Demonstrate understanding of customer service

Explain how their organizations service offer is affected by financial and other 2) resource limitations. The companies’ service offer could be affected by financial and other resource limitations because if we were hoping to give a ‘sale’ on windows and doors and there isn’t a huge profit gap to start with for us to try this technique out then it would never be beneficial to us, we could ultimately end up losing money. As we are a fair company when it comes to pricing we never over charge or haggle on price, so certain offers wouldn’t really benefit us as a whole.

Also, depending on how much money we put aside each year for marketing and promotions could affect the service offer too, as we wouldn’t be able to promote It as well as we would hope to. 3) Identify the impact that their organizations service offer may have on different People in the service chain. We honor a satisfaction guarantee with our customers. If the windows or doors have an issue with them we will resolve it free of charge if it is under 10 years.

This could have an effect on other people within our service chain by In some circumstances the supplier of a particular product will have to provide us with a replacement free of charge. There could be an Issue with a panel we Installed Into a door, the customer will complain to us that It has cracked but we will go to the panel company and explain the situation and send evidence and then they will have to provide us with a placement as they have to honor their guarantee to us. Customer’s form their expectations by what we tell them and what they research themselves at home.

We use a good profile window which is well known, the customer will be aware of this and can easily search the internet or read the brochures we will provide them with. Also customers form opinions on what they see, so we often take off cut sections for them to inspect and feel, along with photographs. We believe it is important to always make our customers happy so that we get good recommendations and this will always form expectations in customer’s minds. Explain the importance of effective team work for the delivery of excellent 5) customer service.

Without effective team work we would not have lasted in business for so long. We have to delegate Jobs out effectively so time is never wasted. It is vital that we all communicate with each other regularly to make note of any possible issues that could occur on a Job and to keep updated with how far along they are with a Job so that I can keep the customer fully informed at all times. 6) Describe how customer service can contribute to best value in a public sector or third party sector.

It can contribute fairly similar with the public sector for example a school we have to honor our promise of a clean and tidy finish, making it safe and following all specifications and finishing on time and with third party we are usually dealing with a surveyor or main contractor where we have to follow out best value promise which will be working within the correct time scale and working as quickly and effectively as possible and making sure there is a good installation and that any potential problems can be minimized. ) Explain how customer service can provide a competitive advantage for a immemorial organization. It can become competitive as we will want more recommendations and more continuous business than any of our competitors in the trade, so as a business we will want to go that extra mile to impress customers. Customers like to have regular interaction with us as it makes them feel secure and confident. 8) Describe why their organization must limit the customer service it gives to balance customer satisfaction with organizational goals. Happy and that we can get recommendations from the work we have done.

We want to continue to build up our reliable customer base from which we know approximately 60% is purely from recommendations so customer satisfaction is crucial to move forward the business. Explain how to deal with different customer behaviors and personalities to 9) achieve customer satisfaction. We will always deal with a variety of different personalities and behaviors here. I speak to most customers on the phone and they could be calling for any number of reasons for example, an issue has risen with one of the windows we installed, or perhaps they are looking for a quotation.

I have to be able to deal with a variety of customers and adapt myself to suit each one individually. Keep them fully informed of any changes and dates and times of calls or fitting dates. Sometimes if we have an angry customer then I will try my best to put myself in their shoes and listen to their issue, make notes and go about making arrangements to solve the issue, I will put them through to a manager if necessary. I believe every customer is different and we should treat everyone as an individual so that they all feel valued. 0) Explain the importance of effective communication in the delivery of excellent It is important to provide effective communication at all times when it comes to levering excellent customer service to a customer. I always try to keep the customer as fully informed as possible and will email or telephone them with any fresh information with an issue or Just an update of installation. I believe you should speak to a new customer fairly regularly so that they never should have to call you first with a query or issue.

I would imagine it must sometimes be worrying for people especially in this type of industry and with the way the economy is that people already have apprehensions and as it usually is a large sum of money and we’re leaning with making good in their home, they want it all to be perfect and have their mind set at ease. 1 1) Describe how they ensure their communication with diverse groups of customers We do get a huge variety of different customers, with all different types of homes, all different personalities, and cultures, whatever it may be everyone is treated equally.

