Dealing with Customer Complaints

A) Someone did not do their job in ensuring that food is being kept separate.

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B & C) The shift leader should have taken initiative to talk to the dissatisfied customer and shown that steps were going to be taken to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Take care of the meal, offer another incentive to get the customer to come back.

D) Apologize for exactly what it was that went wrong, tell them that their experience was an exception to the usual care and due diligence that is taken at earls, tell them exactly what Is being done In the store to ensure that this onto happen again, offer an Incentive for them to come back. . 5197

A) Communication to the server was not made about a new table, the server did not take the care to notice that they had a new table, steps were not taken to ensure that the guests were treated properly.

B earns;C) Leader should have been aware that there were guests that were not being looked after properly and should have helped them him or herself, hostess should have communicated to the server that they were sat if they thought that they hadn’t noticed.

D) Apologize that their first experience tit earls was not good and offer incentive for them to come back and ensure them that the next time will be up to the usual earls standard. 3. 51 91

A) Lack of cleanliness, leaders and partners are not doing their section checks properly and are not taking accountability for their restaurant. B & C) should have checked the cleanliness of the restaurant during the walk-through and checked the servers sections to ensure that they were clean and done some checks of the cutlery and the plates and such and taken steps to make sure that they were getting cleaned properly.

D) Apologize and explain that the lack of cleanliness is not a characteristic of that restaurant and that new steps were being taken by management and partners to ensure that the restaurant is much cleaner in the future. 4. 4304

A) Kitchen’s bill times were mostly likely messed up or the server accidentally put in well done for the steak instead of medium rare, or the expo grabbed the wrong steak.

B ; C) server should have gotten the shift leader right away who then should have gone right to the table and spoken to the guest and then to the kitchen to ensure that It was a priority item and then taken care of the Item on the bill.

D) apologize, explain what happened, provide adequate compensation to entice the customer to return. 5. 4927

A) Server did not provide adequate customer service, leaders were not present to help out, and food took too long.

B) server should have been more aware of a paid attention to, steps should have been taken at the restaurant to offer the customers some type of incentive (e dessert or drinks) to make up for the wait and the inadequate service.

D) apologize, if it was a new server explain that, and provide adequate and substantial incentive for them to come back as it sounds like they are regular customers. . 4835

A) Missing order for take-out which was most likely the result of either the person on the phone not ringing it in properly or the kitchen not making the correct number of dishes, but I would assume that it was most likely the order taker’s error. In this case, the person who took the order should have listened carefully over the phone and then repeat the order to make sure that they have it correct and then double check the order on micros before sending it in.

B & C) Leader should have double checked to make sure that the entire order was there and they should have spoken to the person on the phone and if time permitted, I think the supervisor should take initiative and deliver the item if that it possible, if not then a reimbursement and further incentives should be applied to get the customer to come back again.

D) Apologize that the item was missing, let them know that this is a rare mistake and that it won’t happen again and then provide them with something to get them back in the store. 7. 4801

A) Server accidentally dropped drink all over person, more care should have been taken to try to avoid this, although it’s inevitable that it does happen.

B & C) Leader should have at least voided the wine for the customer and possibly offered to cover the other drinks as well if it was very bad.

D) I would first apologize and then agree with this person and say that the wine should have been taken care of and since that was not the case, offer that person to come back with the parents and have a round of drinks on the house, or offer to send the father a gift certificate in the mail if he lives far away.