchers wanted to know the areas that need improvement, and areas that needed to developed for the resort to be accredited by the Department of Tourism. The researchers came up with the solution that they may suggest and apply to the current state of The Lake Hotel located at Takeaway, City.

This study ended up paving probable answers to the problems in the said field, where in all of them where formulated based on the surveys on the prospective guests that the researchers have conducted. Therefore, at the end of this study, all issues and concerns with regards to the improvement and development of hotel in Takeaway, City shall be properly addressed. The Lake Hotel Takeaway has 60 well-appointed and elegantly designed rooms including six suites.

All rooms are warm, welcoming and sophistical equipped with deluxe amenities such as key-card locking system, 32-inch flat screen HAD television tit cable channels, DID/AND telephone service, mint-bar, coffee and tea pot, hair dryer, in-room safe and complete bathroom amenities, to give you an ultimate pampering experience. OBJECTIVES This study shall be able to define the strength and as well as the weakness points of The Lake Hotel, Takeaway, City.

Causes of the weak points shall be defined so as to formulate solutions to avoid these mistakes or wrong doings in the future enhancements so as to further its positive effects to bring progress on to the next level. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK The inputs in the study are the: general facilities off hotel; facilities of the lake toll that needs improvement; and, customers’ assessment on facilities of the lake hotel. The process is the: analysis and interpretation of data. The output is: the evaluated facilities of the lake hotel. The conceptual framework is shown in Figure 1 . Pick] Figure 1 . Conceptual framework of the study STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study focused on customer’s assessment of The Lake Hotel facilities and the contribution to the Takeaway City, Cavity as next tourist destination. Specifically, this research aimed to answer the following questions. 1 . What are the demographic profiles of respondents in terms of. B. Status . Occupation a. Gender 2. What are the facilities of The Lake Hotel that give attraction to their customers? 3. Are the customers satisfied to the facilities offer by the Lake Hotel?

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study on the facilities of The Lake Hotel speaks about several concerns related to status of different hotels in terms of facilities that have great contribution in our community. The findings of this study may help the Hotel industry in giving a deeper understanding of what hotel can further offer. They can provide different activities, seminars, training programs to ensure that their establishment is well quipped and to enable them to give highly satisfactory services. This study will contribute ideas on creating and providing better facilities and services in order for them to satisfy their guest.

Facilities shall be considered as a major point in the involved field, upon stressing out the current problems in terms of facilities in this study, hotel crews / employees will then be able to correct things that were done The target market as respondents of this study plays a vital role; by defining the facilities that are not present in the current state and which shall be provided on the true developments will greatly help the current stand of tourism in Takeaway in terms of its contribution to the economy.

The Lake Hotel – The study will contribute ideas on creating and providing better facilities in order for them to satisfy their guest. This will motivate more educated travelers has become more acquainted with the recent trend of tourism. Tourism Industry- this will strive for the well-being of the environment, the preservation of culture, and sustainable development of the industry that concerned with the overall dealings of their business which include healthy growth and profit examination and economic benefits that support the well-being of local communities.

Local communities -The respondents of this study play a vital role; by defining the Takeaway City Municipality- With growing development of the area, all of these modernization need a power source, which means new facilities were put in place for support. SCOPE and LIMITATION The study is focused on the facilities for the operation and maintenance of The Lake Hotel in Takeaway City Cavity considering the point-of-view of customers. The respondents of the study were composed of 100 tourists in The Lake Hotel in Takeaway City Cavity.

The researchers categorize the age of the respondents according to youth, young adult, and senior citizen. This research was conducted during the first semester of the school year 2011-2012. The respondents were limited to people who had been customers of the said hotel. Facilities for effective operation and maintenance. The assessment will evaluate what level of hotel is this and will help in identifying the correct strategies for marketing the hotel.