To make sure communication is effective and efficient we speak regularly on the phone as it is quicker and more personal but we use a lot of forms, the order forms as clear and precise, we use email to explain any queries or quotations more easily e also use a yes/no simple and clear ‘satisfaction note’ so that we can check guidelines are followed throughout the installation process and it will make it quick and user friendly for all customers. 12) Describe the importance of continuous improvement within customer service.

Without continuously trying to improve customer service we would begin to suffer. We like to make ourselves readily available to our customers with out of hours telephone numbers, email and a whole host of social media sights including twitter and face book. We believe this shows we are moving with the times and are interested in keeping customers informed of news and offers and it gives them the opportunity to want to contact us. 13) Explain the key policies and procedures in their organization for the delivery of services and products and why it is important to follow them.

Key policies and procedures we adhere to are to keep our promises, we give an estimated delivery date of installation and we push to always achieve that and work around the customers time table and make it as straight forward as possible. We also keep customers fully informed of any changes throughout the process; it will keep heir mind at ease and build trust and confidence. 14) Explain how their industry approach to customer service differs from the approach of another industry.

Our approach to customer service is different from another industry because we have to cater to customers particular needs. For example, a customer may have an emergency where security is an issue and we need to provide good customer relations and get it seen to as soon as possible as safety is very important along with customer satisfaction whereas in another type of industry they might not be dealing tit the public so these issues wouldn’t necessarily expose themselves. 5) Outline the service offer of competitors of their organization or any organizations offering similar services or products. Money in radio and television advertising. They will stick in people’s minds more as people will be hearing about them on an off chance where as our own advertising is by internet, yellow pages etc where people will search us out for a reason. The type of offers these other companies offer are usually dominated purely on price we keep a keen price but our service offer is more to do with the long term value for money, hat we will be there when you need us. 6) Describe the features and benefits of their organizations services or products that influence customer service delivery and customer satisfaction We only believe in providing our customers with the highest quality glass, frames, accessories and fitting. By constantly using a higher standard than some other ‘cheaper’ firms we are giving the customer an excellent window/door and we are also looking out for ourselves as we honor our 10 year guarantee and it wouldn’t be business effective for us to keep making call outs.

We also offer a free no obligation quotation to a customer, no pressured sales techniques, they can feel confident that after 25 years in business we are here for the long term and will do a good Job, our fitting team are all friendly, trust worthy and are excellent craftsmen. We offer emergency call outs and we offer a service call engineer to repair simple problems like replace a unit of glass or make a window open more easily, all for free of charge. I think these will definitely benefit a customer and they should feel happy with that kind of customer service. ) Explain how their organization balances its needs with customer expectations and needs. We make the balance as to run successfully in business we all want to do well. We want the business to be profitable and the customer wants a good quality installation. They want to feel satisfied that they invested in the correct product and company and we are striving to make sure they are happy and that will recommend us in the future. 18) Justify the ethical and value base of their organizations approach to customer service. We believe it’s very important to have a good relationship with our customers.

We live honesty is very important, being courteous and polite. We keep our promise valued. We respond quickly to them on the phone and by letters. When they ring for a quote we are very quick at getting the salesman out to see the customer and then if they go ahead we get the Job surveyed as soon as possible to make it all quick and easy for them. We also send the customer at the end of the Job and once they have paid a thank you letter for their business. 19) Explain how their behavior with improving customer service delivery affects the success of any changes to customer expectations and needs.

Customers want excellent customer service and they like to feel valued. We give the customer confidence by promptly contacting them as soon as we know dates for surveying the work and then installing it. The customer likes that we are professional and friendly and they feel that they can contact us at any time. We write them letters of thanks for their business once the work is completed which is the continuity of the feel good factor’. By making regular contact with them they won’t ever feel abandoned and have any worries especially as this kind of trade involves large sums of money.